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Amarok 2.2 Beta 2 "Red Dawn" publié

L'équipe Amarok est fière de présenter la deuxième version beta d'Amarok 2.2. Vous pouvez trouver une liste des changements et corrections les plus importants ci-dessous (en anglais).
Comme toujours, nous serions reconnaissants si vous nous aidiez: testez, rapportez des erreurs, envoyez des correctifs et surtout, appréciez la découverte de la musique. Merci à tout ceux qui nous ont déjà aidé de cette manière. Note: nous sommes reconnaissants en particulier pour de l'aide concernant le support de podcasts.


Les changements depuis Amarok beta 1 sont entre autres les suivants:


  • Added DBus methods Forward and Backward for relative seeking (BR 206028) and PlayPause for toggling pause state (patches by Michael Zanetti <>).


  • Grouping mode has been merged into the playlist layouts so each layout sets its own. The default grouping mode for layout files that do not have this value explicitly set is "Album". Thanks to Tim Bocek <> for this set of patches.


  • Default layouts should now be sane across all architectures.
  • Fix genre tag in old MP4 files not being shown correctly (fixed in Taglib-Extras-0.1.7, and upcoming TagLib-1.6). (BR 198238)
  • Focus behavior is now consistent between the browsers filter widget and the playlist filter widget. (BR 206776)
  • OSX: Fixed crash when activating inline playlist editing. (BR 206576)
  • Fixed dockwidget menu getting shown when right clicking on the progress slider causing the slider to follow the mouse. (BR 206350)
  • Use filename as track title for non collection files if no other title can be found by reading metadata tags. (BR 206794)
  • Update playlist filter, sort order and grouping when the metadata of a track changes. (BR 206754)
  • Do not crash if trying to load a completely empty playlist layout. (BR 204236)
  • Correctly show timecodes, if present, when starting playback of a new track. (BR 191185 ??)
  • The playlist sorting scheme is restored on startup.
  • Fixed compilation of iPod collections without gdk-pixbuf.h. (BR 206347)
  • Audio CDs are ejected properly.
  • Media device eject/disconnect actions render properly when scrolling the collection browser. (BR 204566)
  • Fixed wikipedia applet not working when using a custom skin. Thanks to Stefan Majewsky for the suggestion. (BR 205901)
  • Fixed "Show in Service" action.
  • Fixed extra empty rows sometimes getting added to the playlist layout xml when using the playlist layout editor. (BR 205182)
  • Fixed typo in D-Bus manifest, that resulted in incorrect function invokation in IRKick. (BR 205729)
  • Correctly mark playing track as active in the playlist after removing it using the "clear playlist" button and later re-adding it.
  • Fixed crash when removing an "albumless" track, like a podcast from the playlist with the random album playback mode enabled. (BR 201476)
  • Fixed track queuing when the playlist uses a random track progression. (BR 194328)
  • Fixed issue where files or folders with the same name but different case sensitivity were not scanned and/or retained. (BR 197384)