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Amarok 2.5 Beta 1

The Amarok team presents the first beta for the 2.5 release. Please test as much as possible so the final release, scheduled 2 weeks from now, will be as bug-free as possible.

Amarok 2.5 brings you the following major features:

  • Re-written USB Mass Storage support.
  • Many bugfixes to the iPod plugin, thanks to Mat?j Laitl.
  • An integrated Amazon MP3 store. This major feature is the work of our very own web-entrepreneurs Sven and Justus. If you have any icon/artwork skills: we need your help.
  • Much more.

A full changelog will be published with the final release.

We have the following download options available:

Join us and rediscover your music!


Wow! Amazon mp3 support. That's the last on my wish list. Great work guys.

And don't forget to test it, we need all the feedback we can get during beta stage. Which won't take long...

How is the plugin working ?
are thy only online or can they be downloaded to the computer ?

Depending on what Amazon offers in your country.

Great, great, great job!
Thank you Amarok team, the best audio player ever!

But one more wish:
Could it be possible to ask you guys to provide binary package(.pkg or .dmg) for Mac OS X?

I do miss Amarok since i changed my laptop to a Macbook Pro.


We'd like to, but we currently don't have a packager for OSX. Do you know someone who could do it?

Good job !

Thank you Amarok team !

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Good job !

Thank you Amarok team !

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Good job.
I can never give it up,Amarok!


I've tested the iPod plugin and now it works with my iPhone 3g, thx^^
But sometimes it wont Sync the Albumart,

Thx to the Amarok-Team



I just upgraded amarok from 2.4.3 to 2.4.90 (2.5 beta 1) successfully, but when I tried to play some audio files, it won't produce any sound. I already change the phonon backend between Xine and GStreamer, still no luck. I tried to play music and watching movie with another player and it's normal.

* is the sound muted in Amarok?
* do the other players use the same Phonon backend?
* if using Pulseaudio: is Amarok muted in KMix?

* is the sound muted in Amarok?
----- No
* do the other players use the same Phonon backend?
----- Yes
* if using Pulseaudio: is Amarok muted in KMix?
----- Not using pulseaudio, and KMix also not muted

Right now I already downgrade Amarok back to 2.4.3 and everything back to normal.

I can confirm this behavior in Gentoo as well. After upgrading to 2.4.90 I get no sound output at all. Since I'm using pulseaudio, I can see that no output stream is created by Amarok (every audio output stream should show up on the pulseaudio mixer).
Cleaning the application settings has no effect on this.
Amarok 2.4.3 still works as it used to.

It seems the problem is related to the phonon-xine backend, which starts to randomly crash. Changing to gstreamer restores normal operation.
I'll keep looking for more information about this issue, though.

Don't use the phonon-backend-xine, it is unmaintained since quite some time:
Please use the other two supported backends: gsatreamer or lc.

You say: "Don't use the phonon-backend-xine, it is unmaintained since quite some time"

OK, but, Amarok works correctly only with the phonon-backend-xine.
Phonon-backend-gstreamer and phonon-backend-vlc, do not fully support Amarok.,-Phonon,-GStreamer.html

(GStreamer simply does not offer "a believable API/ABI stability guarantee that covers kde4's lifespan.")

isnt it too heavy as on my computer it lags all the time and even gets frozen smtms! thanks for ur work anyway!

I installed the beta through the Kubuntu PPA listed under the article. Then I looked up an artist (Sumo Cyco) and each available track is listed twice, once with a disc icon before it the second with a music note. I was wondering what the difference was.


Because those are single track "albums", you can purchase the entire album or the single track from each album.

When I try to purchase a song from the Amazon store, my web browser opens, and displays a message reading:

Your shopping cart

Usually we aim for a very fluent user experience, sadly Amazon does not offer all its customers the same level of service. Customers from specific locales (most prominently US) can not be given complete carts with downloadable media to checkout, with the effect that you will have to buy the songs below manually, one at a time. We apologize for the inconvenience and try to fix this problem for you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that some Ad-Blockers might hide the items displayed directly from Amazon. There is no advertising other than your intended shopping cart on this page.

I have no idea what that means. Is that behavior expected?


For all other countries except the US we get a link that opens Amazon, where Amazon asks you if you want to add that list of items to your shopping cart. To be able to do so we need a special call in the Amazon API. And that single call is supported everywhere, except :-(

So that page in between is a workaround until completes their API. Sorry about that, but as soon as they offer it it will work without that one in between, even without upgrading Amarok.

I see now that the text is hard to understand for someone who does not know the Amazon API. I'm going to change it to something simpler.

Is this means songs can not be downloaded from amazon store mp3?

It's just not as convenient as for other locales.

