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Amarok 2.3.1 "The Bell" released

We are happy to announce the release of Amarok 2.3.1.

This release brings with it some exciting new features like the Automated Playlist Generator which helps you create playlists based on criteria like song length or file size. This is the start of bringing back the smart playlist feature of Amarok 1 and more.
We have also added two new applets for the Context View. The Upcoming Events applet shows concerts and events that the currently playing artist is participating in and the Similar Artists applet uses the database to show similar artist and makes the ones in your collection directly playable.
Cover fetching has seen a lot of improvements and we added support for the new system tray protocol.

The 2.3.1 release also fixes many bugs, both major and minor, and brings with it many other small improvements that overall help to make the Amarok experience even more enjoyable!

Some of the coding on Amarok 2.3.1 was done in the beautiful town of Randa in Switzerland and on the way to and from there. We've had a very enjoyable sprint together with the KDE Edu team there. Check out the wiki page for links to blog entries and pictures.


Join us and rediscover your music!

We're also happy to have a booth again at Linuxtag taking place from 9. to 12. June in Berlin, Germany. We have 15 free tickets to give away for all 4 days! If you want one of them let us know in the comments and don't forget to leave your email address. If you'll be there don't forget to drop by and say hello at the booth! :)

The changes since the last release include:

Version 2.3.1


  • Improved responsiveness when expanding/collapsing items in the collection browser when using single-click mode.
  • The Collection scanner now runs with idle priority when invoked by Amarok. Batch scan users can invoke it with the --idlepriority flag.


  • File browser: fixed sorting files by date. (BR 226941)
  • Fixed issue with file browser bookmarks not working when the file browser was showing "places".
  • Fixed crash when right clicking in file browser while it is showing "Places". (BR 237562)
  • Fixed strange selection behaviour in the music sources pane (BR 222760).
  • Fixed factor used when filtering lengths in collection browser.
  • Fixed wrong value used when filtering comments in collection browser.
  • Don't truncate the "Label:" label in the TagDialog. (BR 235957)
  • Display extended characters properly in names of streams. (BR 222930)
  • Cover fetcher: prevent automatic fetcher from setting album's cover if it is done manually during the download. (BR 236839)
  • File browser: show folders first, files afterwards. Patch by <>. (BR 226599)
  • Queued track's contextual menu entry about dequeueing was written wrong and misleading. (BR 235047)
  • Custom color setting in the On Screen Display was only applied after restart. Patch by Frank Steinmetzger <>.
  • Track Rating was not always displayed correctly in the On Screen Display. Patch by Frank Steinmetzger <>.
  • Improved layout for applet setting dialogs. Patch by Felix Geyer <>.
  • Made icons in applets react correctly in double-click environments. Thanks to Felix Geyer <>.
  • Several bug fixes for the bundled LyricWiki script. Patch by Oleg G <>. (BR 233605)
  • Better fix for pausing SHOUTcast streams, without advancing to the next track after resume. (BR 192878)

Version 2.3.1-Beta 1


  • Persistant Queue Saving: The playlist queue is now saved when Amarok is closed and restored upon startup. (BR 215057)
  • Automated Playlist Generator: allows smart creation of playlists that match user-specified constraints. Combines the features of "Smart Playlists" in Amarok 1.4 with the Bias system of Amarok 2.0.
  • It's now possible to mark all episodes in a channel as old or new at once.
  • New "Upcoming Events" applet, displays future concerts for the artist of the currently playing track. The event info is fetched from
  • New "Similar Artists" applet, displays a list of artists which are similar to the one currently played. The list is fetched from
  • The scripting system now offers a new function for detecting that a track has finished. Patch by Michael MacDonald <>. (BR 227312)
  • Support for the new System Tray technology from KDE SC 4.4. This adds nice animations and a better looking popup menu to the System Tray. Thanks to Aurelien Gateau <> for the patch.
  • Allow playlist layouts to group tracks by directory. (BR 230594)
  • Cover fetcher: The UI was improved. Now an icon view is used to display results, with an informational sidebar that may show interesting bits about an image.
  • Cover fetcher: Added ability to enter custom queries via Yahoo!, Google, or Discogs (in addition to Lasf.Fm). Note the source for automatic cover fetching is still only.


