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Amarok 2.2.2 Beta 1 "Tattoo" Released

Only 4 weeks after the 2.2.1 release the Amarok Team is proud to present you with a beta release of the upcoming Amarok 2.2.2. We are especially delighted by the many patches and contributions from new contributors that found their way into it.

So what is new in this beta release? Well, let us surprise you: custom Labels for tracks are back in Amarok! Yes, it took some time, but we are glad to be able to allow you to add your very personal labels to your music again. Another well known feature from the 1.4 series making a comeback is the often requested moodbar. Just be warned, you will need the gstreamer backend and quite a few other additional packages to have this working, but we already prepared a wiki page with the necessary instructions. Of course, all 4 moodbar styles known from Amarok 1.4 are supported in this version.

Many changes found their way also into the podcasts section, with a much improved handling of the grouping and downloads. It is now possible to modify the update interval in the configuration file, the downloads are less memory hungry and already existing files are not downloaded again.

We also made some small changes for better usability: The Playlist Layout Editor is now part of the Playlist menu in the menu bar, while the playlist actions are at the bottom of the playlist panel. This has the big advantage to see immediately if you did activate a random, repeat and/or favor mode by a visual indicator. All buttons and items now have tooltips that allow you to identify the various elements with great ease.

There are many more features to discover, many changes and an impressive list of bugfixes in this preview, as the changelog below shows. Let us just mention one other important change that allows us to take full advantage of the development framework in use: Amarok now depends on KDE 4.3.x and Qt 4.5. Expect some very nice new stuff for the month to come :)

As usual with Beta releases, we would love to have as much feedback as possible from testers who are not afraid to use a preview on their system. While we will not add new features until the final release of Amarok 2.2.2, we will fully concentrate on improving the existing features and options. This of course means that we rely on you, dear testers and music lovers, to really push this version to its limits and report as many problems as you can find. and, as usual, this is a beta release, so don't use it if you are not comfortable when Amarok causes some strange happenings on your machine, dries your laundry instead of sorting music or even eats the occasional cat ;)


Join us and rediscover music!


  • Dailymotion video can now be rendered within the applet in HQ if HQ is selected in the video applet settings.
  • Rewrote podcast feed parser to correctly parse XML. Now even RSS 1.0 and Atom feeds are supported. Patches by Mathias Panzenböck.
  • Rating of playlist items can now be filtered, using "rating:#" notation.
  • When removing a podcast subscription, ask for confirmation and offer to delete the downloaded episodes. Patch by Frank Meerkötter.
  • Font of lyrics applet is configurable in the lyrics applet setting page.
  • BPM editing, sorting, and filtering have been implemented. (BR 214056) Patch by Pierre Dumuid <>.
  • Made it possible to change a podcast channel's URL. (BR 195204)
  • Also support feed:// urls for subscribing to podcasts.
  • Limited the number of simultaneous podcast updates and downloads to four. This can be configured separately in the "amarokrc" configuration file.
  • Import podcast subscriptions from OPML.
  • Show HTML info for podcast channels that support this. Patches by Mathias Panzenböck. (BR 193357)
  • Ampache Service now shows Service info from
  • Moodbar support is back. Can be shown in progress bar or in the playlist. The 4 visual styles from Amarok 1 (normal, angry, frozen and happy) are all supported. This feature requires that moodbars files are already present.
  • Cover images can now be fetched via HTTP. (BR 176899)
  • Custom Labels has returned. Assign labels from the tag dialog, and see them in the tag dialog or in the playlist.
  • Fetch labels from for some tracks
  • Pressing F2 when focused in the lyrics applet jumps into editing mode.


