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Amarok 2.3.1 Beta 1 "Dark Star" Released

Continuing with our rapid development process, only a few weeks after the successful 2.3.0 release we present Amarok 2.3.1 beta 1. Not only does this release provide many bug fixes, but we even added a number of exciting new features, such as the powerful Automated Playlist Generator, a Similar Artists and Upcoming Events applet, and support for the new system tray of KDE SC 4.4. Additionally a lot of performance optimization was done in several areas. The Playlist became significantly faster, especially with filtering a large amount of items. Also, cover image fetching was enhanced and is now more reliable and effective.

We encourage our users to test this release and provide feedback. The usual warnings apply: this is a beta release and there can be rough corners. However, overall it is quite usable, and your feedback can help us making an even better 2.3.1 release :)


Join us and rediscover your music!

The changes since Amarok 2.3.0 include:


  • Persistant Queue Saving: The playlist queue is now saved when Amarok is closed and restored upon startup. (BR 215057)
  • Automated Playlist Generator: allows smart creation of playlists that match user-specified constraints. Combines the features of "Smart Playlists" in Amarok 1.4 with the Bias system of Amarok 2.0.
  • It's now possible to mark all episodes in a channel as old or new at once.
  • New "Upcoming Events" applet, displays future concerts for the artist of the currently playing track. The event info is fetched from
  • New "Similar Artists" applet, displays a list of artists which are similar to the one currently played. The list is fetched from
  • The scripting system now offers a new function for detecting that a track has finished. Patch by Michael MacDonald <>. (BR 227312)
  • New "CoverBling" applet, which allows to browse your collection in an animated 3D view. Thanks to Manu Wagner <>.
  • Support for the new System Tray technology from KDE SC 4.4. This adds nice animations and a better looking popup menu to the System Tray. Thanks to Aurelien Gateau <> for the patch.
  • Allow playlist layouts to group tracks by directory. (BR 230594)
  • Cover fetcher: The UI was improved. Now an icon view is used to display results, with an informational sidebar that may show interesting bits about an image.
  • Cover fetcher: Added ability to enter custom queries via Yahoo!, Google, or Discogs (in addition to Lasf.Fm). Note the source for automatic cover fetching is still only.


  • Allow changing the number of recently added albums in the albums applet.
  • store: Added "Home" link to all artist and album pages leading to the front page.
  • store: Improved front page.
  • store: Completely remove option to purhcase single albums as this is no longer supported by and the API for doing so will be disabled in the future.
  • The new file browser now supports "places".
  • Added "up" and "home" buttons to the new filebrowser.
  • Items in the breadcrumb navigation bar are now hidden if there is not enough room to show all of them (similar to how it works in Dolphin) (BR 231497)
  • Improved performance (dramatic in some cases) when filtering the Playlist (231185).
  • Remove information that is already displayed elsewhere in the playlist from the playlist tooltips.
  • Make showing the playlist tooltips a per playlist layout option.
  • When bookmarking a view in the local collection, also store (and restore) the setings for "Show Cover Art" and "Show Years". (BR 230562)
  • Allow moodbar files witout the leading '.' (both .<trackfilename>.mood and <trackfilename>.mood now work)
  • Change example SQL command for setting up an external database to remove (sometimes incorrect) host name and possibly fix some random regression in some MySQL versions. (BR 225052)


