Amarok 2.3.2 Beta 1 "Sentinel" released

It’s summertime! Can we have your attention nonetheless? We need your testing skills! Yes, you, dear Amarok lovers, we have been working against all odds, heatwaves, rain and thunderstorms, lovely beaches and landscapes to prepare a new version just for you. Trying to fight the hardest bugs, but still adding a few nice new features, our developers have integrated these goodies:
On the database level, you can import labels from older versions and only data for tracks in the collection is imported. We added various filter possibilities for podcasts (by provider or folder group) and the Collection Browser (last played, added, track format or filesize) and also added or corrected a few shortcuts.

Please see the full ChangeLog below and test everything you can. Help us improve Amarok, report your findings and contribute to make Amarok even better!


Join us and rediscover your music!


  • Podcasts can now be filtered on provider and grouped in folders. (BR 219519)
  • Amarok 1.4 Database Importer: added support for importing labels. Thanks to Mat?j Laitl for the patch. (BR 218996)
  • Shortcuts: Added "Replay current track" shortcut. (BR 217081)
  • Edit filter dialog: added "added" and "last played" date filters.
  • File browser: added forward and back buttons for accessing navigate history.
  • Organize Dialog: added a way to save multiple file formats as presets. (BR 122672)
  • Filtering: added default presets to the drop down menu of the collection search widget.
  • Filtering: track format can now be used as filter keyword in the collection browser, e.g. "format:flac".
  • Filtering: track file size can now be used as filter keyword in the collection browser, e.g. "filesize:<12" for tracks under 12Mb; "filesize:25" for tracks that are between 25 and 26Mb.
  • Filtering: tracks that were added to the collection since/before a certain time can now be filtered using, e.g. "added:<1w".
  • Filtering: added ability to filter last played date in the collection browser, e.g. "played:<3d".


  • Let scripts access bpm property of tracks (read-only). (BR 245257)
  • Remote Meta+P global shortcut to avoid future problems with new keyboard drivers in notebooks. (BR 235204)
  • Fix size of Slim toolbar time labels. Thanks to Tijl Coosemans for the patch.
  • Amarok 1.4 Database Importer: only import tracks that actually belong in the collection. Thanks to Mat?j Laitl for the patch. (BR 218999)
  • Refresh the albums context applet when the collection is updated.
  • Don't allow the last visible playlist source in User Playlists to be hidden.
  • "Play Media" dialog now remembers the last used directory. (BR 231092)
  • Organize Dialog: tweaked the layout to fit better on smaller resolutions (BR 238000)
  • Filtering: added year suffix for date filters in the collection browser.
  • features that require user authentication are now disabled by default.
  • Ignore "DJ" prefix when sorting in collection browser. (BR 181955) Patch by Richard Longland <>.


