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Amarok 2.2 "Sunjammer" released

Few things in life can influence us quite the way music can. Music can set a mood, make us relax or feel energized, and for many people there is that special song that is forever connected with a significant moment in their life. And great music needs a great player! With Amarok 2.2, codenamed "Sunjammer", the Amarok team is very proud to present the next step towards the ultimate music player!

Many weeks have passed since our last version, and so many changes and improvements have found their way into version 2.2. Over all, the team is quite proud of all the improvements and was lucky to be able to plan and coordinate those in two developer sprints, one in Berlin and one during the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, made possible by your support for Amarok and KDE. To put this into perspective: In the last three and a half months we closed 654 bugs, made close to 2200 commits to the code, of which more than a hundred were made in the first 24 hours after the release of version 2.1.1. The code statistics show that we changed a total of 1935 files, wrote 101693 new lines, and removed 73774 obsolete lines of code.

Amarok 2.2 comes with an almost completely new look and feel. It now has a new layout for the Browser Pane on the left and an easier navigation using "bread crumbs" on top. All elements, the Browser Pane, Context View and the Playlist are dockable widgets, which you can place how and where you like. It is even possible to stack or remove them. Of course it's up to you to change the position, width and height to your liking.

The Playlist has seen a complete overhaul and comes with many new features, allowing you to sort and shuffle the content. A layout editor comes with three different pre-configured layouts and allows you to build your own preferred layout you can save. This way you can have the playlist only contain the information that is important to you. Clicking on a track twice allows you to edit the content in-line in the playlist for quick tag corrections and song ratings.

Playing an opera where you would like to find a particular passage easily? Do you have tracks with a lot of silence before a hidden song that you would like hear with a simple click? Just add bookmarks. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts is made so much easier with bookmarks too, since you can group and edit them with the bookmark manager!

The Context View has seen layout improvements as well. It comes with automatic resizing for the applets and you can place them where you would like to have them. A new photo applet shows you pictures of the artist and a video applet finds contextual videos for the now playing artist. The Wikipedia applet has been extended to allow you to change the language of the content, based on the system languages installed, and you can show information either for the artist, the album or the track you are listening to.

The collection has seen a lot of changes and bug fixes: Scanning has improved and is now much faster and more accurate, the import of the Amarok 1.4 database has been improved and you can use an external MySQL database now, too. Insert an Audio CD and it will show up in the Collection Browser, allowing you to play directly from the CD or to copy the CD content to your collection. The same applies to media devices: UMS devices show up in the Collection browser, as do various other media players.

Dynamic Playlists have the new possibility to use Biases based on and Echonest. Don't know what to listen to? Let Amarok decide with the help of and Echo Nest.

Amarok 2.2 marks the start of a series of 2.2.x releases that will focus on improving what is there rather than adding major new features. A new release will follow approximately every 6 weeks and bring with it bugfixes and improvements, as well as a few new features. So look forward to more regular Amarok updates in the near future.


Join us and rediscover music!



We would love to have you help us with this. This is not the place for development discussions however. If you write our mailing list at (subscrive at or join our irc channel at #amarok on, I will be happy to point you in the right direction! :-)

first of all, congratz to all the Amarok Team for creating such a wonderful audio player. i dont know why, but since my openSUSE 11.1 updated mi amarok to 2.2, any song that has an [] symbol, won't play at all. i.e.: Dance parties [Distant]. I really dont know why i s this happening, and hope someone could give me a hand. Thx!!

PS: sorry about my english, is not my native language. :)

Problem Solved. dont know how, but solved :P Thx Anyway!!

"Amarok is a powerful music player for Linux and Unix, MacOS X and Windows"

I love Amarok, but it bothers me that this is still the headline for Amarok's homepage because Mac OS X and Windows are NOT supported. If you're going to have a headline like that, then they definitely should be. "You might be able to get it to work on other systems if you tinker with it, but that's on you, we don't support them or even make releases for them" is not good enough to justify putting them in the homepage's main header.

Imagine a company releasing some product -- a memory card reader, a photo editing program, whatever -- and advertising it as "the best there is for Linux, Mac, and Windows." Then, imagine the product only be designed for and supported on one of those systems, and getting it to work on those other systems is up to the users to figure out. Misleading, right?

I know that Amarok's plan is to eventually have official releases for those other operating systems, but until you do, your headline should only state what you actually support. Put a note somewhere in the site about some users getting it to work on other systems and your eventual plans, but don't put the cart in front of the horse like this. And plus, when you do make a release for the other operating systems, it'll be more noticeable and newsworthy.

Sorry about that, we are actually very committed to improving the Mac and Windows versions. In fact they already work quite well.

What we're missing is a bit manpower for testing and creating packages. You see, it's a chicken/egg situation. Any help is welcome :)

I've been running OS X exclusively for a year or two now. Every once in a while I jump over to parallels, install Linux and check out the latest Amarok. I really am missing it and would love to see it come to Mac. I have no coding experience, but I'd be happy to play tester for someone creating packages.

That's all good and well, and I'm happy to help test (just send me an email), but I still don't think you should have that stuff in your headline until after you have a supported release.

I just installed the newly released ubuntu 9.10 beta and cant install amarok 2.20 it as amarok-common cannot be installed, dependency not satisfied cant find any additional repo either...

