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Amarok 2.4 Beta 1 "Closer" Released

This Fall has been busy, busy, busy in Amarok development! Many of the summer projects have been merged and are being tested. It’s an exciting time, and we’re proud to show you the first beta of Amarok 2.4.

This new release brings a lot of new features. The following features are critical and need a lot of testing to make sure they are top-notch for final release at the beginning of 2011. We need your help with this, so try them out and report any problems you find!

  • Transcoding: Now you can convert tracks from one file format to another when copying from the file browser to the local collection. We will expand this to media devices in future releases.
  • Shiny new collection scanner, rewritten from scratch - it should now detect compilations in a more robust way
  • Writing back to tags: there is now an option to have Amarok write statistics and album covers to the files directly, so you can save your play counts and tags in the files themselves.

The following new features are included as well:
  • The ability to show and hide the menu bar
  • Mass-tagging UI using Musicbrainz
  • The ability to use iPod Touch 3G and possibly newer devices
  • A new applet for guitar and bass tab information
  • A map and calendar view for the upcoming events applet
  • A new Playdar collection that lets you listen to music provided by a local Playdar service
and much more.
In addition a lot of bugs have been fixed and improvements made especially on the Context View applets and the playlist. For details please see the changelog below. Please give this release some good testing and report problems you find at Thank you so much!


Join us and rediscover your music!


  • New transcoding feature which converts one or more tracks with a chosen encoder when copying to the local collection.
  • Added option to use Wikipedia Mobile.
  • Added settings for writing statistics and album covers back to the file.
  • Leave focus in playlist search widget when using up/down to scroll through filtered results. Thanks to Thomas Karpiniec for the patch!
  • LyricsApplet: The lyrics in are now updated when they were changed in a different place, for example in the Tag Dialog.
  • Permit the use of iPod Touch 3G and possibly newer devices. Thanks to Aurélien Croc for the patch!
  • Match space-separated search terms in the playlist filter var individually. Thanks to Thomas Karpiniec for the patch!
  • Added new context applet for displaying guitar and bass tab information. Thanks to Rainer Sigle for the patch!
  • Added ability to set/update Album Artist.
  • Added map view and calendar in the upcoming events applet.
  • Added support for all Wikipedia languages. (BR 220617)
  • Added incremental search in the Wikipedia applet (press '/' or global search key when in focus).
  • Added "Favorite Venues" to the upcoming events applet.
  • Read MusicBrainz IDs of MP4 files during scanning.
  • Ability to hide and show the menu bar. Patch by Valentyn Pavliuchenko <>.
  • Size of the On-Screen-Display font is now configurable. (BR 195186)
  • Musicbrainz-based mass tagging UI by Sergey Ivanov.
  • New easy to use table-based UI for Ampache server configuration. (BR 200703)
  • OPML export for podcast subscriptions. (BR 126120)
  • New "Playlist Length" constraint for the APG, which allows you to specify the number of tracks in the playlist. What was the "Playlist Length " constraint is now called "Playlist Duration".
  • MPRIS2 support for controlling Amarok over D-Bus.
  • New "Playdar Collection" allows searching for and listening to music provided by a running local Playdar service.


  • Brought back collapsing animations of context applets.
  • Added a "Donors" tab to the About dialog for our generous Roktober 2010 donors who wish to be mentioned.
  • Tracks might contain lyrics in the HTML format, where there's no user-visible content in the HTML. Those lyrics are now regarded as "empty".
  • LyricsApplet: changed the layout of the "Do you really want to refetch lyrics" message.
  • Current track applet: added "show in media sources" actions for current track's artist, album, composer, genre, and year if available.
  • Current track applet: added action to open the tag dialog.
  • Improved appearance of current track applet when playback is stopped.
  • Better scrolling in the applet explorer.
  • The default moodbar style now uses system colors.
  • Added tray icon context-menu action to open the preferences dialog.
  • Show a progress bar while loading pages in the Wikipedia applet.
  • Added option to right-align "year" in the albums applet.
  • Improved alignment of tracks in the albums applet.
  • Scroll to the current album and make its tracks visible in the albums applet. (BR 187011)
  • Added ability to expand/collapse/drag disc items in the albums applet. (BR 249488)
  • Improved appearance of similar artist, upcoming events, and Wikipedia applets.
  • Improved presentation of suggested lyrics (currently only 3rd party scripts use).
  • Now using QToolTip for playlist tooltips.
  • Changed playlist delegate margins and inline editor formating.
  • Added "Added This Hour" filter preset to the collection brower widget.
  • Bumped KDE dependency to version 4.4., and Qt dependency to 4.6.
  • Print message when a file can't be copied to a media player. Patch by Sergey Ivanov <>. (BR 203820)
  • Improved the usability of device items in Media Sources by adding tooltips.
  • Deleting items in the collection/file browser will move them to trash; pressing SHIFT while clicking the action will bypass trash.


