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Amarok 2.2 video and photo applet

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  • Allow pasting an URL from clipboard to playlist with middle mouse click. Patch by Felix Geyer <>.
  • Support for copying aiff files to iPods. (BR 200820)
  • Add support to the About dialog to make it easier to interact with the Amarok team.
  • Add inline editing of track metadata in the playlist.
  • The Playlist supports different grouping modes.
  • The playlist can be partly or fully randomized (shuffled) by selecting "random" as a sorting level.
  • Info about the categories in the "Browsers" area is now shown in the info applet on mouse over.
  • store: Add support for the personal recommendations feature available to members.
  • store: Add support for the membership "favorites" feature. Albums can now be marked as favorites using a context menu action, and the list of favorite albums is available in the info applet. From here clicking links can add albums to the playlist, navigate to the artist or album in the browser, remove an album from favorites and (for download members) start a download.
  • Add a dbus ShowOSD method to /Player. (BR 213532)
  • Playlist layouts can now show simple inline playback controls and a progress bar for the currently active track. This can be enabled on a per layout basis in the playlist layout manager dialog.
  • Show position in track of the mouse (the position in the track that playback will jump to if pressing the mouse) when hovering over the progress bar.
  • Amarok File Tracking can now use MusicBrainz track identifiers as embedded IDs.
  • Allow sorting in the bookmark manager.
  • Allow filtering in the bookmark manager.
  • Add colums to the bookmark manger and make it possible to edit items inline.
  • Add a small bookmark menu to the browser breadcrumb bar allowing for navigation to a bookmark, as well as creating a new bookmark based on the current "view" or calling up the bookmark manager.
  • store: Allow re-downloads of any previous purchases by a given email, not just purchases made from a specific installation of Amarok.
  • Inline editing of lyrics from the context applet. (BR 201342)
  • Ipod initialization support when failed to read an iPod database.
  • Improvements to the "Show Cover" dialog. Resizes to match the image, auto centers on screen, correctly handles images too large for the screen and supports zooming using the mouse wheel. Patch thanks to Pascal Pollet <> (BR 175901)
  • Automatically expand collection browser search results and make the results keyboard accessible. Patch thanks to Tuomas Nurmi <>. (BR 172379)
  • Audio CD support. Audio CDs now show up as a separate collection and tracks from the CD can be freely mixed with any other tracks in the playlist. Using the "Copy to Collection" menu its possible to copy (rip) tracks directly to the local (or any other writable) collection.
  • Sortable playlist. The playlist can now be hierarchical sorted using a breadcrumb like interface to select sorting levels. Sorting can be easily reverted.
  • Improved media device support.
  • Video applet to show videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. The video can be appended to the playlist, and rendered within the applet.
  • Photo applet to show images from Flickr, with customizable animations.
  • Customizable user interface using dock widgets.
  • Support for external MySQL database. See
  • GHNS integration for downloading and installing Context applets.
  • Support for Context applets to be written in QtScript.
  • Custom Dynamic Playlists using
  • Drag and Drop support for album cover image. (BR 91261)
  • Upcoming and previous tracks count for dynamic playlist is now configurable. (BR 177540)


  • Imported playlists can be directly edited from within the "Saved Playlists" category. The files on disk will be changed as well.
  • Hueristics when deciding which album to use in a directory. See comments in (BR 196559)
  • The "Service Info" applet is now simply called "Info" to reflect that it now shows info from other parts of Amarok as well.
  • Remove the bookmark manager context applet and add a bookmark manager dialog instead.
  • store: Add a link to purchase gift cards to the purchase dialog.
  • Reset playlist filter when using the "replace playlist" action. Patch by John Atkinson <> (BR 200709)
  • Track lyrics are exposed through the DBUS interface.
  • The database connection and tables now enforce UTF-8 for the character set and collation.
  • The OSD registers itself as a notification window type on relevant platforms. Patch thanks to Danny Baumann <>. (BR 194517)
  • Improvements to the Wikipedia applet. History, language settings and more.
  • Improvements to the Current applet. Text slides on mouse hover.
  • New navigation style in the browser sidebar.
  • Improvements to the Albums applet. Show individual track times and highlight currently playing artist within compilation albums
  • Removed PlayAudioCD from the scripting interface. It never worked anyway, and audio CDs are just treated as a collection and not a special case like they were in 1.4.
  • Changed trackInserted and trackRemoved API signals. (BR 194220)


  • Improved Amarok 1.4 import. Patch thanks to Michael Reiher <>.
  • Improved performance and decreased memory usage when loading music shares (DAAP collections). Patch thanks to Duns <>. (BR 173048)
  • Changing Amarok's settings no longer removes album covers from playlist. (BR 202258)
  • Fixed crash on startup if another Amarok instance was still loading. (BR 202713)
  • Fixed some album art in a folder not getting picked up if a subfolder contained any files. (BR 167158)
  • Fixed broken selection in the "Saved Playlists" category.
  • Fixed wrong Random Album mode behavior when playlists contains only one album. (BR 194066)
  • Fixed double playcount increase for last track in queue (BR 188330)
  • Fixed track drag-and-drop problem when special characters are present in file path. (BR 193878)
  • Don't crash when trying to load an empty playlist folder. (BR 202643)
  • Make using the mouse wheel over the progress slider correctly navigate in the currently playing track. (BR 195913)
  • Correctly strip all formatting from text pasted or dragged to the comment field in the tag edit dialog. (BR 188270)
  • Fix incorrect "current item" after deleting track(s) from the playlist causing up and down buttons to not move selection to the expected row. (BR 197203)
  • Jamendo service: Fix destination filenames when using "copy to collection". (BR 171839)
  • Jamendo service: Make torrent downloads work again. (BR 198200)
  • Remove the video stream from the context view when removing the video applet during stream playback. (BR 201281)
  • Fixed locales for Amazon cover fetching. (BR 188446)
  • Fix crash on trying to edit a playlist layout with an invalid element value in the xml file. (BR 197128)
  • Fix DBUS xml parsing. Patch thanks to Ryan Bitanga <>.
  • Fix data caching issues causing incorrect values to be stored in the database and in some cases to be written to tags. Fixes multiple bugs.
  • Correctly enable/disable "Prefer Tracks" menu entry. Patch thanks to Ralf Jung <>. (BR 191059)
  • Do not show "%20" at the end of each filter value in the LibriVox service. (BR 190704)
  • Cached lyrics will now be shown when offline. (BR 197589)
  • Fixed pressing play after reaching the end of the playlist not starting the playlist from the top (or wherever the navigator thinks it should start. (BR 176445)
  • Fixed local playlists being renamed to blank when user hits cancel
  • Fixed giant Edit Filter dialog with some translations. (BR 197566)
  • Files browser remembers its view mode. (BR 197122)
  • Fixed non-Latin UTF-8 encoding tags not being correctly decoded.
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