  • Fixed Youtube videoclip broken engine due to their recent change.
  • Fixed Wikipedia no loading the css on KDE 4.4 (due to a regression in Qt 4.6.) (BR 222875)
  • Settings dialog could become too wide with translations. (BR 233752)
  • Fixed re-mounting iPhoneOS devices after having been unplugged without being unmounted. Thanks to Jeffrey Dodge <>. (BR 233305)
  • Fixed connection to iPod Touch devices. Patch by Jeffrey Dodge <>. (BR 233257)
  • Fixed the deletion of empty directories after deleting, or organizing. (BR 190881)
  • Fixed a hang that would occur when organizing a track and the source file was the same as the destination file. (BR 233181)
  • Fixed the double delete confirmation dialog when organizing tracks. (BR 233200)
  • Fixed broken rendering of ratings in Current Track applet on startup.
  • Fixed command type names shown in the Bookmark Manager not being translated. (BR 226829)
  • Fixed crash on startup for users of MySQL 5.5. Thanks to Bartosz Fabianowski for figuring it out. (BR 231166)
  • Readded missing hover info for the new filebrowser.
  • Fixed missing images in the hover info shown for various browser categories.
  • Fixed crash when running some Amarok urls on startup. (such as when passed on the command line or cliked in another app) (BR 231626)
  • Fixed crashes when Amarok is started and the Info applet is loaded with certain version of Qt. (BR 227639) (BR 229756)
  • Fixed organize collection dialog deleting tracks at new location instead of old. (BR 217002)
  • Fixed a broken podcast feed that had a minor compliance issue in date format. (BR 231062)
  • Fixed "files" bookmarks not storing the actual path shown in the file browser (BR 231437)
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed cover images for albums with the same name, e.g. "Greatest Hits". (BR 170146)
  • Fixed problems with new Main Toolbar and SHOUTcast streams: Since these streams cannot be paused, we detect this now and stop them instead.
  • Fixed permission errors with each file copied to an iPhone via iFuse. Thanks to Colin Guthrie <> for the patch. (BR 231021)
  • Fixed issues with using random navigators while filetering or searching the Playlist. (BR 229226) (BR 222129)
  • Fixed crash related to the new playlist tooltips. (BR 229696)
  • Fixed some artist/album/track names not getting shown or getting shown incorrectly in the Current Track applet because of html encoding. (BR 222765)
  • Fixed issue with the Albums applet not correctly updating when playing a track by an artist not present in the local collection.
  • Fixed Albums applet not getting updated if the artist of the currently playing track was edited. (BR 210296)
  • Fixed bad window title for the details edit dialog in the playlist layout editor. (BR 227912)
  • Fixed wrong track getting dragged from the Playlist when sorting and/or filtering is active. (BR 226503)
  • Fixed visual indication for "Stop After This Track" not getting shown immediately when using the global shortcut. (BR 230569)
  • Cover fetcher: Fixed a crash involving reappearing cover found dialogs and pending cover fetches. (BR 230215)
  • Display tooltips with applet names in the context toolbar. (BR 230736)
  • File browser: "Add to Playlist" doesn't add playlist files to the playlist. (BR 229290)


Hey, it's great you're working on performance. Actually low performance is the only objection I can have against Amarok. I recently got used to underclocking my cpu in order to reduce heat and prolong battery life. However UI of Amarok is then a little bit slow, for example scrolling is affected. And I don't have any problems with other software from KDE 4.

The only objection that I also have it the low performance and more or less the high memory usage of Amarok. For example when unminimizing the window, it is possible to see the interface being (re)painted. Or when moving the layouts it is also slow.

Also, is it possible to bring the tabs to the Media Sources layout back? I think that it is also more intuitive to use, that's also why browsers use tabs and not something else. Like in Amarok 1.4 and some version from 2; or like Clementine (Amarok 1.4 port to Qt 4)

no, sorry.

Yes, hehe, I mean the part of the Media Sources: Local Music; Internet; Playlists; Files; Podcasts. It is much easier / intuitive to navigate through them with tabs.

though you can of course re-order the dock widgets to make the contextview tabbed with the context browser pane, thereby almost completely cloning the 1.x interface. i wouldn't recommend it, but go right ahead.

Perfect! Works great now! Thank you!

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Is possible that it isn't a Amarok's issue. Slow work of his interface may depend directly of Qt. Check this — And pay attention to the comment #6, hope this will help to you.

Will you EVER re-implement playlist filtering like in 1.4? You keep adding features without giving us back the standard features we are expecting from a 2.X upgrade.

For example, in 1.4, I could type in something like "rating:>3 AND playcount:>5" to get just that: songs with a rating higher than 3 and that have a play count higher than 5. Or maybe just "artist:killers". I loved that power. It's available in the collection, so why not the playlist? This is important when you have a large collection of 20,000+ songs (which is extremely slow in 2.3, might I add). My main playlist is usually large (300+) with all my most recent music and stuff I listen to all the time. I like to filter the playlist depending on my mood without having to create and manage a ton of different playlists.

What's even worse, the current playlist filtering is completely counter-intuitive. For example, if I only want The Killers' Day and Age album to play, I type in "killers age" (without quotes) and I would expect the playlist to only show me songs that contain the word "killers" and the word "age", like in 1.4. But, alas, it doesn't. It only shows me songs that contain "killers age" (which returns nothing), not "killers" and "age". Mind you, I could just type in "day and age", but what if there was another album with that title by a different artist? Completely useless filtering, in my opinion. I want the power back.

Although I mainly enjoy most of the new Amarok, this is one of the 2 features (the other being sorting the playlist) that will keep me going back to 1.4 or a fork of 1.4, like Pana Audio Player. That, and persistent problems with audio not working, frequent freezes, and a ton of crashes, on 3 different computers. But that's another story. :)

Playlist filtering and playlist sorting are both already available in amarok 2.3. To use filtering, click the wrench to the right of the "search playlist" area and check "Show only matches". To sort playlists use the little arrow directly above the search playlist area and click the thing you want to sort by. You can set multiple levels of sorting

No, unfortunately, filtering in the playlist (not collection) is NOT implemented as 1.4. And yes, I know that sorting is available. I wasn't clear on that point, sorry.