  • Tweaked fuzzy numerical comparisons in the APG. (BR 242281)
  • Finally don't truncate the "Label:" label in TagDialog. (BR 235957)
  • Fix crash when right clicking on children of "No labels". NoLabel item is now a Data item. (BR 243825)
  • Fix regression in Dynamic Collections. For files that were scanned when Dynamic Collections wasn't working, you will need to rescan them to get them associated with the proper device.
  • Fix crash on exit with newer KDE versions. Patch by Martin Blumenstingl and Felix Geyer. (BR 245513)
  • Fixed playlist bottom toolbar getting to tall when using "Text only" button style. (BR 228390)
  • Fixed Amarok layout saving when minized to tray. (BR 244583)
  • Make "No other participants" in the events applet translatable. Patch by Jan Janssen. (BR 235311)
  • Fixed track number on DAAP shares. Patch by Silvio Frischknecht. (BR 235030)
  • Fixed filtering by rating in the playlist. (BR 240293)
  • The scripts categories are now translatable. (BR 240563)
  • Fixed Amarok 1.4 Database Importer not importing statistics and lyrics of tracks that are not yet in database. Thanks to Mat?j Laitl for the patch. (see comments on BR 218996)
  • Fixed always playing first track when adding tracks to empty playlist with random mode on. Patch by Anton Gritsay <> (BR 240452)
  • Directories that were once part of the collection but not anymore may not have been properly removed, leading to files outside the collection being scanned. (BR 243532)
  • Fixed "genre" and other playlist groupings not working. (BR 243344)
  • Removed track progress effect on TrayIcon as it caused several problems (also caused by a bogus implementation of the KSNI class) (BR 233506, BR 240463, BR 231539, BR 232578, BR 232312).
  • Fixed track name in main window title incorrectly changing when editing tag info for another track. Thanks to Anton Gritsay <> for the patch (BR 220521)
  • Splitted desktop so mime types can be allocated in a better way (BR 242292).
  • Fixed some tracks not being scanned when they had corrupted MusicBrainz IDs. Thanks to Mat?j Laitl <> for the patch. (BR 236227)
  • Fixed crash when navigating using "Places" in the file browser. (BR 240338)
  • Fixed error dialog popup if the stored directory is no longer accessible when using the file browser. (BR 234286)
  • Single clicking a file in the file browser now selects it instead of appending to the playlist by default in single-click mode. (BR 233171)
  • Fixed resizing and eliding issues with the file browser breadcrumbs. (BR 231366 comment #5)
  • Drop file icons in file browser breadcrumbs. (BR 231366)
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in file browser. (BR 240668) Patch thanks to Hannes Koller.
  • Fixed dropping files to playlist from Konqueror. (BR 235722)
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts of actions from scripts lost after restart. Thanks to Martin Blumenstingl <>. (BR 223165)
  • Fixed tracks not changing for "stop after this track" action. (BR 231209)
  • Cleaned up some tooltips/what's this strings in the Organize dialog to make it easier to read and, hopefully, understand. (BR 237857)
  • Fixed organize dialog's handling of the year tag. If there is no year then the %year token should be an empty string.(BR 237834)
  • The "Ignore 'The'" option in the organize files dialog is now case insensitive. (BR 237831)
  • Fixed odd header name when showing "places" in the file browser. (BR 238518)
  • Filenames with dots (.) and other special RegEx characters will now be parsed correctly when guessing tags from a filename. (BR 225743)
  • Align track details dialog's labels to the right as per KDE4's HIG. (BR 234555)
  • The service will now only open the wallet on startup if the user has enabled features that require authentication. (BR 230098)
  • Correctly load the list of labels in tag dialog. (BR 238737) Patch by Daniel Faust <>.
  • Cover manager: fixed crash if closed shortly after opening. (BR 235796)
  • Fixed service browser not updating its view if it's open on startup. (BR 231044)
  • Fixed clicking on browser categories not honoring mouse settings. (BR 226533)
  • Fixed usability issue with regards to context menu item order when right clicking in the playlist widget. (BR 198650)


You fix bugs, not those that

You fix bugs, not those that need.
And why Amarok display 0 if year is not specified? Did I set it at 0? No, I did not...
Also, if Amarok failed to play a stream and I clicked on an another stream, Amarok hangs and still tries to play the previous dead stream. This is not normal behaviour, it should start play new stream immediately and previous operation should be aborted.

I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with dead streams.
I must restart Amarok to listen the new (working) stream.

Agree with that, for me the

Agree with that, for me the operation is not aborted :( and the new stream is not play...

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Is there a planned release

Is there a planned release date for beta 2 ?
I can't use integration on beta 1 because of this bug

Good news!

Amarok 2.3.2 will be released soon (already tagged), and it will have a fix for this / KWallet bug. It annoyed me so much that I fixed it a while ago :)

Tray icon

Will this release feature new tray icon that will integrade with new monochromatic tray KDE style?
For now it breaks the clean look of the tray :)

> Will this release feature

> Will this release feature new tray icon that will integrade with new monochromatic tray KDE style?
New monochromatic KDE tray is s***t. I am still able to distinguish colors.

ah, do you mean that you have

ah, do you mean that you have a s**t opinion?
If you don't like the new icons, that is not Amarok's problem.

Also, the monochromatic icons are for hardware devices.

Where i can download the deb installer?

I cant install amarok 2.3.2, i add the repository but i never get the update i have ubuntu 10.10 maverick can someone tell me a different way to install withot put in the repository???

Active Chaning of the Track order in the Playlist broken

First of all a big show of appreciation for the effort and hard work. At first I was very sceptical, but I understand the developers design direction now... and the moodbar is back so I'm mostly happy.

I discovered a regression bug caused by the new drag and drop feature of the playlist.

If you are listening to a track and you see in your playlist a song you would like to hear next, you used to be able to drag the song upwards in the playlist and drop it just under the track that is currently playing. This is no longer possible. When the drag starts it changes the center window to all kinds of options, when you try to drop the track just under the currently playing track... the dragged track jumps back to it's original position, so there is no way of easily sorting your currently playing playlist anymore.