  • Allow changing the number of recently added albums in the albums applet.
  • store: Added "Home" link to all artist and album pages leading to the front page.
  • store: Improved front page.
  • store: Completely remove option to purhcase single albums as this is no longer supported by and the API for doing so will be disabled in the future.
  • The new file browser now supports "places".
  • Added "up" and "home" buttons to the new filebrowser.
  • Items in the breadcrumb navigation bar are now hidden if there is not enough room to show all of them (similar to how it works in Dolphin) (BR 231497)
  • Improved performance (dramatic in some cases) when filtering the Playlist (231185).
  • Remove information that is already displayed elsewhere in the playlist from the playlist tooltips.
  • Make showing the playlist tooltips a per playlist layout option.
  • When bookmarking a view in the local collection, also store (and restore) the setings for "Show Cover Art" and "Show Years". (BR 230562)
  • Allow moodbar files witout the leading '.' (both .<trackfilename>.mood and <trackfilename>.mood now work)
  • Change example SQL command for setting up an external database to remove (sometimes incorrect) host name and possibly fix some random regression in some MySQL versions. (BR 225052)


  • Fixed Youtube videoclip broken engine due to their recent change.
  • Fixed Wikipedia no loading the css on KDE 4.4 (due to a regression in Qt 4.6.) (BR 222875)
  • Settings dialog could become too wide with translations. (BR 233752)
  • Fixed re-mounting iPhoneOS devices after having been unplugged without being unmounted. Thanks to Jeffrey Dodge <>. (BR 233305)
  • Fixed connection to iPod Touch devices. Patch by Jeffrey Dodge <>. (BR 233257)
  • Fixed the deletion of empty directories after deleting, or organizing. (BR 190881)
  • Fixed a hang that would occur when organizing a track and the source file was the same as the destination file. (BR 233181)
  • Fixed the double delete confirmation dialog when organizing tracks. (BR 233200)
  • Fixed broken rendering of ratings in Current Track applet on startup.
  • Fixed command type names shown in the Bookmark Manager not being translated. (BR 226829)
  • Fixed crash on startup for users of MySQL 5.5. Thanks to Bartosz Fabianowski for figuring it out. (BR 231166)
  • Readded missing hover info for the new filebrowser.
  • Fixed missing images in the hover info shown for various browser categories.
  • Fixed crash when running some Amarok urls on startup. (such as when passed on the command line or cliked in another app) (BR 231626)
  • Fixed crashes when Amarok is started and the Info applet is loaded with certain version of Qt. (BR 227639) (BR 229756)
  • Fixed organize collection dialog deleting tracks at new location instead of old. (BR 217002)
  • Fixed a broken podcast feed that had a minor compliance issue in date format. (BR 231062)
  • Fixed "files" bookmarks not storing the actual path shown in the file browser (BR 231437)
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed cover images for albums with the same name, e.g. "Greatest Hits". (BR 170146)
  • Fixed problems with new Main Toolbar and SHOUTcast streams: Since these streams cannot be paused, we detect this now and stop them instead.
  • Fixed permission errors with each file copied to an iPhone via iFuse. Thanks to Colin Guthrie <> for the patch. (BR 231021)
  • Fixed issues with using random navigators while filetering or searching the Playlist. (BR 229226) (BR 222129)
  • Fixed crash related to the new playlist tooltips. (BR 229696)
  • Fixed some artist/album/track names not getting shown or getting shown incorrectly in the Current Track applet because of html encoding. (BR 222765)
  • Fixed issue with the Albums applet not correctly updating when playing a track by an artist not present in the local collection.
  • Fixed Albums applet not getting updated if the artist of the currently playing track was edited. (BR 210296)
  • Fixed bad window title for the details edit dialog in the playlist layout editor. (BR 227912)
  • Fixed wrong track getting dragged from the Playlist when sorting and/or filtering is active. (BR 226503)
  • Fixed visual indication for "Stop After This Track" not getting shown immediately when using the global shortcut. (BR 230569)
  • Cover fetcher: Fixed a crash involving reappearing cover found dialogs and pending cover fetches. (BR 230215)
  • Display tooltips with applet names in the context toolbar. (BR 230736)
  • File browser: "Add to Playlist" doesn't add playlist files to the playlist. (BR 229290)


what happened to coverflow applet?

what coverflow applet?

the coverbling-like applet that was in trunk for a while.

but never released

The one in 2.3.1 beta 1? It was nice, f*cking patents. Would be nice if it could be installed as a script or so.

