Amarok 2.3 Beta 1 "Altered State" Released

Due to considerable visual changes in the main toolbar, and many other improvements, we have decided to release the next version of Amarok as 2.3, instead of 2.2.3. From the developer's perspective only little changes with a version number bump; our policy is to still put quality first. With that note, many of these exciting new changes are still works in progress. During the next two weeks we will be focusing on polish, overall stability, and bug fixing, so that you can enjoy a great Amarok 2.3!

We encourage every brave user out there to try the beta and report back any issues spotted. Although it runs very smoothly on our computers it can in fact cause some problems and things unspoken ;-) Please report problems you might find at


Join us and rediscover music!


  • Added a configuration dialog for Local Podcasts. Update interval and base download directory can now be configured. (BR 221398)
  • Make it possible to go to next/previous track with horizontal mouse wheel button on TrayIcon. (BR 225783)
  • New main toolbar with completely redesigned look and new features. Contributed by Thomas Luebking <>.
  • Podcasts and Saved Playlists can now be grouped by provider like iPod, Local, USB Mass Storage, etc. This can be toggled using a button in the relevant Category.
  • The playlist context menu now has a "Show in Media Sources" action for many types of track.
  • The collection scanner now also looks for cover images named "folder.*". Apparently some applications use this convention. (BR 224692)
  • It's now possible to automatically use a USB Mass Storage device as a collection when it's connected.
  • The progress bar tooltip now shows the position in the track that the cursor is hovering, making it simple to jump to a specific position.
  • D-Bus: Added StopAfterCurrent method for /Player.
  • You can now elect to rescan specific folders. Right-click on a folder in the collection setup dialog to rescan just that folder. This will only work for folders that have previously been added to the collection, i.e. you cannot check a folder and immediately rescan it. This will never be recursive (as that defeats the point of scanning a specific folder!)
  • Non collection files with a cue sheet will now load their tracks as individual tracks in the playlist instead of as one big track with bookmark markers.
  • Dynamic Collection is back. (BR 171213)
  • Searching covers from using custom query in interactive mode.


  • All move/copy operations to the local collection are asynchronous.
  • Proper handling of disk full and permision errors for copy/move operations to the local collection.
  • A preview of the moving/copying operations is now shown in the Organize dialog.
  • Added an expander icon to the collection root items.
  • The equalizer configuration is now a seperate tool window accessible from the tool menu.
  • Files with ogg and flac extensions can now be copied to UMS devices.
  • The search/filter edit in the playlist is now cleared when pressing enter. (BR 217159)
  • Amarok now checks if the version of the "amarokcollectionscanner" tool is correct. Some users had issues with having mutiple versions of it installed, causing scanning to fail.
  • First run: Let users decided on how to handle music location set in standard desktop services.
  • Improved cover fetching accuracy and speed.
  • Usability: Better design of playback configuration dialog.
  • Use millisecond accuracy for track bookmarks. Backwards compatible with bookmarks stored in previos versions. (BR 215145)
  • Loving a track for via the global keyboard action also show a message in the status bar.
  • Improved usability of the playlist layout editor dialog.
  • Duplicate unique file identifiers are now indicated in debug output, along with the paths of the files, when found instead of being silently ignored. This can help discover multiple copies of the same file or files which incorrectly have the same MusicBrainz unique identifier.


  • Prevent custom sliders from allocating a lot of pixmap resources (xrestop)
  • Fix multiple busy indicators being shown in the Context View. (BR 208102)
  • Corruption of guid strings by passing them as a KUrl caused podcast episodes to be readded on each update. This issue has been solved. If you have episodes that appear twice, remove the channel and add it again. (BR 219516)
  • Cleaned up the Organize dialog to make it more usable. (BR 199574)
  • Made it harder to Move Files unintentionally. (BR 220716)
  • Returned "Organize Files" to the collection's context menu. (BR 215902)
  • Fixed Amarok Solid action for playing audio CDs working. (BR 209204)
  • Fixed crash with moving applets in the Context View. (BR 191918)
  • Fixed crash in KNotify. (BR 224673)
  • Fixed queue management with mouse. (BR 217153)
  • Fixed playback of some streams causing the progress slider to show garbage track length and position values like -322:0-35:0-59.
  • Prevent a crash when loading PLS playlists with invalid filepaths.
  • Fixed scrolling crashes with the cover manager. (BR 224000)
  • Fixed a bug that was deleting files when using "Move to collection" from the file browser. (BR 217002)
  • Allow fetching of album covers in the unified view. (BR 220873)
  • Lyrics applet: Fixed scrollbar incorrectly displayed (and sometimes not at all) for long lyrics under KDE 4.4. (BR 222260)
  • Fixed bug in Photos applet that made it break with translated versions of Amarok. Patch by Bellegarde Cédric <>. (BR 222566)
  • Lyrics applet: Fixed saving and restoring font styles. (BR 222277)
  • Lyrics applet: Fixed a bug where sometimes suggested URLs are not cleared when switching tracks.
  • Fixed playlist layout editor blocking control of Amarok. (BR 220825)
  • Fixed moodbar in progress slider not correctly updating after moodbar style change (BR 220695)
  • Fixed progress slider not moving for many streams (and possible other types of tracks) (BR 221747)
  • Sort artists named like "The Foo" correctly in all cases. (BR 176670)
  • Fixed behaviour when clearing the bookmark manager filter.
  • Fixed track not being added to the playlist when playing a track from the bookmark manager.