Can anyone help

Oh No,

while trying to compile, I get this error:

Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/amaroklib.dir/__/shared/taglib_filetype_resolvers/mimefiletyperesolver.o
/opt/kde-4.3/include/taglib/fileref.h:93: warning: 'class TagLib::FileRef::FileTypeResolver' has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor
/mnt/sd/sda/5/KDE-4/source/extra/amarok-2.2.0/shared/taglib_filetype_resolvers/mimefiletyperesolver.cpp: In member function 'virtual TagLib::File* MimeFileTypeResolver::createFile(const char*, bool, TagLib::AudioProperties::ReadStyle) const':
/mnt/sd/sda/5/KDE-4/source/extra/amarok-2.2.0/shared/taglib_filetype_resolvers/mimefiletyperesolver.cpp:76: error: expected type-specifier before 'TagLibExtras'


This is not a support forum :) Please use our real forum, or the mailing list.

I've found the sources of taglib-extras somewhere, installed it, and now it's compiling properly.
I thought it was installed, because I've installed the latest kdesupport package, but that had also problems

By the way it's not so easy to find the sources of taglib-extras, maybe mention it on the requirementspage/installation instructions page..

But, very good work!

Stef Bon

In my PC, a Athlon X2 5200+ with 3GB Ram, the Amarok 2 series starts in 10~12 seconds. Is it correct?

Obs.: 10~12 seconds in the first opening of the Amarok. Whe I open the Amarok in the second time, the Amarok startup is fast (2~3 seconds)

I started Amarok and the KWalletManager ask about password for open my wallet and save/get the password. But, I always choose "Cancel", and the Amarok advice that password will save in pure text. Ok, but every time that I open Amarok it always ask about my wallet password.

I was asking for this change, allowing AmaroK-2 suitable for 4:3 screens and and the configurable screen real estate allows just that. Decision to make 2.2.x series to be _bugfix_ series is a wise one. A few but proven features is better than many but broken.

Thanks a lot!!!

amarok: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZTIN6TagLib3MP44FileE

Kubuntu 9.04, KDE 4.3

This is not a support forum :) Please use our real forum, or the mailing list.

Removing libtag1c2a-kde4 fixed it for me.

You need to install taglib >= 1.6

Very nice program, just a few things I've noticed
When restarting from a crash or kill the play list reverts back to the last time amarok was closed normally, I'd like if it restored the playlist to how it was just before the crash
Self unpausing
The previous version of amarok I had used to unpause itself, it hasnt done this yet
There should be a "no duplicates" option for the playlist so things like echo and lastfm dont but in the same song twice, maybe you could extend this to "no duplicate artist" so all the upcoming songs are by different artists

"Playlist Auto Saving":
Not done for performance reasons. Some users have giant playlists with 10,000 items in it.

"Self Unpausing":
That's not normal, definitely not an Amarok issue. Probably an issue with your Phonon.

"Remove Duplicates in Playlist":
Will come with Amarok 2.2.1. Enjoy :)

i have been using amarok 2.2 for couple of days now and i can safely say it has reached a point sufficient for me to retire my last kde3 app, amarok1

things can only get better from here onwards ..looking forward to the next release

good work

That's nice to hear, thanks :)

Hi guys,

I commend you on your 2.2 release.

Both the external DB & the dynamic playlist enhancements for are the final pieces of the puzzle I was aching for :-)

Thanks a lot for the greatest music player I know of!


Looking better. There is still clearly a lot of work to be done before this should be the default player in any distro, though -- being able to play music on it would be a huge improvement for me.

Amarok 2 is finally shaping up to be a good media player. There now is (advanced) sorting and I've only experienced one crash over three days. But can you guys add the ability to rate through the tray menu? It'd be nice to rate without opening the main window.

The Main Toolbar NG is great and a lot better than the default.

This version of amarok is the best since your firts 2.x series release, i like the way you are taking and I hope for better improvements, but I have only one complain, how much I must wait to get the shuffle and repeat shortcuts in the playlist? is that hard to do? or nobody miss that feature from 1.4 versions?

btw:sorry for my poor english

-Crossfade between songs, even when manually changed the track
-Playlist sorting needs to be fixed. Can i sort the playlist with genre="psytrance" AND rating:>3 -gataka ?
This product is far from ready...

I still haven't figured these out.

I sort my Local Music as Album or Genre/Album(.. instead of default - Genre/Artist/Album). My albums are compilations of various Artists. Even when I am not asking to display Artist information, Why does Amarok 2.x shows album name 10 times if there are 10 tracks with all of different artist. This has been always putting me off.

When this works perfectly on any other player including amarok 1.x

Secondly, Amarok's music browser is not easy to use as some of other counterparts like Songbird, Banshee. A tree structure to browse 3 levels of structure is just not an intuitive UI design. This was the only limitation I ever has in amarok 1.4. Well I should stop. I just hope, amarok 2 finds its lost glory. Somehow.

What happened with the auto tagger of 1.4?

It's planned to come back????


Any word on when we will get a coverflow like function in Amarok? I remember something called coverbling being worked on in Amarok?



I just started testing Amarok 2.2, I'm a long time Amarok 1.x user, and this is the first time I tried 2.x. Things I'd like to mention:

* Give us Styles! It looks f***ing ugly.
* Shoutcast! The icecast script is only a very weak replacement.
* Why Doubleclick? This makes no sense. (to select music sources)
* Is there a way to import podcasts from 1.4?
* I'm not able to get working. I checked my password multiple times, but all I get is "failed".
* Why does the album art import take ages? (~3 hours for about 500 covers)


I reported it as bug, but the explanation was: wait for completion of translation made by your (czech) translation team.
But the reason I reported it was, that I've already translated all auxiliary files too - my own version (and whole main file, that I update quite often :-).

So where is the problem? I found these strings in one of files, but program isn't loading them.

I mean words like: Current Track, Albums, Media Devices, Photos,...

Has anybody any explanation. Some people say, that some problems are caused with the thing, that simply some translation szrings aren't signed like translation strings, but in this case I thing, that they aren't linked to translation file, or...?