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Amarok 2.2 RC 1 "Sunset Door" publié

Alors que la finalisation d'Amarok 2.2 approche, l'équipe Amarok est fière de vous présenter Amarok 2.2 RC 1, le premier et - comme nous l'espérons - dernier candidat de publication avant la version finale. Cette version contient quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités et des améliorations, en particulier concernant les podcast, et corrige un certain nombre de plantages et d'autres erreurs. Pour une liste des modifications les plus importantes voyez ci-dessous (en anglais uniquement):
Comme toujours nous vous serions reconnaissants si vous nous aidiez à tester, que vous rapportiez des bugs, envoyiez des correctifs et surtout, appréciez la découverte de la musique.




  • Import itpc:// podcast urls (BR 206615).
  • Mark podcast episode as not-new when starting to play it.
  • Reintroduced indicator icons for new podcast episodes.
  • Added "subscribe" command line switch to add a podcast channel.


  • Removed Shoutcast Directory service due to technical and other issues.
  • Made audio CDs respect the "Automatically retrieve cover art" setting.
  • TagLib 1.6 built with ASF and MP4 support is now required. This release of TagLib fixes many, many bugs and contains new format support.
  • TagLib-Extras 1.0.0 is now required. This release is compatible with the new TagLib 1.6 release.
  • Removed non working menu entry "rename" from the Bookmark Manager. This functionality is no longer needed as inline renaming is possible.
  • Improvements for volume widget in ToolbarNG.
  • Added "Lock layout" option to the main window's context menu.


  • Crash in QTextCodec while scanning collection has been fixed. Apparently. (BR 191447)
  • A dialog with "Can not write playlist (/)" was displayed when using saving from within a script. (BR 206659)
  • Fixed playlist grouping mode not getting correctly applied on startup. (BR 208087)
  • Fixed track queue getting "lost" when switching between different track navigators. (BR 205920)
  • Implemented proper check for running instance options on the command line. (BR 207988)
  • Improved visibility of the Context View's menus. (BR 198221)
  • Fixed crash when using the eject action on an audio CD collection while a track from the CD is playing. Instead playback is now stopped before the CD is ejected.
  • Do not show the "load" context action in the Bookmark Manager when more than 1 bookmark is selected.
  • Fixed "Create timecode track" menu entry not showing up in the Bookmark Managers context menu when exactly 2 bookmarks are selected.
  • Fixed new track timecodes always getting shown at the very beginning of the progress slider until the track was reloaded.
  • Fixed some tracks not correctly loading timecodes due to url encoding issues.
  • Fixed bookmark database tables not correctly getting created on first run, leading to frequent sql errors.
  • Fix the ends of the active track indicator getting stretched badly on wide playlists
  • Only one toolbar type will be enabled at any time (Toolbar or ToolbarNG). Previously both could be enabled concurrently by accident.
  • Multiple fixes for the Track Timecode popups. They are no longer truncated if there is not enough space to the right and the issue with them getting "stuck" has also been fixed. Thanks to Simon Bühler <> for this patch. (BR 196924)
  • Do not crash when removing a track with no album from the playlist while the repeat album navigator is active. (BR 207427)