Doesn't work in Windows 7, at

Doesn't work in Windows 7, at least for me. First of all, it still needs a kdewin installer even though it was supposed to be a stand alone installer. Second of all, it's still a 2.2v. and not the 2.3v. After the install, Amarok starts just fine, but it won't play any song or fetch the lyrics. I don't know, maybe it's the vlc thingy that should be done post install (which I did), but it reports back an error saying it can't find the shared library. Looks nice but it's far from being done, for windows anyway...


February 14

"During the next two weeks we will be focusing on polish, overall stability, and bug fixing, so that you can enjoy a great Amarok 2.3! "

I still get 2.2 versions when I click the download for kubuntu. When is a 2.3 version going to actually arrive?

I am not an advanced linux user, so just want a one click and install version and then I can report bugs quite happily. Idealy I woudl install thru the Ubuntu Software Centre - after all I guess that is why its put it there so that the developers - you guys can make an easy install for us??

I agree. You claimed that

I agree. You claimed that Amarok will be on a 6-week development cycle, but not a single release has come out on time. I love Amarok, and I respect the work that you do, but the "misinformation" or, more accurately, false advertisement should stop. Don't claim that you have 6-week development cycles when they are actually 9-week cycles. Don't claim that Amarok is a player for "Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows" when it is not even close to being stable on platforms other than Linux. Sorry if I come across a little harsh. Cheers!

At gitorious, Amarok 2.3.0

At gitorious, Amarok 2.3.0 was tagged wednesday, so I expect that they could release any time now.

I don't know why I would

I don't know why

  • I would want a hardware/software player that has no stop button (especially without a caching function for at least the current playing file)
  • you have such a problem with random list generation. amarok 1.4 was incredibly slow, amarok 2, well... it shuffles the playlist a bit but has great album clustering inside this list
  • I would want this three part UI. amarok 1.4 was easy to use and showed the information I needed: playlist with filter-field. amarok 2 tries to be some kind of wikipedia with lyrics and stuff which can play music, I guess. Last time I tried the filters they didn't work as in amarok 1.4 afair.
  • you chose mysql as internal database (funny story: kdepim uses mysql 5.1, amarok uses mysql 5.0 in gentoo and both in parallel are impossible to have. Further: if I want to use 5.1 with amarok it cannot be embedded, it has to be an external server). I absolutely hate mysql; every other database is easier to administrate, postgres has more features and sqlite is much smaller and easier as embedded database. I absolutely don't know what's so special about mysql... at least you could have used a generic odbc or plugin interface to let the user decide. Oh, and an external database server stores it's data outside of my encrypted home, which I don't like.
  • amarok uses huge amounts of RAM... oh wait: I know why. Because you bloated it.
  • each new version introduces more bugs, less usability, database changes and (at least it's a beta) crashes. Don't you guys know what software engineering is? You sit on your butt for a long time and design workflows, specify features, create test cases, write documentation etc and after this time you begin coding. It is obvious to me that you neglect most of this. I have seldom seen such poor quality software. You did the rewrite, so you had the chance to plan everything carefully.
  • you lost the musicbrainz functionality. This was the big feature that led me to amarok. It helped me to sort my music collection and greatly improved it's quality. This process is not finished but the functionality is lost now.
  • (much more to say about the podcast code, general speed, vastly decreased usability, more useless features)
  • you hide your contact information so well on your website

Obviously amarok2 is not usable for me anymore. I am using exaile since the last day. It is FAST, it is simple, it has a proper random list generator, it didn't crash, it has high usability.
Short: it follows two basic design principles: KISS and it implements one function (play a large list of music and provide a usable interface to this collection) which it does perfectly.
The lack of one or two little things compared to this bloated, unready, buggy, multipurpose-wikipedia-mysql-database-blob which calls itself amarok2 is the lesser evil.

