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The *real* first KHTML browser on Windows

There's been a lot of hubbub lately about Safari being released on Windows, which is based on WebKit, which is based on KHTML, and how it'll beat Konqueror as the first KHTML-based browser on Windows.

Then you hear this other camp firing back about Swift, whose homepage proudly declares "The First KHTML Browser for Windows."

How to Make Music Sharing Totally Legal

Updated 2007-05-24 8:38AM US/Eastern

Ever heard of MP3Tunes? It's a music locker called Oboe (and a brainchild of Michael Robertson) that currently has a terrible interface but some nice features: store unlimited numbers of songs for $40 a year (or you'll randomly get selected to get a free account upgraded to unlimited storage). It'll let you stream, downsample for you to handle different connection speeds, etc. Oh, and you can use it to make music sharing totally "legal."

Device Handling and HAL

My blog's been rather inactive for a while. Most of this has been because of being busy, and because of not doing hugely exciting things when I have had Amarok hacking time (mainly some bugfixes in stable branch). But now something's come along that warrants an entry.


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