Hi, I am assuming you mean in


I am assuming you mean in general for the amarok2 series and not the Beta. Just guessing here, but make sure you don't have a sort option activated for the playlist. Just above the playlist search there is an icon that allows you to sort your playlist. Make sure that the sorting is off. The behaviour you are describing sounds like you have the sort feature activated so when dropping the song it actually gets sorted and "moves" back to its position.




Hi. Amarok is a great software. I'm using Amarok version (I think it's 2.3.2 beta 1) in Ubuntu 10.04 with a ppa. In this version I can move the plasma widgets, but they don't stay in the position I setted. This feature to move plasma widgets is really a feature or a bug? So are you going to give the option to set the plasma widgets manualy? I think it would be great mainly if it'll have some layouts options.


I just want to say thank you to all the people who spend their free time working on amarok. Thank you! I like Amarok a lot.


We're glad to hear that you like Amarok!

Why are you asking for our

Why are you asking for our testing skills and new bugreports, if even almost one year old bug crashing your application (BR 231238) is not fixed?

That is true, and sometimes

That is true, and sometimes the devs or people that mark the bugs as duplicate are a bit discourteous, sure it is hard to deal with many bugs per day, but...

Also, sometimes bugs are not fixed because it is an upstream, or phonon problem. But devs can always write a patch, regardless it is upstream or not.

I totally agree! Even worse,

I totally agree!

Even worse, who tries to report bugs is also offended by the KDE developers.

Is there any plan to support

Is there any plan to support Album Artist tag, I even don't speak about custom tags?

Don't know about plans, would

Don't know about plans, would be nice to have access to all tags, the Kid3 tag editor.
Take a look at this bug


I have a bug in the Video applet, which is shown in wrong size. It's a small square that cannot be maximized.
Does anyone else experience this problem?

I have this problem on my

I have this problem on my Ubuntu 10.04 and also on Fedora 14 alpha, so it isn't an errror in my configuration.


"Amarok is a powerful music player for Linux and Unix, MacOS X and Windows with an intuitive interface."

Since 2 years NO Mac or Windows Version. Fuck u Amarok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is an unnecessary harsh

That is an unnecessary harsh way of saying it, but I second the underlying statement.

I think there's a Flink

I think there's a Flink release.. here:
it's 7 month ago..
Help the FOSS community instead of get angry.


I have tried the macports release a couple of times which never installed correctly. I fiddled around a lot, but after all, it's just a music player. While I really don't like iTunes, at least it does work. Maybe I will look into the fink release. Looks like they have Amarok 1.4 as well. I still think I would prefer that one anyhow.

See, I still couldn't find

See, I still couldn't find the time to mess with fink, so I guess I will simply take Amarok installation off my to-do list once again. Sad.

Thank you!

Thanks for your diligence and continued work on Amarok!

I've not jumped from 1.4 yet, alas. I've been waiting on podcast and label support (my own personal "killer" features), notably the import of all my old labels (I really didn't want to re-label thousands of music files). I'm excited to see that I may not have to wait anymore.

So, Bravo! Looking forward to testing it out.


how about just adding a simple old fashioned CROP every player needs to have instead of all these mumbo jumbo filters? :S who's filtering music by size anyways...?

Filtering's the greatest feature of amarok

hey, maybe you did not notice, but filtering is incredibly useful. Lately, I've added some 600 songs to my collection, of which a lot was just electronic crap (2 minutes the same base isn't really what I like). Because these were very long (6 minutes and more), I just filtered them by length and deleted them. Useful.

Embedded artworks support

Not all music can be found in Amazon--though most of them with English?French?German
But Amarok users' mother languages are not just these,their songs can't be found in Amazon?
Amarok 2.3.1 could search artworks from google yahoo and so on,it's not that convenient for a large number of songs.
We know mostly artworks are embeded in their music files--it's amazing amarok can't read these embedded artworks.

Still no support for GStreamer?

Your war against GStreamer is really absurd.

Ah, of course, all the old bugs are still present in Amarok version 2.3.2 beta.

If I am listening to an internet radio, OSD does not work and notifications do not work with KNotify.
Amarok can not detect audio CDs (it succeeds only after dozens of attempts).
If I use the Xine backend, Amarok crashes while changing audio CD track.
If I use the GStreamer backend, Amarok skips from one track to another, but no sound.
etc, etc, etc.

All these bugs have been reported long ago but nothing happened.

New bugs in Amarok 2.3.2 beta.

Amarok is not able to find cddb data (2.3.1 works fine).