Over and out.

So then:

Maybe Amarok simply isn't for you. An application cannot cater to everyone at the same time, that would make it a jack of all trades (and master of none).

Why not simply use one of the 6 (!) Amarok 1.x clones, or any other media player? There is plenty of choice.

Copying to Media Player still "not working"

Interestingly enough you still can't copy the songs you want to the Media player (iPod for me). For example:
- You can't copy the current playlist or parts of it
- You can't copy dynamic playlists
- You can't copy regular playlists
- You can't DnD from the local collection (you need the context menu, which is too much fiddling for me)

Sigh. Wishing back the times of Amarok 1.x (sorry to say so).

file treelist

(amarok 2.2.90) where is file treelist?

Kind of off topic..

Does anyone know what song is playing in that video?


The answer is in the comments on Youtube, here (at the bottom):

You can start by letting it output any sound at alll.

On my Kubuntu 9.10 installation no sound is output at all. I can test the soundcard just fine in the settings but no sound is heard when playing any kind of media. Rediculous.


Any chance of a Mac app? MacPorts install never worked for amarok on my machine. Just tried it again.

Devices and Navigation

I am finding the navigation for local music and devices (ipod) extremely annoying and difficult compared to previous versions of amarok. I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 and found it much more work to get amarok working than previously (even with having to track down plugins and drivers and recompile amarok for the ipod)

kwallet - I use gnome. No idea what this was and I got it turned off but the GUI popping up behind the amarok splash upon start up was highly annoying.

ipod - after fighting with this for more time than I care to admit last night, I finally stumbled across getting my ipod to show up in amarok.. then I clicked something and it went away. Where'd it go? No idea, can't find it again.

It was a scavanger hunt of obscure postings to find out that I needed to load libxine1 libxine1-ffmpeg phonon-backend-xine before I could even play music in amarok. Until then, I'm just clicking songs and trying to figure out why the playlist was broken. why not make these dependencies so they will install with amarok?

Sorry for the bitchy posting. I really love amarok and was just really frustrated trying to get 2.2 to work. I'm trying to find a previous release I can load...

Just a heads-up, you're

Just a heads-up, you're posting about 2.2 series problems in an announcement about 2.3. Maybe you should try the beta and see your grievances addressed. The Ubuntu repos also has 2.2.0, which itself is out of date, even in the stable series. Amarok has been in fairly rapid development for the past 6 months.


Thanks for clarifying this. Amarok development is quite rapid indeed, perhaps a bit unusual in the Free Software scene. Our release cycle is about 6 weeks long, including features and bug fixes.

You can read up on this here:

A reflection: How we made Amarok 2.2.1

Cue support

It is great to see cue support is improving. But it is also very needed for collection files. Please, consider implementing this feature.

The Playlist is Dead. Long Live The Playlist.

I Know it's just a beta1's normal while you manage the Internal Database Playlist, if you choose to delete one entry (right click -> delete) then amarok delete another one?... arghhhh!!!! It's a macroscopic error and no new bug will be filled by me (right?)... but sorry, pay a little attention in this little things even if it's a beta1!


Amarok 2.2.1 - good enought to switch to

I know that still many users stick with Amarok 1.4 as I did not so long ago.
It's about v. 2.2.1, but maybe someone would be interested:

Thank you for your work.

Hopefully the cover fetching

Hopefully the cover fetching is improved - it has been TERRIBLE since the switch to as the album cover database. Out of hundreds of albums that I own, only a handful of covers were properly fetched, compared to before when almost all the covers were correct.


We actually plan to make it - wait for it - WORSE with each release.

This is however a very secret internal strategical document. Please do not ever leak this to the outside.

Thanks :)

Stop button

please keep the STOP button... that pause/play alone is so sad... and by the way I hate that applications as itunes and rhythmbox don't have it.

Second click on the same item

Second click on the same item in the playlist opening it for edit — I think, this is wrong, because I can make a second click half an hour later after first. Maybe, you should set a timeout (1-2 seconds) between the first and second clicks, after which the second does nothing?


We know about this problem. Different solutions are currently being discussed.

It is getting better from the

It is getting better from the usability point of view. But while you are all doing some new toolbars and whatever the little things don't get any love from version to version. What am I talking about? I had at least 10 crashes with this beta just by right clicking on places where obviously you are not supposed to because they would not open any menu anyway - emtpy spaces below podcast or playlists and so on...