  • Fixed white text on light blue background in tabs applet. (BR 258234)
  • Fixed cover dialog crash pressing Ok when nothing is selected. (BR 258187)
  • Title labels incorrectly used the text color from the plasma theme. This caused trouble with the fixed plasma theme and light color schemes.
  • Fixed a data-loss bug where the user could lose changes he made to the current track's lyrics. (BR 207621)
  • Fixed covers of Ampache tracks not available through DBus.
  • Scanning stale and orphaned songs on iPod results in song duplication. (BR 235696)
  • Applets' settings dialogs were partly untranslatable. (BR 255971)
  • Fixed append&play action. Thanks Pieter van der Kloet for the patch. (BR 229706)
  • Don't ignore the "use relative path" checkbox in the playlist export dialog. (BR 250689)
  • Fixed applet explorer getting stuck. (BR 253058)
  • Fixed Wikipedia applet header layout issues. (BR 215171)
  • Fixed truncated heading in albums applet. (BR 231001)
  • Playlist sorting breadcrumb items have been untranslatable. Patch by Alexander Potashev <>. (BR 189750)
  • Dynamic Playlist criteria were not being saved properly. (BR 243562)
  • Collection Browser should show Artist names for Compilation Albums. (BR 252790)
  • When Amarok starts and "Continue playing when Amarok is started" is selected, the Current Track applet showed songs of the artist instead of the current track info. Patch by Conrad Hübler. (BR 241641)
  • Fixed crash on Windows when exporting playlist to any file type. Patch by James Duncan <>. (BR 249376)
  • If album keyword is empty, show "unknown album" in context window. (BR 205038)
  • Ampache would not connect to servers placed in a subdirectory.
  • Fixed an initialization bug which affected all context applets.
  • Fixed bug where users could drag applets around indiscriminately.
  • FLAC BPM tags could be read incorrectly. (BR 234166)


Looks great! Any chances to have the program in a decend way on windows any time soon (note: windows is still not officially supported, the installer you offer has a size of 470MB!!!!)? thanks!
and yes, I would like to switch back to linux as OS, but I am more or less forced to use windows due to my work.

So the upgrade portion, the second file, 57M~ is at this current build? should be current, yes.

You can ask Nitrostemp in #amarok on

Wonderful, just wonderful new features ahead. Especially the transcoding one!
Amazing work!

That's very nice to hear, makes us happy. Have fun with Amarok!

This sounds great! Especially transcoding and tagging with musicbrainz. Oh, and the improved collection mechanism.

I'd like to try it. In my Gentoo Linux, I see version 2.3.90 - is this the beta of 2.4? Or should I use the current git version?

2.3.90 is indeed Beta 1. The Git version is better most of the time, though (less bugs, etc).

Okay, I will give the git version a try then. I'm quite curious about it. Amarok is a software I really love.

I have seen in the README file, it says LibOFA dependency, which is not in the above changelog. Does this mean Amarok supports fingerprint for music, or only experimental/partial? does. As far as I know, we support two different methods of auto-tagging now:

MusicBrainz, and then this Fingerprinting (which takes longer, but is more accurate).

This is something that we forgot to mention: Amarok 2.4 also supports UPnP:

Nice! Will the UPnP devices appear in the 'Media Sources' tab? Is this handled with Solid? Is also possible to write to UPnP devices or only to read them? Is now possible to write to MTP devices also?

Great new features, now Amarok is almost perfect for me.
Thank you for your hard work!

We appreciate the praise.

Same for me. Near perfect because the Ctrl+M function was brought back! Finally Amarok2 is usable in that manner.
Only thing what is missing for me is the correct support for the albums so one album can have multiple CD's and CD number metadata is followed/respected correctly. Currently Amarok is useless with albums what has more than one CD as it does not follow the standard.

This ever-so needed possibility finally comes! But i don't seem to find the option, unless it is inlcuded in the option "Write statistics to file" which would be very wrong, since it has nothing to do with statistics. Somebody could point out where i can find this option? It would certainly be great to have amarok stored all the album covers directly in the files for the WHOLE collection

that is probably the feature you want. I agree that the wording might not be ideal. Also I'm not sure if it really writes the album art, but it might. We had to do this in a hurry, sorry.

A bug report would be appreciated, we can rename it easily, or add the feature you requested.

Thanks for your input. I filed a bug


I do not know whether I am the only person to have this problem but I do not care amarok collection of music files

@ Pablomoreno: The collection is good because all your audio files and metadata (tags) get added to a database, which is faster that reading from hard driver. But we have to admit that when searching the database, it is not super fast, as other players.
Sure you have a nice organized tree, with correct subdirs and all that, I like that too, but only for saving files (not for hearing music). But devices like iPod don't save them in a nice way, nor with a nice file name.ext

The transcoding feature is a bit odd, why did you made only transcode when coping to the hard drive? Better is when coping to a media device, because some media devices (which should be avoided) don't play oggs or flacs, and there is a need to transcode, but for the local PC? Come on... the PC can play anything with almost 0 issues, you install codecs.