  • Tracks in Albums applet are now sorted by track number. Patch by Lorenz Röhrl <>.
  • New menu to add applets to the context view.
  • Added rating filter to collection browser's edit filter dialog.
  • Added bitrate and sample rate filters to collection browser's text input area.
  • Amarok now depends on KDElibs 4.3, and Qt 4.5.
  • When downloading a podcast make sure the file is not on disk already. If it is the download is stopped and the existing file is used instead.
  • friends and neighbors are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Radically reduced memory consumption while downloading podcasts by writing direct to disk. Patches by Frank Meerkoetter. (BR 209937)
  • Podcast auto-update interval is now configurable in the rc-file. Default is 30 minutes. (BR 212467)
  • store: Better status message when downloading albums.
  • Moved the "Playlist Layout" button into the main menu, as the playlist toolbar was becoming too crowded.
  • New interface for repeat and random playback modes. Interface now correctly represents the actual behaviour (ony one mode can be active at any time) and is accessible directly from the playlist toolbar.
  • Usability: Added tooltips all over the place, improved existing ones.
  • Usability improvements for the Ampache service settings dialog.
  • Length and size of queued tracks are now shown in the statusbar tooltip. (BR 144471)
  • Improved Cover fetching. Changed Dialog so the user can select from possible covers.
  • Improved guessing tags from filename. Added preview to Dialog.
  • Display frames around lyrics/video applets for indicating focus.
  • Improved keyboard functions when editing lyrics from the applet.
  • Improved automatic resizing of lyrics and suggestions in the context applet.


  • Fixed two bookmark actions having the same text description. (BR 214716)
  • Remove broken right click menu from the Info applet. (BR 206642)
  • Fix several bugs handling changing compilations. Patch by Morten Sjøgren <> -- thanks!
  • Fixed bug with panel header icon size. (BR 208616)
  • Fixed bug with OSD not being shown by dbus call. (BR 208424)
  • Fixed bug with importing scores from Amarok 1.4. Patch by Michal Ziabkowski <>. (BR 174444)
  • Fixed wikipedia applet poorly showing wikipedia main page when a track tag is empty.
  • store: Album cover is now correctly fetched when redownloading.
  • store: Fixed crash when redownloading album: (BR 217148)
  • Fixed crash when doing "Edit Track Details" on media device. (BR 217143)
  • Fixed layout resizing bug with Qt 4.6. (BR 213990)
  • Fixed corrupted track lengths when copying to iPod. Patch by Christophe Fergeau <> (BR: 215124)
  • Fixed videoclip applet going blank when switching from one video to another. (BR 210332)
  • Fixed dailymotion video file direct link retrieving not working. (BR 214168)
  • Fixed wikipedia engine not parsing correctly URL containing ":". (BR 209397)
  • Fixed several issues with loading and saving timecode tracks to and from playlists.
  • Fixed crash when copying tracks to MP3tunes music locker. (BR 214686) Patch by Nicolas Lécureuil <>.
  • Podcast downloads can now be properly canceled. Patch by Frank Meerkötter.
  • Fixed any open menus or popus getting closed when the OSD is shown.
  • Fixed copies of default layouts getting created even if just using the inline editor to change track metadata.
  • Fixed inline playlist editor saving values that had been edited but where the value had not actually changed.
  • Pressing enter now correctly applies changes in the playlist inline editor. (BR 215924)
  • The volume slider in the Slim Toolbar would sometimes work incorrectly after startup. (BR 215185)
  • Fixed popup for showing the progress of multiple tasks not working.
  • Made dragging from podcast list to external program work. (BR 212343)
  • Made dragging from the service directly to the playlist work. (BR 215494)
  • Fixed crash during copying to collection with custom file naming schemes where a component would be empty. (BR 211518)
  • store: Fixed incorrect download urls for non english languages. (BR 212126)
  • store: Fixed membership type not remembered when running a non english Amarok. (BR 195427)
  • Support for "title:" token in the collection search. Patch by Roberto Bertolusso <>. (BR 211249)
  • Fixed lots of memory leaks reported by Valgrind.
  • Made lyrics applet colours presentable with bright and dark colour styles. (BR 214930)
  • Made sure random mode works if repeat is on. (BR 214559)
  • Fixed random mode behaviour when "going back". (BR 208892)
  • Made random mode work. (BR 212910)
  • Fixed lyrics applet logic when saving, closing, and editing lyrics.
  • Fixed graphic artifacts in the video applet.
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