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more on Apple

I don't keep it a secret that my grudge against Apple is somewhat personal; about a month after DAAP support was added into Amarok, iTunes 7 was released which dose not allow third-party applications to browse its DAAP server. That after I had worked hard to make Amarok function with the already discovered iTunes v4.5 DAAP hash. (iTunes 7's DAAP hash still hasn't been recreated, it probably doesn't help that the people who setup a site for to figure out the hash make a product obviously meant for piracy ARRGH! on campus networks.)

So its nice to see some growing awareness that Apple doesn't play nice, even in the somewhat mainstream media like BBC news. That gives a good overview of the case of "if Microsoft is a monolopy, then so is Apple." I really don't care whether the EU takes action against Apple. Hindering your customers in using your product is generally bad. You don't have to be a monolopy to do that.

On a somewhat related note, my last blog was 'breaking news' so it was neat to see it get picked up by Digg twice, Slashdot, Heise, Ars, and Boingboing.