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Amarok 2.6 beta 1

The Amarok Team is happy to present you the Amarok 2.6 beta1 release. Please test as much as possible so the final release, scheduled 2 weeks from now, will be as bug-free as possible.

Amarok 2.6 beta 1 screenie

The brand new version comes with the following new features:

  • A complete overhaul of the iPod and iPhone support (support for iOS 5 and iPhone 4 is incomplete, check libgpod for status)
  • Transcoding for iPod-like and USB Mass Storage devices
  • The Free Music Chart service is now activated by default
  • And many bugfixes!

This release includes a database update that can take up to a few minutes to complete. A dialog will prevent use of Amarok while this critical change is applied.

A full changelog will be published with the final release.

See full article for download options.

More download options could be added later.



Just testing out comments. Where are all the trolls and fanboys?
First post! ;D


They've done it this time, shame on you. Do you have no respect for the original Mac program? It may well be that now I have to consider yours instead. I cant imagine the reactions if someone ever see me using it, shame on me too...

Has the bug causing dbus to crash under Windows 7 been fixed? From what I've read it might be related to Visual Studio installations.

I can't find this bug so it might never have been reported yet. I do know Patrick, our windows packager has been using various windows versions, certainly windows 7 as well.
Did you try with the latest version of the installer?
If it still does not work let us know by submitting a bug report to:

I love to help to release packages for mac os x but i don't know howto do that... any point in right direction?

Good job.
Long time for this release. Thank you, Amaork team.

One more request, please release a binary package for Mac OS system.
I DO miss Amarok since i switch to Mac platform.

We would love to, but we currently don't have a maintainer for the Mac OS builds.

Oh my goodness. It clearly seems as if there was a lot done here and it is really awesome that you want people to test as much as possible and that you are open to feedback. It shows that you want it to work properly.

Will the video applet plugin finally work again? It has stopped working since 2.2, not playing any videos from youtube. This is one of the coolest features and it is dissappointing it never gets fixed. Why keep an broken applet for at least 3 new software releases???

I think it has been removed due to the lack of maintenance

That is dissappointing. Why delete the coolest plugin, something that makes amarok stand out to the the other music players like iTunes, winamp, etc. ???

Instead, I read that the ipod support is a complete overhaul. Ipod support works just fine already in 2.5, so why giving this priority above the video plugin??

Another plugin I still miss is the graphical visualization while playing a song. Again, I think the devs need to reorganize their priorities and implement the missing/broken features, instead of rewritten features that already work.

Thank you for the release!
In case anyone wants to read the changelog, here it is:

How to install this in Kubuntu 12.04?

It's available in the Beta Backports PPA at

Thanks for the windows installer! 2.5.0-2 was buggy as hell. 2.6 beta 1 seems much better so far. :-)

I can use 4g iPod and synchronize music with this version?

Hi, please be more specific about the version, use naming from To summarise, all devices except iOS5 ones are supported. Some new iOS4 devices need binary blob See

I refer to new version 2.6 :)
Thanks your you response!

Thanks a lot for all the work!

A feature I've been hoping for quite a while is the possibility to change the size of the cover image display in the "current track" field. There's so much unused blue space on a big screen and it would be great to be able to see the cover from a distance without having to click on it..
Any chance for that in future releases? :)