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Amarok 2.3.0 "Clear Light" released

Team Amarok is proud to announce Amarok 2.3.0. It contains many improvements and bugfixes over Amarok 2.2.2 as well as many new features. Areas such as podcast support and saved playlists have seen huge improvements, as has the support for USB mass storage devices (including generic MP3 players).

With large parts of Amarok 2 becoming quite mature, it was also time to start looking forward again. Therefore, this release also contains a number of new features of a slightly more experimental nature. These include a new main toolbar and a rewritten and much simpler file browser. These parts are brand new and based on user feedback, and they will change and improve over the next few releases. The old slim toolbar is still available should you prefer that, but we encourage you to try out the new toolbar and tell us what you think. The file browser's look and feel now aligns more closely with the rest of Amarok with improvements such as breadcrumb navigation, and it is now focused on being a way to find and play music instead of being a multi-purpose file manager.

The context menu of tracks in your playlist now offers a "show in media sources" option, making it easier to find the same track again in the collection browser for editing, moving or deleting the file.

Podcasts have received a configuration dialog allowing you to change the update interval as well as the location to store new downloaded episodes. Podcasts and saved playlists are now also grouped by source, and a merged view is available just like in your local collection - perfect for those that don't care where their music is coming from but simply want to listen to it. Now, when a new source of playlists or podcasts becomes available, Amarok will switch off merged view and show a collapsible list of your new listening sources.

The Wikipedia applet now looks better and links have been fixed. Internal links to other pages on Wikipedia will display in the applet, and external links open a browser window.

In short, Team Amarok has been focusing hard on furthering our long-term goal: making Amarok the best tool for immersing yourself in music, no matter where it comes from.


Join us and rediscover music!



This is quite unbelievable. You knew about such critical problem and you did nothing to prevent it? You just released a version which will crash on start for many users. Great. You are great. :| Tested it: it really crashes, every time. No way to fix it without editing text files. you would manage to fix a bug in Qt, from an application running on top of it. I assume you must be a magician of sorts.

Call me impressed :)

PS: It doesn't actually crash on every system. Here it works just fine.

the info applet triggers a bug in qt and amarok crashes. it can be reasoned that the applet crashes and it brings down amarok with it. At the very least, amarok should resist applets crashing it. This could be a symptom of an underlying bad applet system

A question must be asked, how does amarok handle applets?. If a build in applet can crash amarok when it hits a bug, what about 3rd party ones? is there any mechanism build in that prevents amarok from crashing when a running applet go belly up?

removing config fiile like:
solve the problem!!!
It's still unbelivable a bug like that! just amazing. In fact it is so amazing that I challenge you to provide a good patch, as you appear to be a professional software expert.

Thank you very much for the offer. It'll be interesting to see your results. You can do this :)

I cruised some of the release notes, and see no mention of an equalizer? Has support for this been added or is pulse audio still blocking this?

Amarok 2.3 does have an Equalizer :)

This feature needs KDElibs 4.4 to work.

IIRC, the equalizer has been there since 2.2.something.

The lack of an EQ in earlier releases of 2.x lost me, especially when Exaile, Adacious, or Sonata would play back my files with better sound quality (how is that, anyway?). I finally decided to track it down again because I like the diverse features of Amarok -- especially playlists based on my least played music so I can... get ready for it... "Rediscover my music" (sounds like a familiar mantra). I was also driven away by some bad conversation here and in the KDE forums that amounted to patronizing people who wanted the EQ.

I am glad the EQ is back. I like Amarok 1.4 and I've liked where 2.x has been going, but have held back due to this one missing feature I really like and use in 1.4.

Thanks again to Team Amarok for returning the EQ (which I understand also had some to do with the underlying system supporting it)!


Equalizer is good. Thanks to dev team!

Hello, can you do like that? —
So you could show volume level to the mouseover event.

That is nice :P

Hi, there's a bug that hasn't been fixed since you made the new toolbar. When the playlist is set to play random songs and let's assume i'm listening to song "A" (thanks to new toolbar i can see that next is song "F"), i'm not waiting till it's finished and manually switching to "F" then song "A" automatically jumps in the place of nest song :/ This is really annoying when i queue 10 songs and after i listen to them they are played again in reversed order :/

known, and will be fixed for 2.3.1. the issue is quite deeply rooted and the bug was found the day before tagging, so the fix needs some more testing.

Devs thx for the new Amarok. It looks great and works even better.

Why can't Amarok access album cover images embedded in MP3 files? That's a deal killer for me.

We have a patch for this, but I couldn't make it into 2.3.0 due to some technical issues. Expect it some time later in the 2.3 series.

It would also be great if Amarok could save embedded album covers in the metadata dialog...
But overall amarok 2.3 is really great, thanks for all the good work!

thanks guys. keep up the good work!

