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Amarok 2.3.0 "Clear Light" released

Team Amarok is proud to announce Amarok 2.3.0. It contains many improvements and bugfixes over Amarok 2.2.2 as well as many new features. Areas such as podcast support and saved playlists have seen huge improvements, as has the support for USB mass storage devices (including generic MP3 players).

With large parts of Amarok 2 becoming quite mature, it was also time to start looking forward again. Therefore, this release also contains a number of new features of a slightly more experimental nature. These include a new main toolbar and a rewritten and much simpler file browser. These parts are brand new and based on user feedback, and they will change and improve over the next few releases. The old slim toolbar is still available should you prefer that, but we encourage you to try out the new toolbar and tell us what you think. The file browser's look and feel now aligns more closely with the rest of Amarok with improvements such as breadcrumb navigation, and it is now focused on being a way to find and play music instead of being a multi-purpose file manager.

The context menu of tracks in your playlist now offers a "show in media sources" option, making it easier to find the same track again in the collection browser for editing, moving or deleting the file.

Podcasts have received a configuration dialog allowing you to change the update interval as well as the location to store new downloaded episodes. Podcasts and saved playlists are now also grouped by source, and a merged view is available just like in your local collection - perfect for those that don't care where their music is coming from but simply want to listen to it. Now, when a new source of playlists or podcasts becomes available, Amarok will switch off merged view and show a collapsible list of your new listening sources.

The Wikipedia applet now looks better and links have been fixed. Internal links to other pages on Wikipedia will display in the applet, and external links open a browser window.

In short, Team Amarok has been focusing hard on furthering our long-term goal: making Amarok the best tool for immersing yourself in music, no matter where it comes from.


Join us and rediscover music!



Please use our forum or mailing list for such issues. Comments on the release article are hardly helpful for solving your problems.

Perfect! Works great now! Thank you!

What are you talking about? By KDE standards it's a perfect release. You can't seriously expect anything better than this.

"What are you talking about? By KDE standards it's a perfect release."
Finding 15 things wrong with it (10 of which I would consider bugs as opposed to feature requests) in under 1 hour of usage is far from being "perfect", so maybe KDE should think about lowering their standards instead of releasing such buggy programs into mass consumption.

"You can't seriously expect anything better than this."
Actually, I would. Many things that were working in the previous version are now broken, so I would expect that they would be working before a new release is released.

Let's have a look at your list, ignoring the trollish response to your original post:

"1) Magnatune and Jamendo are no longer there after upgrading. This is a deal breaker for me, unfortunately."

Here they are. I can see them in Settings > Internet services.

"2) Enable/Disable Playlist tooltips does nothing. I see no tooltips"

I confirm. Did you already file a bug report?

"3) New toolbar does not fit UI standards very well. The standard next song button is a "->>" sort of thing and it actually took me a while to find. This is not good. Things should be immediately visible. I do like, however, that it shows the next and previous song titles. If you could somehow make it more tight together with the play/pause button that would be much better. Note, I am running at 1920x1200 resolution so everything seems very spread out - too spread out."

That's a wish. You could switch to the slim toolbar or use shortcuts instead (in fact, I virtually always command Amarok via shortcuts, because usually it's not on the desktop I'm working on).

"4) The volume control again took me a long time to figure out how to use. I tried left clicking on it (and it muted the volume) right clicking brought up some unrelated menu. I think I actually figured out how to use it by accident. It is not remotely apparent how to use it and therefore should probably be changed back to the old style"

That's very interesting. At first glance I was reminded of the volume control wheel of my hi-fi, so it didn't take me a second to get it. But alternatively you can just use the scroll wheel of your mouse on the toolbar, this is faster.

"5) I don't know what a "moodbar" is and there is no tooltip explaining it either. I enabled it, but don't see any difference. From the video I can see what it is supposed to do, but it's not working for me"

You have to set up it first, there's a tutorial somewhere (dunno where, I don't use the moodbar).

"6) Add position marker is very hard to see in "main toolbar" mode."

Yes, there could be a bit more contrast.

"7) It would be nice to have the option to automatically loop between two position markers and to move position markers by dragging them"

Yes, would be nice. Just file a wish (also for no. 6).

"7) When an album cover is updated, it isn't updated in the playlist"

Works fine here, I can't confirm.