But I wonder if I wasn't clear at all or you didn't read all my comment and just the first sentence? "Show only matches" only shows you EXACTLY what you type instead of ANY of the words. My entire comment provided plenty of examples of lost functionality in playlist filtering. The artists, "The Killers", have the album titled "Day and Age". It is in my playlist among hundreds of others. In 1.4, I could type in only "killers age" (without quotes) and the playlist would show me only songs that contain the word "killers" and the word "age", effectively showing only that album from The Killers. You can't do that in 2.3 (except for the collection filter) because there is no song that contains the words, in sequence, "killers age" in the playlist.

This is yet another awesome achievement, congrats & thanks again to the team !!

I would have just one suggestion :

most media players allow the user to quickly switch from one playlist to another & autosave the contents of all of them. (rhytmbox, exaile, banshee...) It's very convenient, because you can have a playlist for different "moods", without having to select the playlist, load it, modify it, save it back...

In exaile, this works with tabs (& AmiNetRadio on the Amiga ;), in RB & others, you just see playlists in the devices list. I wonder how it could be implemented in Amarok without cluttering the GUI ?

Dozens of users have asked about tabbed playlists again and again and again...the devs reject it, stating there will be something better and it's just not needed blah blah blah. I have not seen something better than tabbed playlists yet though, certainly not in Amarok. I doubt we will ever get it. So, don't hold your breath.

give us tabs please!!!

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Worst release ever was. Iphone 3g(s) still unsupported, flac, ape still lags, perfomence still suck, new widgets "CoverBling" perfomance problem makes it unusible.
Anyway, just do what u are doing. I have a little hope that Amarok 2.x once, like KDE 4.4 SC, takes his time, and will be best, like it should.

Hi. Now Amarok doesn't remember layouts width.

P.S. I'm glad to see, that you learned, that to the virtual function needs the virtual destructor. It's great, but actually, I still get a lot of warnings when try to build from the source code. I understand, that there's not so bad, but and nothing good too. I think, warnings should be fixed in first.

Here the translation

Hello, I installed the new 2.3.1 beta on Ubuntu 9.10 and…wow !!! I’m really IMPRESSED ! the new Coverbling applet is awesome ! the Upcoming events one is nice too ! Congrats guys for the good work!

I must say I do agree with David.
This is looking really goooood so far !
I like the new applets too (cover flow is a gadget but it looks really neat)

Hello guys.
Compiled & installed the same yesterday on my box.
I am deeply impressed!
Thank you guys.

when will album art be supported?
and will it be capable of setting the embedded image size (some players want certain specific sizes, such as 120x120)?

Thanks for the hard work folks,

would be nice to see embedded cover art implemented.

Wow, the amount of changes and additions you have made is quite large. Thank you for taking such great care to make sure that this works they way we need it to. We really appreciate your hard work.

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just compiled Amarok 2.3 on mac, just had to change one small code mistake (added (void*) to the listener (copied from the src of the macports version)) and she goes great, probably would be better with updated kde libs but all is good. :D

Great Job Guys!!!

Oh, could you please make this compile fix available to us, e.g. by uploading the patch somewhere? This way it could be useful to others too :)

If I click on a place within the place tab, it simply crashes...

The automated playlists are definitely a step in the right direction (towards giving the users the functions back that they were used to on 1.4.x), now just make the automated playlists available for autofilling the playlist, like in 1.4.x, and all is well ;)

I have this error on compiling:

[ 5%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/amaroklib.dir/amaroklib_automoc.o
In file included from /home/cau/Sources/amarok-,
from /home/cau/Sources/amarok-
/home/cau/Sources/amarok- error: Phonon/Global: No existe el fichero o el directorio.

I have installed libphonon4 and libphonon-dev. I'm using debian testing. I can't install libqt4-phonon because sypnatics will uninstall all the kde4 system. libqt4-phonon-dev don't exist in the testing/sid repository. I reinstall the libphonon4 and libphonon-dev packages.

Yes automated playlists are great but I think that you need to do more work with them. e.g. need to add icons to toolbar and there are hardly any generalized options, just a few query like options. Need to make it more powerful. Why not add it with the Random Playlists.

Awesome release!! great work!
2 questions:
1) The unknown cover showed is not propriety of Apple?
2) The rating stars in cover bling don't work!!

W00t, Sorting by custom labels is back. You guys are way too good for this world ;)

Is it possible to show similar artist from those who are in the library? With option to add to playlist? Nice feature is transferring playlist to audio device. What is more I miss reread device. But still improvements are amazing.