Does anyone know if retrieving album covers (from Amazon I think) now works perfectly as in 1.4?

With 2.x prior to 2.3 or including 2.3 I did not try yet, it was a pain to get many of the covers right and sometimes it was not possible to download a cover at all (option was not listed), or it was always unable to find a cover, not even giving a choice.

I wonder if this has improved.


Fetching an album cover in 2.3 is now much better than ever before. Just try it, and you may be amazed. I'm now using GIT version, which is step and sometimes two further than the official version, but I can choose if I want to search for the cover on Google, Last.Fm, Discogs or Yahoo. Perfect.

Fetching, that's the word yes, sorry. :)

Finally good news on that! I will update my suse package and try that out! I was mainly waiting for a version fetching covers much better than older versions before performing my upgrade. I think it's time. :)

tnx for confirming :)

I just fired up v 2.3.0 and it's still crappy, here's why amarok is broken and hardly usable to me:

- cuts the last few seconds of tracks (very annoying when working with few seconds samples)
- no gapless playback
- for no apparent reason sometimes playback stops after the track and to have it behave needs to be restarted
- clicking on a directory in the file explorer doesnt get inside it but selects the directory in a weird way
- file explorer displays all columns even when they're disabled (have to enable and redisable)
- the volume selector is not simple to use to get to desired volume
- getting to next and previous tracks with the new bar forces to move the pointer from one side to another, just keep those buttons close to each other
- the interface is too large and doesn't fit in smaller resolutions
- too much effort put into "side features" instead of focusing on music and usability
- still no support for playlist tabs (have a look at foobar2000)

overall I'm starting to dislike amarok for getting in the way between me and listening to music, not exactly what's expected from a tool that aims to be the best tool for immersing in music.


first a big thank you to the amarok developers. I haven ' t tested the new version of my favorit music player yet, so i have just one question. Is amarok supporting chapters in m4a or m4b files and if not, are you planning to support it?

I had read to late that removing the Info applet keeps amarok 2.3 from crashing; anyhow, it did the trick. I had decided to try to compile from souces and it worked, I had one issue though. During the compilation process (after dependecy checking etc) it asked for

[ 60%] Building CXX object src/collection/sqlcollection/CMakeFiles/amarok-sqlcollection.dir/SqlCollection.o
In file included from /home/alex/amarok-2.3.0/src/collection/sqlcollection/XesamCollectionBuilder.h:20,
from /home/alex/amarok-2.3.0/src/collection/sqlcollection/SqlCollection.cpp:36:
/home/alex/amarok-2.3.0/src/collection/sqlcollection/XesamDbus.h:38:39: error: strigi/qtdbus/strigitypes.h: No such file or directory

Of course after retrieving the file from the KDE Site and putting it in place, everything went like a charm; I can't tell why it was not there nor if it is of any importance, I just thought I'd mention it. Distribution is ubuntu 9.10 and all dependencies were satisfied.

Greeters and keep up the good work!

Hi everyone,

at first i want to thank all the developers for the new version of Amarok and the great progress they made. But there is still one small thing that i miss everytime i browse through my library: The names of the artists inside an album. The actual behavior is ok for "normal" albums but it really isn´t useful for compilations. There already are options to show/hide the year and other things - why not for the artist name, too? I really hope to see this in one of the next versions... or isn´t it annoying to other people?


Hi Amarok-Team,

I like your tool. Even if it' somtimes challenging for me to handle the bunch of possibilities.
(I've put some playlists together and let them go - usually - that's enough for me).

But I especially liked the old 1.x Version.
For a special Reason:
The equalizer there gave me the opportunity to tune the slightly poor sound of my earphones/headphones or external PC speakers according to my wishes - and the played material. It's especially helpful as a PC is no high-end equipment.

With/since 2.0 you removed this nice and useful feature and I ask myself: why the hell is that!
And I'm more and more sick with your decision.

Will you bring back the equalizer (or at least bass and trebble adjusment) soon or should I switch to "Audacious", "Rhythmbox" or "Banshee"?
What would you propose? (Buying new equipment was a poor answer ;-)
Audacios did a good job for me, too. With equalizer.


Amarok 2.3.0 has an equalizer. It just requires KDE 4.4 or it is disabled.

Equalizer is there under Tools!!


just this: clicking in the current track in the new toolbar doesn't nothing. Maybe it can be the pause function and pause button be stop or it can restart the current track


I maybe don't understand something but shouldn't here be windows-native support version of 2.3 release as well? Waiting for it


Windows builds are available since... like forever, but we do not have enough testers and bug reporters. Check it out:

please understand that for everyone coming from an outer linux-world "native version" means the following: you download a file, double-click it and after the smooth installation process you can start it and it works. Unfortunately this isnt the case with amarok.
+you should consider tagging the windows version as offically supported on your download page if you really want some of the average windows users to install amarok - which would be a great thing because your player rocks.


we are aware of this. In fact our KDE Windows developers are working on a solution for producing such simple installers, customized for each application. It's just not quite easy, but you can expect to see this soonish.