"8) the Clear the playlist sorting configuration button is not a standard button for this type of thing. It would be better just to use a black X or similar. That is more standard. However, I do really like this sorting mode, even though it does take a bit to get used to."

I think it's not that easy, because many people would think the X (or the like) will clear the playlist. Maybe one could relabel the button as "default playlist sorting" or "no playlist sorting".

"9) Configure playlist layouts should be available upon right clicking on the playlist"

Maybe, maybe not. The context menu of the playlist is for manipulating the tracks or albums. Playlist configuration could be out of place here, and I think that's not an option you use all the time.

"10) What is the point of dragging the part above the song progress? Dragging it to the right seems to skip to the previous song and dragging it left seems to skip to the next song. In my opinion, this should just be eliminated. Also clicking on the background between the current and previous/next song skips to the previous/next song respectively. I think the click area should be restricted to the text of the previous/next song plus perhaps a small padding. People could very easily and unwillingly skip the song."

Oh, I didn't notice this dragging option. I find it very nice and intuitive after the first try (the middle is playing, and you can drag songs from an endless string to it, a very nice metaphor).
With regard to the click area: I don't know, but maybe it's not easy to define it dynamically according to the title length.

"11) When manually editing lyrics, if you click on the "Close" button (i.e. the same button you clicked on to edit the lyrics) it doesn't prompt you whether you want to save/discard the changes"

There's a visible "save"-button an a button with a red X. I think that pretty clear.

"12) The progress bar in the inline playlist controls is barely visible. There should also be some sort of bubble or square at the end like in the one at the top."

Can't say anything about that, I don't use it.

"13) Wikipedia is displayed without stylesheets. The only way to get it to work is right click on it and chose reload. Also if you click on the back button and then forward button, the stylesheet disappears again."

I can't confirm, it works fine here (at least, it was broken in 2.2.2!).

"14) Related to the previous one about Wikipedia, the reload, artist, album, track and configure buttons don't do anything. The only way to reload is to right click and choose reload and for the others I can't find a workaround."

Works fine here, too.

"15) There should be a way to set the source for lyrics. Almost all lyrics I have tried to fetch I the error: "Unfortunately, we are not licensed to display the full lyrics for this song at the moment. Hopefully we will be able to in the future. Until then, how about a random page?""

Try the script "Ultimate Lyrics". It's highly customizable.

In sum, in my experience Amarok is much less buggy. Maybe other people aren't that lucky. There are papercuts to make better, and many many things which are great for some, but ugly for others - like with every software.

On my machine, the Wikipedia buttons (reload, settings, artist etc.) have to be double-clicked to work. It took me quite a while to figure this out, I first thought the buttons didn't work at all. It seems that Amarok automatically uses my KDE settings to open/activate files by double-click. Some other buttons (main toolbar etc.) work on a single click though.
The Wikipedia style appears after a reload on my system.

The add comment section of this website doesn't work in the latest version of Opera

Looks like it does work, just that it doesn't give me any indication that my comment was posted and it doesn't appear immediately. Great.

Sorry for the multiple posts. Admins, please delete 2 of them.

I'm not running the latest Ubuntu, so looks like I won't get to use it. But it looks cool otherwise!


In my MP3 folder, a I have folders with names like "Águia". The correct would be a ordenation like

, but Amarok navigator orders like this:

for the first time after an amarok upgrade I have the feeling that amarok2 can really replace amarok 1.4 - the playlist is awesome, configuring and syncing my G1 as external collection works for the first time, the new main toolbar is totally cool (whish I had a touchscreen!) - kudos for following a path all these years, I finally feel at home again and see in amarok2 what made mw use amarok in the first place - a great tool to peruse my music collection in hitherto unforseen ways!


I just updated from 2.2.90 to 2.3.0 (Gentoo), and Amarok stopped playing anything. It doesn't show any error messages, but when I press play, the name of the song appears in the OSD and... nothing happens. It's like the play stops right after starting

Are any messages displayed in a Konsole/Terminal window if you launch Amarok from the command line?

Hi all,
I like the new feature to break large files into songs if there is a cue file present (better that 2.2's bookmark approach). However, it does not work properly: with wav files, the last song has negative length, with flac, the whole thing is a mess (breaks are not where they are supposed to be and continuous playback jumps back and forth in the stream). I'm using kde 4.4.1 (kubuntu karmic+backports ppa).