It was moved to playground, due to possible patent issues and code immaturity. Maybe it will find it's way to a stable release once.

what do you mean? is there any way like compiling myself?

it is under playground/src/context/applets/ though disabled during compilation so distros won't get sued by accident, I think you might need to edit CMakeLists if you want it. And btw it is not recommended to use it, there were various issues with this applet like covers gone missing and such, so please don't complain if you run into them..

No, it's not in there, so it's not even possible to compile it on our own :(

Well, a notice in the ChangeLog or announcement about dropping it would have been appreciated

oh is that so..? let's take a look.. OH! doh! here it is ;-)
ChangeLog really lacks it, though release notes not, because it was never in a stable version, so..

Hi guys,

If you're interested, you still can enable the coverbling applet doing the following :
1. download the amarok sources
2. cd amarok/src/context/applets
3. cp -rf playground/context/applets/coverbling .
3. edit amarok/src/context/applets/CMakeLists.txt and append "add_subdirectory( coverbling )" to the file
4. follow the regular - understand : not for beginners :( amarok git compilation process ad documented elsewhere (for instance :
5. Coverbling is now part of the available applets

# New "CoverBling" applet, which allows to browse your collection in an animated 3D view. Thanks to Manu Wagner .

Concratulations for the new release.

But I really want the double click behavior in the collection. Why was this changed?
Also, what is the default sorting mode for the playlist? When multiple various artists albums are added, it sorts strangely. I hope it can be fixed soon.

Use middle-click.

That works!!! Thanks :-)

When will you re-add the ability to manually add a device?

I currently have an iPod Touch that I *could* sync, except for the fact that Amarok isn't seeing it when it gets mounted (using iFuse). And this is (literally) the reason I'm using Mac OS right now.

But when Amarok would remember the columns size again?

Same problem here. Amarok 2.3 could remember its column (I'm using three) sizes but now with 2.3.1, every time I restart the program the sizes are wrong again.

Same problem here. After a restart the sizes are wrong again so it doesn't save the information about it - 2.3.0 could remember the column sizes properly.

Sry for the repost. There was a delay in showing a new post. This is a duplicate of the other reply.

I know this isn't related with the release, but I did not found a Contact link.

Can someone confirm this?

Damn weird!

There's no problem regarding trademarks if the two entities using the same name are operating in distinct, non overlapping, areas. Also since amarok is simply Inuktitut for wolf it probably shouldn't be a valid trademark anyway.

I didn't that amarok is a translation. Thank you for the explanation.

I know is not on maintaners plans to include it, they say: "we have plans for something better". Well, I'm looking foward this.

One simple feature from Amarok 1.4 I still miss I just the ability to search my library with added 1 week ago, 1 month ago, 3 month ago, etc....

I think it was a very simple feature but very useful when you are constantly adding music to a growing library and sometimes don't remember the names of bands I added last month, etc. or if you just want to listen to your latest music etc...

I have been looking for a place within Amarok to suggest this but I haven't found it, so I'm saying it here in hope that somebody from Amarok development team while be listening and hopefully bring this old feature back to live.

Other than, I love everything else you are doing... keep up the hard work..

p.s - Even Clementine (the ghost of Amarok 1.4) has this feature on it's arsenal

in the collection search filter:


Thank you for the reply and the help but I can't find the option you are telling...

When I press the edit filter button another window comes up, and is asking me to search by attribute but there is no option to search by added like you say....

He meant filters in collection, not in playlist

for example; like you can write:
you can also write
and you'll get all added stuff in last week

see here for list of filters:
( seems it's not updated since "added" in not on the list, but it works)

however, it would be really really reeaaaaaalllly cool to have this functionality also in playlist's search, not only in collection's

hell yes !(!)

thanks for that clementine advice! Im still missing crossfading in Amarok 2.x but i think Amarok 2.x is on a good way ...

keep it up ^^ and never stop move forward

Whats the advantage of a new version of amarok when Phonon is still crashing if I want to play a song?

if phonon crashes for everyone i'd say you have a point.