I live in Italy, where Amazon does not offer music downloads yet. If I don't select an option in the startup dialog, or select the empty one, it pops up at every startup!
Also, it would be more appropriate to hide it in the setting, where the other services like are.
Obvious ones, but it wouldn't be the first time things like these reach release version, so I'm telling here.

Also, I get random phantom (ie: no DrKonqui) crashes while playing and scanning the collection, since upgrading to Opensuse 12.1 I believe, I'm trying to figure out how to reproduce them...

I've found that at least some of the stability problems where from bug #278897, I'm following it...

Also, adding something to the playlist while playback is stopped, the playback restarts, and not even of what just added. Isn't that erroneous? I just want to add tacks, if one wanted to play them a single/double click would have been more appropriate, but that action has the same behavior of starting the wrong track!
Furthermore, the system setting of using single clicks only isn't respected.
If more discussion is needed, shall I open a bug report maybe?

I made some more tries, the correct song is started when "shuffle mode" is disabled, so that behavior is more understandable, but I'd prefer to play what I want firs even on shuffle mode.
Thanks for your patience!

would be to automatically detect the current location. Sadly this geolocation feature is not yet in Qt, afaik it's going to be added in Qt 5.

I'm going to add a "none of the above (store won't work)" option so users can make it shut up. ;-) now in git master and so going to be part of Amarok 2.5.0.

is the new version to launch today ???

23 nov 2011

i am waiting eagerly....

Amarok 2.5 final is to be released on December 5th.

Nice piece of work, thanks. Is there any possibility of being able to purchase via Amazon Music Store without resorting to the browserlike (ahem!!!) iTunes? Reason I ask is that if I try to buy an album from within Amarok I am still required to install the Amazon downloader. I run kubuntu 11.10 but the version on Amazon is for 9.10 which won't install. So, whilst I can see an album in Amarok, and preview individual tracks in the playlist, I can't buy the album.

I have already taken the out-of - date downloader up with Amazon, to no avail. Any thoughts (or tips?)

Many thanks

A downloader is planned for Amarok 2.6. Any help is appreciated. ^^

That will be awesome! I do hope it will enable the developers to receive some money from Amazon for the songs I will buy (which I will be very happy to do)

That will be awesome! I do hope it will enable the developers to receive some money from Amazon for the songs I will buy (which I will be very happy to do)

And i thought i would finally be rid of this amazon 64 bit downloader nightmare :(

Clamz ( works perfectly for me, and is a small and tidy bit of GPLed C code - can you just integrate that into Amarok?


I tested and built with Amarok 2.4.90. I think the IPOD link is still not quite right.

Podsleuth, HAL mounts the IPOD correctly. /etc/udev/rules.d/80-podsleuth allows the ipod to be mounted correctly. The permissions on /dev/sdj are 0x0666 which is good. However the mounted /tmp/podsleuth-mount-0 mount point is mounted root only. So Amarok run as a normal user cannot save songes to the ipod. Mal Formed URL is the error. I tried also to mount the ipod manually. This works and I can read and save sones from Amarok. BUT the database of the IPOD is still not updated correctly. The file is copied to the ipod, but does not show once the ipod is disconnected.

So in a nutshell, READ only access to the ipod works just fine. Writing to it half works. MP3 file is saved but, data base not updated.

I am on Fedora 14, Gnome. My Ipod is Nano 3rd Gen. I did update the FireWire ID number.

Hope this is useful.

Best, Mike

it sounds cool !! but the final feedback would be after the final release :P
MMA Forum

Mike, podsleuth in NOT used at all by Amarok to access iPod, all you need is libgpod (during build and runtime), no udev rules are needed, but working KDE's solid (which needs working udisks). Once you connect iPod and perhaps mount it using Device notifier in KDE, Amarok should pick it up right away.

Is this being worked on or is it impossible to get it to work.
I really love amarok .
Ever since i stept back to Windows i have been using it .
But i would love to see this working.
I have changed setting's in amarok vlc but still it won't show my usb headset as a sound ouput .

O and on windows if you install it you NEED to restart windows or kill some processes before it starts .

and when it start's up the amazon windows is behind the splash .

Me too! I have the same problem, and would really like it to be fixed. I really love amarok.

Julie (

The splash screen is going to be deactivated on Windows with version 2.5.0 final.

m4a support is still broken. if you transfer m4a files (aac or alac) to the iPod, the files are renamed to mp4 and then treated as video.

This is known and worked on, you may track the progress at

Can we expect a final release, today? :)

Cool! This looks really very interesting. You guys have really been busy making this better for all us. Thank you for providing this update and I can't wait to see how it all works out.

is the new release ready ?