With some internet services that have two or more directories, only one directory can be viewed; others do not show anything.
For example, Sky FM has two directories. One is viewable while the other is not.


amarok has nothing to do with gstreamer or xine directly. Amarok uses KDE's Phonon multimedia player to play files. Phonon in turn has backens: GStreamer, Xine, VLC. The Gstreamer backend is unloved and unmaintained, and we recommend people to not use it. the xine backend is most functional, and the VLC backend is being heavily developed and is almost as good as the xine one (in my opinion).

The bugs regarding track metadata, and gst/xine backends are valid bugs, but not amarok ones. They are phonon bugs.

The Gstreamer backend is

The Gstreamer backend is unloved and unmaintained, and we recommend people to not use it.

Unfortunately, many KDE applications use the gstreamer backend and do not work with other backends.

The bugs regarding track metadata, and gst/xine backends are valid bugs, but not amarok ones. They are phonon bugs.

Phonon is a KDE project.
Amarok is a KDE project.
Phonon and Amarok could work together to solve these problems.

We are talking about bugs unresolved for years.

Unfortunately, many KDE

Unfortunately, many KDE applications use the gstreamer backend and do not work with other backends.

Like what? i dont even have gstreamer installed i still dont see any KDE apps that fail because that or dont work with the xine backend.

Your not being faire with the devs

Ralph, you are not being fair with the developers. This is a Free and Open Source Projec that is both "free as speech and free as beer". It is driven by a community of volunteer people you can not demand people work for you unless you pay them. You can politely ask for a feature or even better help to get it.


What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

I just wrote that Phonon and Amarok developers should collaborate together to solve these problems that persist for years.

Phonon and Amarok developers

Phonon and Amarok developers do work together. Part of the problem is that phonon-gst doesn't have maintainers, just people (usually from Linux distros) which troubleshoot whatever problem it is currently having.

You are welcome to give a

You are welcome to give a hand to maintain the gstreamer backend. It's simply a matter of manpower.

track tree view sometimes get sticky

The track listing tree view sometimes get's stuck like shift is held down.

Pressing all and any kbd/mouse etc... buttons does not fix the problem.

The only work around I've found so far (apart from restarting amarok is)

Entering a new search can be used as a workaround, as this seems to reset the treeviews stickyness.

Also track listings get lost if saved in DB (I think they are there's no way of telling from Amarok it's self), if the partition is not accessible when Amarok restarts.

Also would be nice to be able to sed the file location stored in the DB so that I can share the DB with computers that don't have the same mount point for the tracks, for instance Windows computers.

Good to see a new release.

Good to see a new release. But it took a bit long.
Why not release early, release often? With less changes


It's great they took the time to release an update during the summer.

Lots of bugs fixed as well. Thanks for your time- best player ever.


Because we needed a bit of a

Because we needed a bit of a break. Every now and then that's needed to not burn out. I hope you understand.

Embedded cover art and shortcut to toggle the main window

I agree with Dinho: "embedded cover art is a must have for me!". I'm still using Amarok 1.4 because of this (and some others) features.
I didn't understand "Remote Meta+P global shortcut to avoid future problems with new keyboard drivers in notebooks". Couldn't you just use another shortcut instead of Meta+P, why remove? I've been trying Amarok 2.3.2 for some days and I miss Meta+O (to show OSD) a lot and now Meta+P has been "bared" too?. As embedded cover art, a shortcut to toggle the main window is essential (as a way to configure the OSD like in older version).
I'm still not using Amarok 2 because I miss some features of Amarok 1.4 that I consider essential, but I really would like to upgrade. The visual is pretty beauty and you are doing a good job. I hope the next release convince me to migrate. Thank you.

Removed track progress effect on TrayIcon

>Removed track progress effect on TrayIcon

it was a favorite killer-feature for me. I will miss it. :(

Dont remove any features without asking from the community

Please don't remove any features without getting feedback from the community

We did not remove it for fun...

...but because it caused technical issues. Otherwise we wouldn't have done that.

Removed track progress effect on TrayIcon

but you can try to implement it again, more correct way? Pleeeeese! :)

I like

Yes, I like that too!

Need the visualisations

I saw in the Amarok roadmap that you want to write later versions in Ruby and then in .NET. Is that true!

Then a serious thing required urgently: visualisations in Amarok.


Install that and you'll have visualizations with everything, not only Amarok. Simply run the program when you are listening to music and you'll get nice Milkdrop animations.

OTOH, it would be great that Amarok could communicate directly with projectM-Pulseaudio. After all, projectM-Pulseaudio is coded in Qt.