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Amarok 2.4.3 "Berlin" Released

Spring is over and summer in full swing for most of the Amarok team, and we’re excited to give you Amarok 2.4.3. We’ve tweaked the visual design a bit, removing the status bar at the bottom, and replacing it with more focused notifications up top, or where they make most sense. You’ll also see some nice new visual effects in the layout as well.

Along with the work at the sprint in Randa, we’ve worked on the Dynamic Playlists, and some of the Internet Services. The new Dynamic Playlist should be easier to understand. Some of the functionality changes are: New AlbumPlay example playlist, a Quiz-play bias that will pick a song that starts with the same character the last one ended with, and preventing duplicate tracks. In the meantime our Google Summer of Code and Season of KDE students have been hard at work in git branches bringing Amarok Mobile to fruition, and new podcast integration with

You will notice that you can now drag and drop on Collections, to copy or move within Local Music, and also directly from the Playlist. We also got patches for various bugs and wishes: you can now configure the names of Podcast episodes, thanks to Sandeep Raghuraman, and automatic scrolling in the Lyrics applet is possible, thanks to Jan Gerrit Marker. Classical music listeners, you now have the option to scrobble the composer as artist to, thanks to Nicholas Wilson.

Many other bugs have been fixed. One of note had a bounty attached to it, which has been paid to Amarok. Thanks to Damiön la Bagh for your community-minded donation, which will benefit all Amarok iPod users, and contribute to the support of our developers.

The changelog below gives a fairly complete overview of the changes in this and the previous beta release.

PS: You might wonder why this is 2.4.3 and not 2.4.2 instead. There were technical problems with what we wanted to release as 2.4.2 and we had to skip that version number. Doh!


Join us and rediscover your music!

Version 2.4.3


  • Fix KWallet auth requests on every track change. (BR 278177)
  • Display correct values for pretty times (playlist length) longer than 1 day.
  • Update playlist length correctly after removing track. (BR 273407)
  • Fix seek backward from dbus. (Thanks to Matthieu Bedouet) (BR 263287)
  • Prevent dialog querying settings being displayed on startup if none set.
  • Fix detection of smartphones in USB storage mode. (BR 277685)
  • Fix crashes on expanding a newly cloned dynamic playlist (BR 277750)
  • Don't block the UI while calculating the filename previews. (BR 233196)
  • Make M3U and PLS playlist files editable from Saved Playlists. (BR 245963)

Version 2.4.2-Beta 1


  • Made Amarok compile with the Clang LLVM frontend.
  • Enable drag and drop on collections to copy/move within Local Music and directly from the playlist. (BR 223400)
  • Added KNotify scripting interface. (BR 260750)
  • Make podcast episodes download filename configurable. Patch by Sandeep Raghuraman. (BR 155075)
  • Automatic scrolling in lyrics applet (Thanks to Jan Gerrit Marker)
  • Option to scrobble composer as artist to (Thanks to Nicholas Wilson)
  • Option to hide the OSD if another window is taking the full screen


  • Again write back ratings only if option is selected.
  • Moved the queue-editor action to the main menu under playlist to save space. Queue editor now has a shortcut: Meta+U.
  • Removed the redo action from the playlist toolbar to make it less wide.
  • Made some playlist toolbar actions collapse into a menu button for use on small screens.
  • Removed the statusbar. Moved progress info & messages to the Media Sources dock.
  • Removed the preview button and checkbox from the organize collection dialog.
  • General user interface cleanup (addition of browser widget backgrounds, etc.)
  • Removed the add button in the context toolbar. Applet explorer is opened on config.
  • Easier to understand Dynamic playlists
  • Made Amarok depend ffmpeg-0.6 or newer.
  • Use KImageCache if possible (kdelibs 4.5.0 and later), which should reduce the number of cache-related crashes.