I'm a long time fan of Amarok - it's just the best thing out there. When will the feature of "being able to play music" be incorporated into Amarok 2? It is generally a feature I look for in my music players. It should just work out of the box on Ubuntu. Rythmbox just doesn't cut it.

I still use Amarok 1.4.10 on my Desktop (and it's brilliant), but I'm tired of having to find old kde3 libraries each time I need to recompile it.

I and others have this problem on many different computers, so it's not a specific case.

Sadly, but true.

I also agree. I think the main problem with Amarok if you look at the interface is it focuses on content attributed to the current playing item rather than the user's music collection.

The middle pane should show the user's music collection, not Wikipedia articles. This is where Amarok 2 is going wrong, and this is why it has lost so many users since tearing up 1.4.

I guess you've missed that you can switch around the layout however you want since 2.2 (I think). Maybe you should try right-clicking on one of the panel title bars and uncheck the "lock layout" box and drag around a little? Amarok devs can't do anything for users complaining about missing things that already exist.

I also agree. I think the main problem with Amarok if you look at the interface is it focuses on content attributed to the current playing item rather than the user's music collection.

The middle pane should show the user's music collection, not Wikipedia articles. This is where Amarok 2 is going wrong, and this is why it has lost so many users since tearing up 1.4.

> Support for the new System Tray technology from KDE SC 4.4.
Stupid thing this "new technology". His popup menus isn't a real popup menu (like this, and not captures all keyboard and mouse events. Windows that are opened after click on new tray icon behave strange.

I'm not sure I understand. Your screenshot does not show the systray popup at all, but a normal context menu, as far as I can tell.

I also don't understand the rest of your rant. Can you elaborate?

Hi. Yes, on the screenshot actually shows the Amarok's pop-up menu. I did that because this menu works the same strange, like a pop-up menu in the new system tray. I tried tell you about two problems at once :)

For me Amarok is unusable with this bug:

So please, please, please let there be an update in the near future. Also if your not a part of the Phonon-Project, please tell them to look at this bug.


I was really pleased with the changes from 2.x that I've tried in the past to 2.3. Everything seems fine to me now and I no longer wish for the return of 1.4, except one item that I've seen at least one other person mention.

I've noticed that the ends of tracks are getting clipped by a few seconds. I expect this happens to all songs, but I only notice it depending on the nature of the audio. It would be really great if I could make this go away somehow.

Mine Amarok just lost the whole collection and doesn't find it when I select "update collection" or change the folder or anything. I'm not even pissed off, I just shruged my shoulders and installed Exaile.

The bug with ending songs prematurely is old. I wouldn't expect it to be fixed. It's the type of bug that never gets fixed in Amarok like the drag and drop one which crashes Amarok sometimes.

New Amarok has a great tray icon. I love it. It's a white card with a question mark. Lovely. And it doesn't show progress of the song - why should it? It would be to posh. Let leave Amarok simple. Oh, wait. (sorry for the sarcasm, just couldn't help myself)

Try changing the audio backend in Phonon options.

I really love the work you guys have been doing with Amarok. I love listening to music and listening through Amarok makes it that much better :) . It's clear that the Amarok team really cares about their work. Keep it up!

Some years ago i made a comment that Amarok is what every player dreams to be!
Why the the original features/functionality were not kept while switching to kde4 and then introducing new ones. E.g. why the little player window is gone?

Not to mention the old version was loading and running faster. The new Amarok together with the many new changes brings a performance penalty.
Luckily it's possible to turn off some features (even if i would not like to lose them) in order to make Amarok a little bit faster.

I hope for a better future of Amarok and KDE as a whole. I am an Amarok and KDE fan.

Thanks to the people involved in Amarok for their effort!

Hi there. Why did you not fix this issue —
And why Amarok does not remember widgets width? I have two columns: media sources and context in first and playlist in second. After restarting Amarok forgets the size, that I set up.

Hi guys,

Really good player amarok is, but we need more robust cue sheet support !!!

Thanks a lot,

Nice to see the most annoying bug (random playlist enqueue behaviour) fixed.
I still experience some bugs:

- when adding playlist filters album and artist, items get ordered well but not grouped by album; see screenshot:
- after stopping amarok, the progress bar is still movable. I think it should be set to the state which it has after starting (unmovable, without time label)
- searching for orphanded tracks on an ipod treats every track as orphanded and therefore cripples the ipod db; you then have every title twice. trying to delete some of the doubled tracks leads to a crash (amarok deletes the real file once, but crashes when trying to delete the second db entry, which points to the same file)
- adding various artist albums doesn't set them to "compilation" on an ipod (album is available under "Albums", "Artists" list gets crowded by lots of single artist entries)

These are the main issues i would like to see fixed ;)
Again, nice work!