Any help is welcome, of course.

A solution could be an Amarok installer that during the installation retrieves kdelibs, qt etc. as "KDE software runtime environment". This is a concept known to Windows users (.NET...) and I think it's a better solution than saying "install KDE, Amarok will come with it, if you find it in the installer".
Of course the "KDE SRE" gets a start menu entry like "install other KDE programs" or the like, the best would be a slideshow (while downloading/installing the RE) which shows apps like Okular, Digikam, PIM etc.

All this talk about Windows made me throw up in my mouth a little (especially the phrase "KDE software runtime environment").

Sounds like a pretty good idea. Of course, someone would have to implement it. ;-)

unfortunately the nightly builds are still at 2.2 and not up to 2.3

I just upgrade to 2.3.0 from 2.2.2 and then realized that my local music content and saved playlists is gone?
Is there any way to fix this? It is troublesome to recreate the playlists again.


I just upgraded to KDE 4.4.1 and Amarok 2.3, and for some reason Amarok crashes when it scans my music directory.
Any idea why this would happen? I've run Amarok from a terminal og checked the output, but nothing stands out.


Please use our forum for support questions:

Thank you guys and gals for yet another great release. I've used amarok for years now, every release has new surprises, a true work in continuous progress. Thanks again.

Yes it's a really cool news for music lovers, thanks a lot !

Music watching music videos on music is pretty cool.

Good work on this release, i hope to see samba support soon and multiple playlist management too


ps: I dont know how some people lose the local collections... im using the same since kubuntu 8.10 and never had to re scan and this computer uses lot of unstable software and OS's

I feel I start to like new Amarok... this new toolbar is just __nice__ and a lot better than previous one.
(it would be nice to have a add position marker icon a little biger cos its hard to hit)

Big thank you for all involved in Amarok development :)

I agree. It is so refreshing to see a company who cares about their products so much that they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that customers are happy. Thank you for listening and for the continuing efforts.

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Bugs I've noticed in the very short time I've used it:

1) Magnatune and Jamendo are no longer there after upgrading. This is a deal breaker for me, unfortunately.
2) Enable/Disable Playlist tooltips does nothing. I see no tooltips
3) New toolbar does not fit UI standards very well. The standard next song button is a "->>" sort of thing and it actually took me a while to find. This is not good. Things should be immediately visible. I do like, however, that it shows the next and previous song titles. If you could somehow make it more tight together with the play/pause button that would be much better. Note, I am running at 1920x1200 resolution so everything seems very spread out - too spread out.
4) The volume control again took me a long time to figure out how to use. I tried left clicking on it (and it muted the volume) right clicking brought up some unrelated menu. I think I actually figured out how to use it by accident. It is not remotely apparent how to use it and therefore should probably be changed back to the old style
5) I don't know what a "moodbar" is and there is no tooltip explaining it either. I enabled it, but don't see any difference. From the video I can see what it is supposed to do, but it's not working for me
6) Add position marker is very hard to see in "main toolbar" mode.
7) It would be nice to have the option to automatically loop between two position markers and to move position markers by dragging them
7) When an album cover is updated, it isn't updated in the playlist
8) the Clear the playlist sorting configuration button is not a standard button for this type of thing. It would be better just to use a black X or similar. That is more standard. However, I do really like this sorting mode, even though it does take a bit to get used to.
9) Configure playlist layouts should be available upon right clicking on the playlist
10) What is the point of dragging the part above the song progress? Dragging it to the right seems to skip to the previous song and dragging it left seems to skip to the next song. In my opinion, this should just be eliminated. Also clicking on the background between the current and previous/next song skips to the previous/next song respectively. I think the click area should be restricted to the text of the previous/next song plus perhaps a small padding. People could very easily and unwillingly skip the song.
11) When manually editing lyrics, if you click on the "Close" button (i.e. the same button you clicked on to edit the lyrics) it doesn't prompt you whether you want to save/discard the changes
12) The progress bar in the inline playlist controls is barely visible. There should also be some sort of bubble or square at the end like in the one at the top.
13) Wikipedia is displayed without stylesheets. The only way to get it to work is right click on it and chose reload. Also if you click on the back button and then forward button, the stylesheet disappears again.
14) Related to the previous one about Wikipedia, the reload, artist, album, track and configure buttons don't do anything. The only way to reload is to right click and choose reload and for the others I can't find a workaround.
15) There should be a way to set the source for lyrics. Almost all lyrics I have tried to fetch I the error: "Unfortunately, we are not licensed to display the full lyrics for this song at the moment. Hopefully we will be able to in the future. Until then, how about a random page?"