  • Make the Coverbling applet build again. (Patch by Manu Wagner)
  • Don't let the album applet freeze Amarok for ages on track change. (BR260810, BR277021)
  • Fixed cover fetching from Google Images. (BR 275265)
  • Fixed a crash in the equalizer dialog when selecting "Off".
  • Fix finalization of track copy process to media device collections. (BR238912) Patch by Tommaso Falchi Delitala.
  • Fixed crash on MusicBrainz search. (BR 274956)
  • Avoid crash in ContextView when accessing Plasma::Applet::view(). (BR 258741)
  • Fixed playlist tooltip getting too tall for multiline comments. (BR 256038)
  • Made equalizer keywords (dB,kHz,...) translatable. (BR 263572)
  • Made equalizer preset names translatable. (BR 263596)
  • Fixed runtime error reporting of scripts. (BR 207409)
  • Fixed "Happy" moodbar theme. (BR 264432)
  • Fixed crash for invalid scripts trying to be stopped by the manager. (BR 268917)
  • Fixed collection menu items ordering. (BR 207007)
  • Fixed top level podcast location setting. (BR 263736)
  • Fixed double-clicking in collection using left-handed mouse setting. (BR 272360)


Omg, the blue boxes at the bottom are still there :-(

It looks like a visual glitch. It's not, but it looks like one. For heaven's sake and all that is good and graceful: remove that thing!

They are the replacement for the status bar. Apart from the one in the media sources browser everything has been there before, just with a different color scheme. So if you have an idea how to design it differently: just shoot. But simply removing is not possible. ;-)

Use the toolbar bg color.

Just use there a default system color theme - that will do the trick.

Where do I change Amarok colors?

Everything is possible. They just don't want to add two or three lines of code to remove it.

I kind of like them, but I will agree with one thing: having an empty one below the collection just seems weird.

Love the new dynamic playlists! Big thanks! :D

Is there a way to bring back the "redo" button in the playlist? I mean, why do we need to save horizontal space anyway? My toolbar is almost empty and I am missing this button.
Besides I find it rather silly that you can undo an operation (or a series of 10 operations) and not redo them later. I know, I know, Ctrl+Shift+>Z does it, but still...

But yeah, in a perfect world we would have a way to configure those buttons, as with different screen sizes you are able to place more of them into your main window. Wanna work on it? :)

Well, I don't have much experience in C++... I am more into bash/python scripting for work. I will have a look at it if/when I have time.

Anyway thanks to all the devs for this release. With phonon-gstreamer getting gapless in the future release (the git version works for me for flac, but breaks with mp3...) there is not much left to make amarok perfect!

Thanks for removing the status bar - a long year wish came true!

Eager to have the pre-compiled Windows version of this version running :)
Where/When will this be available? working on a Windows, Amarok-only installer. We hope to have it ready more sooner than later. It's going to be announced here.

Get it at - official announcement follows in the next few days.

"Last played" criteria is no longer available on dynamic playlist. I think it was very useful.

Found it. Nevermind. The new dynamic playlist version is great ;)

Is it only me, or the transcoding on the fly feature just vanished in this release?
I get no more prompted whether or not to transcode tracks from FLAC format when transferring files to my iPod, which makes Amarok popup the message that the tracks are already on the device (which is dead wrong).
Also, I tested sending an mp3 track and it doesn't complain. I guess there's something wrong with the handling of the transcoding option and the actual file transfer on the device.
Tested on a Slackware64 13.37 (KDE 4.4.5), with amarok 2.4.3 compiled from sources. has not been removed intentionally. But as I don't use transcoding in Amarok I cannot tell you much more.

Using Amarok 2.4.3 compiled from sources (Gentoo), I experience the same problem with my iPod and any non-supported (for iPod) formats.

I got a reply from Sentynel on IRC which told me that the transcoding feature is still present but limited as in 2.4.0.
The only difference is that now it supports transcoding only from the filesystem view to a collection.
It seems, however, that transcoding to a device is still not supported/implemented.

Sadly, I find the new dynamic playlist much less intuitive, clear and actually harder to understand.
But apart from that: Thanks for the great work! :D

Cool! This looks really very interesting. You guys have really been busy making this better for all us. Thank you for providing this update and I can't wait to see how it all works out.

Please let us know how it works out for you!