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Amarok 2.1 Beta 2 ???

Amarok 2.1 Beta 1

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  • New Script method to get current track time in milliseconds. (BR 177073)


  • Pressing the return key in the playlist search activates the selected result. (BR 192126)
  • Pressing the escape key in the playlist search clears it's contents. (BR 192123)
  • Optimizations to the insertion and removal of large numbers of tracks from the playlist. Especially clearing a large playlist is now about 300 times faster.
  • Always scroll to newly inserted tracks in the Playlist.
  • When removing upcoming tracks from an active dynamic playlist, add a simmilar number of new ones to keep if from "drying up".
  • Some action cleanup in the playlist context menu.
  • When clearing the playlist, also reset the search/filter text.
  • Podcast titles are stripped of unnecessary whitespace. (BR 177403)


  • Fixed incorrect track counts in the collection.
  • Fixed duplicate scanning of playlists during collection scan
  • Fixed drag and drop to other applications. (BR 177415)
  • Fixed the filter widget in the Files browser. (BR 176139)
  • Fixed crash when using context menu after collection update. (BR 190056)
  • Fixed problem with Amarok showing wrong track length for streams. Patch by Michael Quinn . (BR 188512)
  • Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Set the value of the slider to the actual scale when loading a fuzzy Bias playlist, instead of 100% in every case
  • Don't fetch all coverless albums automatically when opening the Cover Manager. (BR 176170)
  • Podcast episodes are loaded correctly when restoring a playlist on startup. This means the local file will be played if downloaded. (BR 189328)
  • Next button in the main toolbar no longer has a clipped shadow. (BR 176031)
  • Fixed slider mouse events in RTL layouts. (BR 185465)
  • Detect iPhones as iPods. (BR 184744)
  • Clicking on "Stop after current track" disables the flag if it is already enabled.
  • Show a track marker when the "stop after current track" flag is set. (BR 185888)
  • Don't flash the OSD when opening the settings dialog. Patch thanks to Andreas Heider .
  • Podcast file formats are correctly displayed.
  • Don't crash when pressing Delete on empty playlist. (BR 189021)
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