There's no stop button in the new toolbar.

Tools > Cover Manager shows all the album covers correctly. However, when I right-click on an album in the left pane of the main Amarok window and select either 'Add to Playlist' or 'Replace Playlist', the album's cover is not displayed in the playlist in the right pane nor in the centre pane. Very occasionally it seems to work, but there seems to be no pattern to what is happening. Is this a known problem with 2.3.0 or is this just happening to me?

After playing around some more I see that, actually, it is a deterministic bug: only the cover of the last album added to the collection is displayed in the Playlist pane and centre pane; the covers of all other albums are not. However, as I wrote previously, all the covers are displayed in the pop-up window when I select Tools > Cover Manager.

I really like 2.3, now that I've gotten past the (K)ubuntu MySQL packaging problem and my collection database is in working order again. I also am really digging the new Main Toolbar, with the 'next track' display; it reminds me of the 'next block' window in Tetris, haha. Keep up the good work!

Hi, are you thinking about downloading covers for shoutcasts?

Good job with 2.3, nice new toolbar!
But one thing I'm still heavily missing is the ability to tag from whatever source out of the internet.
Is such a feature planned to return back ?

I switched to Amarok about 3 months ago, and I really like the way of development. As soon as there's an installer available for Windows, it'll become my one and only media player. It's working like a charm on Arch and some really important features/fixes have been released recently, I'm excited.

Thanks guys for your effort.
I see here a lot of improvements and bug fixes.
I miss a feature in 1.4 -> guessing mp3 tags from internet (when you edit track details) that button is missing and this was a killer one
volume control looks like pushed button - it is concave instead of protuberant. People will try to push it instead of rotating it as a knob. Also putting three dots will improve it (like

or something like:,123418...

these are like basics in the industrial design and poeple are used to it.

Still not better than version 1.4

Ok, it's a nice piece of work. But in terms of ipod support, it does not closely have the capabilites af the amarok 1.4x.... and now with ubuntu 10.04, even rhythmbox is able to do that.. that's reason enough for me to switch to rhythmbox... sadly

The new volume bar is great.

Hi there.

I have a rather large collection of music. ( 20 000 MP3, OGG, etc. ) It's from various sources, and sorting through this collection has proved to be a nightmare.

In the older ( 1.4 ) versions of Amarok I was making headway. This newer version of Amarok still chokes on large libraries. Some very helpful features are missing like changing the artist or organizing from the playlist. ( Sometimes, this is the only place where I can get some more info on the song. )

In short, it LOOKS great, but not all the functionality of 1.4 has been completed yet. Can we please focus on making Amarok 2 at least as useful as Amarok one was before adding new features?

Kind regards,
-Evert Vorster-

You're so right, Evert. And you are talking right out of my heart when you ask for focusing on making Amarok 2 as good as Amarok 1.4
From release to release I try to switch to Amarok 2 but everytime it ends up by going back to Amarok 1.4. I don't know why you keep on adding new features instead of trying to go back to Amarok 1.4's key feature: sophisticated intuitive usability.

The annoying thing is, that some lost features are easy to reimplement. E.g. where has the Meta+x shortcut gone to? It's these little things that would improve usability in Amarok 2. And it couldn't be easier: Just take a look at the best music player out there - Amarok 1.4 - and start copying its features. It would be irrational to completely ignore such a successful software.

So please, please, focus on getting back Amarok 1.4's functionality.
And I can promise you, Evert and I wouldn't be the only two guys that were thankful and happy again.

Kind regards

the cover manager ignores removable media. no option to retrieve
covers for albums on removable media.

what's the rationale for this? my entire collection is on a usb drive so
the cover manager is useless to me at the moment.

2.3.0 on kubuntu 10.04 beta


Perfect! Thank you!

rachat credits
video cul

Thanks, but why so many warnings while build?

Sorry, forget to ask. Have you any plans about the virtuoso backend?

Mean, OS X users are still waiting for the promised stable OS X binary of the "music player for Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X" that's been promised as imminent for 6 damn years. We're still being told to mess with command line BS, just to get an unstable binary. Time to stop pretending this has any kind of real availability for OS X. It's been too many years of vaporware. Stop deceiving us just to try and get support.

nobody is preventing YOU from making it

cheers ^^