Simply drop the Xine backend for something better. And maintain better the GStreamer one.
BTW, check! Amarok 2.3.1 stutters horribly here with the GStreamer backend! That bug wasn't there in 2.3.1 beta!

Coming along nicely, sadly, lack of transcoding is still a killer for me.

One of GSoC projects this year aims to add it :)

I'm sorry to say, that amarok is getting even dumber on every release since 2.0. Generations of people grew up with "play", "pause", "stop", "next-track",.... buttons. Why the heck would you reduce it to just a single "play/pause" button? And why would you just leave unuseful empty space behgind instead of the other buttons? This is not gnome, remember? Just this single screenshot makes me fear the moment my linux distribution forces me to upgrade....

How would you think about fixing real issues, e.g. bringing back 1.4-style playlists, which had much more functionality, as an option. Or fixing playback, so it will NOT
cut the first/last second of a track off? There are also some drag- & drop issues with konqueror, I mean, come on... do you even test your code? I know you can do better, because you made Amarok 1.4.....

Stop your rants and "come on" look at stuff around you, you can easily change main toolbar to a "slim" one, so I'd say shut up..

I mean, all the things that you say in your post are allready there in amarok 2, just look at the menus before saying this kind of things. For the Play-Stop-Previous-Next buttons take a look at the "view" menu; for "fixing playback, so it will NOT
cut the first/last second of a track off " look at the main settings

Thanks for your input. I'm very relieved to learn that I can keep my beloved stop, next, pause,.... buttons even in the new amarok version. However, I could not find any of these in the options/menus:
* Amarok 1.4 - style playlists
* Preventing Amarok from chopping off the beginning / end of a song (I do not mean crossfade or something, I mean chopping off.)
* I would not expect an option that would fix drag & drop anywhere in a software. I would just expect it to work, so I didn't even look for it.
(still using 2.3.0 from my distribution, however)

way to change order of queued songs. unusable.

support for files backed by cuesheets...

would it be possible to update the nightly builds for windows? Last version is from September 2009... thanks!

A great improvement over the previous version: now Amarok 2.3.1 does not detect Audio CDs.

At least the previous version did not have this problem; "luckily", however, all the old bugs are still here!

OSD does not work.
At some point, Amarok stops updating lyrics.
Amarok 2.3.0 crashes while changing CD track.

I have never seen another Linux program that has these ridiculous problems.

I sent dozens of bug reports, but nothing has changed; so I decided to say enough is enough.

Goodbye forever!

You are not letting me select (for copying) the streams tags information. Why? All fields are disabled, but they could be just read only. Still stupid problems with broken internet connection. So what do you say had been fixed?

I can notice that all annoying bugs, that I was seen in previous versions, are still here. You even can't do album covers same size in the single track/album headers. Stupid horizontal scroll in the podcasts and not only here. The playlist layouts are customizable... but guys, it just in theory, because on practice it is so hard to make it look as I want. As result, in most cases, playlist looks too casually.

In general, Amarok looks pretty good, but many problems and failures when trying to use it. Too sad, guys... You do not pay attention to details, but they — are the most important things in your work. Small details can make people crazy.

Regards and good luck.

you idiots totally ruined and shelved a perfectly operational app (1.4). Give it up (2.x)....

In Germany they say: "Born stupid, and nothing learnt in addition."...

And in France we say "able of a few and do less"

Videos de cue Come and visit my website of cue and watch these beurette learning life.

one word: crossfade.


Amarok 2 is getting more and more feature rich and many bugs gets squashed with every release! It's getting great. Some stuff is still unpolished but you're getting there.

One question: is there a way to import Cover Art to my Creative Zen mp3? In 1.4 this worked flawlessly in some of the earlier A2 also, but its gone from...well I don't remember when.

Croooosfaaaaaade. Thank you

Where is it? I can't find it, although is a feature I miss a lot.