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Security advisory: We have been made aware of a security problem concerning the parsing of malformed Audible digital audio files 2 days ago by Tobias Klein. We fixed it immediately and informed packagers so they can provide new packages for you. Please upgrade your installation as soon as new packages are available for you.



  • Add advanced, configurable, searching and filtering to the playlist.
  • Add "Stop after track" option to the playlist menu.
  • Queue track functionality has returned. (BR 171939)
  • Growl support on OS X.
  • Add automatic recovery option to MySQL embedded server.
  • Greatly improved service script. It now works for all books, and dynamically fetches a summary of each book that is shown in the service info applet. The script now also has a propper icon in the service browser and its own emblem and default "album" cover for books.
  • Sorting collection by Composer is now possible. (BR 177271)
  • Service scripts can now dynamically fetch context info when items are selected (info can still be applied statically to each item as well).
  • Album items from a service script can now have custom covers.
  • Items from a service script can now have a custom emblem.
  • Service scripts can now set custom icons for the service browser.
  • Add simple filtering to the service browser.
  • Podcast channels are automatically refreshed once per hour if autoscan is enabled.


  • MTP devices can now delete multiple tracks at once.
  • Status bar notification on copying or deleting tracks on Ipod.
  • Don't fold the Collection Browser after editing or updating the collection. (BR 166841)
  • Replace the systray icon with a more modern logo.
  • "Cool-Streams" radio service script is now enabled by default.
  • Show more verbose output when copying tracks to the local collection.
  • Custom Sorting in the Collection Browser has returned.
  • Memory use optimizations.
  • Playlist items now have tooltips. (BR 170844)


  • Fix possible buffer overflows when parsing Audible .aa files.
  • The QtScript Qt binding generator has been updated to the latest. This should complete some features such as Model/View in the QtScript API and fix building with Qt 4.5. (BR 177863)
  • The Files browser now remembers its settings, like the active directory. (BR 173742)
  • Fix problems with the collection scanner often missing a part of the collection, or potentially failing altogether. (BR 176154)
  • Fix Context View crash when quitting the application. (BR 179110)
  • LibriVox: Don't crash when double clicking "Enter Query". (BR 177991)
  • Files could be deleted when moving files to an unwritable destination. (BR 178701)
  • Don't override cached lyrics when fetching. (BR 178196)
  • Show a warning when the collection scanner dies. (BR 176154)
  • Set date correctly on MTP devices. (BR 171194)
  • Ipod ratings are read/written/displayed.
  • Ipod playcounts are read and displayed on Current Track Info applet.
  • Lastfm Settings Dialog can now check to ensure username/password is correct. (BR 144456)
  • Don't delete files if an error occurs during transfer. (BR 178701)
  • MPRIS GetMetadata() call returns arturl for streams. (BR 178695)
  • Fix grouping of various artist albums in the playlist. (BR 175604)
  • Update statistics properly on Windows and Mac versions.
  • Fix progress indicator disapearing when skipping in streams.
  • Write the discnumber field for mp3 tags.
  • Don't start a fadeout when stopping paused media. (BR 178057)
  • More accurate Amarok 1.4 database imports.
  • Ipod tracks' sample rate is now shown correctly in Tag Dialog.
  • Tracks did not always report that their editable status correctly. (BR 177058)
  • Gapless playback of MTP tracks one after another now works.
  • Podcast with some unsafe characters in them caused database corruption. (BR 172594)
  • Amarok no longer stalls on large Ipod copy operations. (BR 173707)
  • Fix switching between basic and advanced mode in the filename scheme chooser.
  • Fix MTP device attached on startup crashing. (BR 177201)
  • Tracks with same tags as a track on Ipod are no longer copied. (BR 177198)
  • When reaching the end of the playlist, actually show stopped state. (BR 177782)
  • Fixes in playing tracks in repeat modes.
  • The wikipedia applet did not give a status update when an entry was not found. (BR 173940)
  • Add tooltips to icons in context view. (BR 174478)
  • Fix icons and layout in Advanced Filter dialog.

???????????? Amarok ???!
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