Then I think "did they finally fix grouping and creating directories for playlist so I can create personal categories" I click the "New Folder" button and nothing happens, I try to drag any old playlist into an existing directory and nothing happens. Then I wonder if I can finally group my own podcast like "Linux", "Security".... nope nothing there either. Then I go to the Files section and I can't enter any directory no matter how fast and hard I single or double click it will not open, only by pressing Return.

And please don't pin this on the beta, this is going on for a while now.

The little things.

About crashes:

I'm not sure if those are normal, I haven't seen Amarok crash in weeks.

That said, please report all crashes at, ideally with a good backtrace (with debug symbols, install amarok-dbg or so). We usually try to fix all crashes ASAP.

Thanks :)

Amarok still crashes playing audio CDs

Amarok Upgraded to this last night. While the Device Notifier does not launch Amarok and start playing audio CDs, Amarok still crashes playing such. Last night, I got through two full tracks, and then it crashed. Today, only one track and then the crash.

Kubuntu 9.10 32-bit
KDE 4.4.00

Typo on my part

In my comment above, I meant to say "While the Device Notifier DOES launch Amarok..." as this feature is now working.

Re: Amarok still crashes playing audio CDs

"While the Device Notifier does not" My bad - typo - meant to say "While the Device Notifier DOES" because that is working.

Good news, everyone: Kubuntu Package :)

Get it while it's fresh:

Amarok 2.3-Beta (K)ubuntu Package

Media Source->Files->Right Click->Move To Local Collection

Hi, I've just installed the 2.3 beta1 and I can confirm that this is a step forward for my taste, but I miss the useful option "Move to Local Collection", can you confirm that it's only a temporary absence or I missing something? thank you very much

Work in Progress

The "Files" browser has been completely rewritten for 2.3. We're still working on it, no worries :)

queue manager

Will 2.3 finally have a queue manager? This the only thing I still miss in the 2.x series.

Makes as 2

Still missing features which will hopefully find way back in Amarok:

1. Queue manager
2. being able to do complex playlist/collection/(folder/file) filtering e.g. Stones AND 1995 OR Godzilla


Any packages of this beta for Karmic?

I think the periodical creation of this packages (of course it is not an easy job to keep it current) will boost the number of beta-testers... Is there any reason besides the required effort for this not happening?

Cheers and you are doing an awesome job


In the making

I can't tell you exactly when they'll be finished. Please ask in #kubuntu on

Here you go:

Thanks a lot!

I'm loving the new toolbar...

Middle Section

Please tell me the middle section (Wikipedia, lyrics, etc...) can be removed now. I think Amarok is excellent, but that middle part just drives me nuts! The only thing I would ever put in there would be a visualizer during parties, which doesn't exist in Amarok that I'm aware of (as a mid-section piece).

My choice would be to make all of these menus dockers like in KOffice so people can manage their own flow.

Otherwise, this is looking great!


Errr, since 2.2 (or so) all of them ARE dockers, just unlock the layout and move them around the way you like.

BTW: It would be awsome if one could save and load different docker layouts and plasmoid sets for different occasions (just like Plasma activities). However, Amarok is awsome already without that!

you can remove the middle

you can remove the middle section by deactivating "lock layout" in the View menu. than move/resize or remove the "context" aka. middle section.

Oh, sweet, I guess I never

Oh, sweet, I guess I never was able to upgrade to 2.2 with Kubuntu! Thanks!

Dynamic Collection

Unless I missed something, Dynamic Collection is still broken; at least it was in git last time I tried it. The linked bug is REOPENED.


Thank you so much for that Equalizer!! Yipiiie

Looks good, but where is the

Looks good, but where is the stop button?

Currently there is none in

Currently there is none in the new toolbar. The idea is to show a stop button on streams that cannot be paused. The default would be pause, so all kinds of contect infos are still available and Amarok has something to show.

As said before: the new toolbar is still work in progress.

Good idea. But do not forget

Good idea. But do not forget about the rest of interface. For example: the photos widget hasn't reacting, when i press a pause and continues slide-show.

Thanks for noting,

could you also make a bug report for that? We'll look into it.

Bug tracker is here:

Ok, I did —

Thanks :)

(see title)

Looking good

Looking good, I like the new main toolbar and the volume control.
Also, I appreciate the improved podcast management.
The only thing missing for me is the ability to synch podcasts with my ipod (as podcasts, not into the music library via playlist+copy). Here's hoping for 2.4, so I can get rid of my last KDE3 program. :)