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LinuxTag Mash

mash - A mass of mixed ingredients reduced to a soft pulpy state by beating or pressure; a mass of anything in a soft pulpy state.....
...Perfect description for my LinuxTag sum-up.
It was the first time Amarok got directly visible to it's users at a fair (FOSDEM is not a user event IMO ;-). And I think for the first time we did quite well.

Merchandise selling did go well, though we didn't have shirts on first day due to delivery problems, but after all we sold about half of our sortiment. Also I noticed that the stats @ about 50% new and 50% recurrent visitors might be true, as I met about the same amount of users as not-yet-users (on the other hand I also was a lot of time helping at the Kubuntu booth to promote KDE and Kubuntu).

For next time we really have to ensure to get something visible and attractive for booth decoration, just the icon isn't enough IMHO, also business cards should be available (KDE ones would be most meaningful?) and most important .... a hot and sexy configured KDE+Amarok.

We also got to create a new branding on Amarok - "Awwwwuuuuuuoooooooooo" - simply put: howling. I guess we should continue this branding as it's great fun and also really unique to Amarok.

Finally I'd like to thank Sven, Lydia and Dennis for booth work, really great job you did. Greate thanks also goes to for caring for cute (4.3) little apachelogger :D and for just being such an awesome team - folks I simply love ye!
Last but not least I'd also like to thank KDE for providing the base of all my promotional work as well as my desktop, Trolltech for sponsoring Qt 4.3 and a dinner, LinuxTag e.V. for the fair and LinuxNacht and Ubuntu-Berlin for the BBQ, and in general everyone who was involved including the whole FLOSS world ... for just kicking the .com's ass :)

See ya next year in Berlin (then I want to visit the Trolltech office there :D