Also, you are a bit late with this, Clementine (you know, Amarok 1.4 port to Qt 4) has transcoding support since half year.
But anyway, competition is always good, isn't it?

We added this feature literally 5 minutes before releasing. We wanted to get it into the release, even if it's not fully finished

The idea is that we finish it in time for 2.4.1, and maybe that some contributors will want help us ("the Free Software spirit").


We are friends with the Clementine devs, believe it or not.



It doesn't play youtube at all and if the video is on dailymotion i can just hear the sound but there is no picture. i am using xine-gstreamer.

"i am using xine-gstreamer"
The one, or the other, or the two at once?

You can only use one at a time...

I meant phonon-xine...

i have problem with this applet too.. either with xine, gstreamer or vlc! (kde4.5.4)
no video and audio. amarok try to load the video and then skip to the next track in the playlist!

Hey guys,

I just compiled this new amarok 2.3.90 just for the pleasure to sync my iPod Touch 3G with it, the device is recognized, automatically mounted, amarok shows and play all of the iPod songs perfectly, but when I try to delete or copy a song to the iPod it just don't work... simply nothing happen.

Is there something I am missing? I am using Debian Squeeze and the dependences I have installed are the following:

kdelibs5-dev 4:4.4.5-2
libqt4-dev 4:4.6.3-4
libtaglib-ocaml-dev 0.1.3-2+b1
libmysqld-pic 5.1.49-3
libqtscript4-core 0.1.0-3
libqca2-dev 2.0.2-1
libgpod-dev 0.7.95-1
libmtp-dev 1.0.3-1
openssl 0.9.8o-3
libxml2-dev 2.7.8.dfsg-1
libcurl4-gnutls-dev 7.21.0-1
libglib2.0-dev 2.24.2-1
libloudmouth1-dev 1.4.3-5
liblastfm-dev 0.4.0~git20090710-1
mysql-server-5.1 5.1.49-3
libavcodec-dev 5:0.6.1+svn20101128-0.1
libavformat-dev 5:0.6.1+svn20101128-0.1
libofa0-dev 0.9.3-3.1
ffmpeg 5:0.6.1+svn20101128-0.1
libfaac-dev 1.28-0.3
libflac-dev 1.2.1-2+b1
libmp3lame-dev 3.98.4-0.0
libvorbis-dev 1.3.1-1

Thanks for tabs support, this is awesome!

PS: I hard waiting for crossfading ;)

Transcoding to media devices is a critical feature that's been missing for years. Transcoding to the local collection is... pretty much completely useless.

I've write this on myrian's blog: why you never focus users attention on the playback quality of lossless file thanks to the option”direct hardware device without any conversions” (bit-exact playback) in phonon playback settings? Who like listen quality music (hi-fi) are looking for these features, look at WASAPI plugin for foobar2000 for example, we have native support for it, thanks to alsa/phonon framework, promote these features I think would be a right thing.

If I click "Amarok 2.4 Beta 1 'Closer' Released", then click "Download", then click "(K)ubuntu", it takes me to a page to download....Amarok 2.3?

Hey Guys,

Very good job, I'm happy to see Amarok progressing! I'm trying to compile
it on Kubuntu and installed all dependency's by hand. Unfortunately something
is missing, see this error:

nielsvm@gazprom:~/.apps/amarok-2.3.90/build$ make
[ 0%] Built target amaroklib_automoc
[ 61%] Built target amarok_collection-mysqlecollection_automoc
Linking CXX shared module ../../../../../../lib/
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwrap
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [lib/] Error 1
make[1]: *** [src/core-impl/collections/db/sql/mysqlecollection/CMakeFiles/amarok_collection-mysqlecollection.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Any clues?


Just install libwrap0-dev

sudo aptitude install libwrap0-dev

At least that's what I did in Debian, it should be the same in Kubuntu!

Hi, thank you very much; it is compiling smoothly now! Couldn't find which library it was!

Thanks, Niels

Thank you !
I download this now !

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Is someone being able to sync the iPod Touch 3G with this Amarok release? I can see the contents of my iPod but cannot copy or remove files from it.

If someone is being able to do so, please let me know, and if possible also tell me the distribution you are using and the libgpod version.


Now the library shows the artist names before the track title. This was not there in previous versions. And this is not what I want. I have to make the collection viewer too big to see the track titles. It would be great if you allow customization of what fields to show in the media library (and the notifications as well :) )


Amarok is great. However I feel that it also needs to look good. A grey app looks a bit dull (!) looks apealing (just giving some example, don't want a copy)

And what about projectM visualisations.

Clementine player guys are making too much fun on Amarok2, need to show them.

In my opinion, that example is awful. Amarok uses system colours, you can change amarok colours from system settings.

What happened to the .cue support? I still can't see the tracks from cue files, either when loaded from library or when added manualy to the playlist =/