Basically almost everything needs some fixing in some way or another. I hope this helps.

For me it always crashes on startup.

amarok(6389)/kdecore (KSycoca): Trying to open ksycoca from "/var/tmp/kdecache-juhlenbr/ksycoca4"
InnoDB: The log sequence number in ibdata files does not match
InnoDB: the log sequence number in the ib_logfiles!
100318 8:48:37 InnoDB: Database was not shut down normally!
InnoDB: Starting crash recovery.
InnoDB: Reading tablespace information from the .ibd files...
InnoDB: Restoring possible half-written data pages from the doublewrite
InnoDB: buffer...
Connecting to deprecated signal QDBusConnectionInterface::serviceOwnerChanged(QString,QString,QString)
amarok(6389)/kdecore (KConfigSkeleton) KCoreConfigSkeleton::writeConfig:
amarok(6389)/kdecore (KConfigSkeleton) KCoreConfigSkeleton::writeConfig:
amarok(6389)/kdecore (KConfigSkeleton) KCoreConfigSkeleton::writeConfig:
Calling appendChild() on a null node does nothing.
amarok(6389)/libplasma Plasma::ThemePrivate::config: using theme for app "amarok"
QGraphicsLinearLayout::removeAt: invalid index 1
(6388)/: Communication problem with "amarok" , it probably crashed.
Error message was: "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown" : " "The name org.kde.amarok was not provided by any .service files" "

Removing the info applet from /home/user/.kde4/config/amarok-homerc makes amarok appear for a split second now before it crashes. It now ends with

QPainter::setPen: Painter not active
QPainter::translate: Painter not active
QPainter::pen: Painter not active
QPainter::restore: Unbalanced save/restore
QPainter::end: Painter not active, aborted
amarok(12422)/kio (KIOConnection) KIO::ConnectionServer::listenForRemote: Listening on "local:/tmp/ksocket-user/amarokm12422.slave-socket"
amarok(12422)/kio (Slave) KIO::Slave::createSlave: createSlave "http" for KUrl("")
amarok(12422)/kio (KIOConnection) KIO::ConnectionServer::listenForRemote: Listening on "local:/tmp/ksocket-user/amarokB12422.slave-socket"
amarok(12422)/kio (Slave) KIO::Slave::createSlave: createSlave "http" for KUrl("")
amarok(12422)/kio (KIOConnection) KIO::ConnectionServer::listenForRemote: Listening on "local:/tmp/ksocket-user/amarokD12422.slave-socket"
amarok(12422)/kio (Slave) KIO::Slave::createSlave: createSlave "http" for KUrl("")
amarok(12422)/kio (KIOConnection) KIO::ConnectionServer::listenForRemote: Listening on "local:/tmp/ksocket-user/amarokw12422.slave-socket"
amarok(12422)/kio (Slave) KIO::Slave::createSlave: createSlave "http" for KUrl("")
amarok(12422)/kio (KIOConnection) KIO::ConnectionServer::listenForRemote: Listening on "local:/tmp/ksocket-user/amarokr12422.slave-socket"
amarok(12422)/kutils (KPluginSelector) KPluginSelector::addPlugins: cfgGroup = 0x7ffffdd36660
amarok(12422)/kdecore (KPluginInfo): found 0 offers for "Amarok Script Console"
amarok(12422)/kdecore (KPluginInfo): found 0 offers for "Rating Statistics"
amarok(12422)/kutils (KPluginSelector) KPluginSelector::addPlugins: cfgGroup = 0x7ffffdd36660
amarok(12422)/kdecore (KPluginInfo): found 0 offers for "LyricWiki"
amarok(12422)/kdecore (KPluginInfo): found 0 offers for "Ultimate Lyrics"
amarok(12422)/kutils (KPluginSelector) KPluginSelector::addPlugins: cfgGroup = 0x7ffffdd36660
amarok(12422)/kdecore (KPluginInfo): found 0 offers for "Cool Streams"
amarok(12422)/kdecore (KPluginInfo): found 0 offers for ""
========== Starting Statistics Script ==========
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="ignore_unrated"
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="reverse_results"
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="exclude_enabled"
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="min_tracks_per_album"
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="results_limit"
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="weight_rating"
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="weight_score"
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="weight_length"
[RATING_STATISTICS] [SQL] SELECT value FROM rating_statistics_config WHERE name="weight_playcount"
========== Finished Statistics Script ==========
KCrash: Application 'amarok' crashing...

Hi Jens

I've got the same problem here. But amarok started perfectly after deleting the amarok config-files in ~/.kde/share/config
You'll loose all your settings of course, but afterwards amarok runs fine here