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Amarok 2.2 RC 1 "Sunset Door" released

As the release of Amarok 2.2 draws closer, the Amarok team is pleased to present Amarok 2.2 RC 1, the first and hopefully last release candidate before the final release. This release contains a few new and improved features, mainly concerning podcasts, and fixes a number of crashes and other bugs. For a list of the most important changes and fixes see the changelog below.
As always please help us by testing, reporting bugs, sending patches and most importantly by enjoying discovering music.




  • Import itpc:// podcast urls (BR 206615).
  • Mark podcast episode as not-new when starting to play it.
  • Reintroduced indicator icons for new podcast episodes.
  • Added "subscribe" command line switch to add a podcast channel.


  • Removed Shoutcast Directory service due to technical and other issues.
  • Made audio CDs respect the "Automatically retrieve cover art" setting.
  • TagLib 1.6 built with ASF and MP4 support is now required. This release of TagLib fixes many, many bugs and contains new format support.
  • TagLib-Extras 1.0.0 is now required. This release is compatible with the new TagLib 1.6 release.
  • Removed non working menu entry "rename" from the Bookmark Manager. This functionality is no longer needed as inline renaming is possible.
  • Improvements for volume widget in ToolbarNG.
  • Added "Lock layout" option to the main window's context menu.


  • Crash in QTextCodec while scanning collection has been fixed. Apparently. (BR 191447)
  • A dialog with "Can not write playlist (/)" was displayed when using saving from within a script. (BR 206659)
  • Fixed playlist grouping mode not getting correctly applied on startup. (BR 208087)
  • Fixed track queue getting "lost" when switching between different track navigators. (BR 205920)
  • Implemented proper check for running instance options on the command line. (BR 207988)
  • Improved visibility of the Context View's menus. (BR 198221)
  • Fixed crash when using the eject action on an audio CD collection while a track from the CD is playing. Instead playback is now stopped before the CD is ejected.
  • Do not show the "load" context action in the Bookmark Manager when more than 1 bookmark is selected.
  • Fixed "Create timecode track" menu entry not showing up in the Bookmark Managers context menu when exactly 2 bookmarks are selected.
  • Fixed new track timecodes always getting shown at the very beginning of the progress slider until the track was reloaded.
  • Fixed some tracks not correctly loading timecodes due to url encoding issues.
  • Fixed bookmark database tables not correctly getting created on first run, leading to frequent sql errors.
  • Fix the ends of the active track indicator getting stretched badly on wide playlists
  • Only one toolbar type will be enabled at any time (Toolbar or ToolbarNG). Previously both could be enabled concurrently by accident.
  • Multiple fixes for the Track Timecode popups. They are no longer truncated if there is not enough space to the right and the issue with them getting "stuck" has also been fixed. Thanks to Simon Bühler <> for this patch. (BR 196924)
  • Do not crash when removing a track with no album from the playlist while the repeat album navigator is active. (BR 207427)


god job!

keep going Amarok Team!

What will happen to Shoutcast service? I rely on it, but I can accept its removal, because it was very buggy. Will it make it for 2.2 final? Will we have to wait until 2.2.1? Is the Shoutcast service removed forever?

This version of amarok is incredible!!
I liked that!!
Congratulations for all developers!!

yes, im agree and so awesome amarok

...but please re-implement label suport and the moodbar. These two features are the only issue for me to not switch to Amarok 2. I understand it's more fun working on some sexy features than getting back old stuff but for many users this is important. Hope someone finally gets his hands on this.

Yes, unfortunatelly the labels are still keeping me with Amarok 1.4. Then I'll have to make that buggy database import function.

I wonder why in Amarok 2 there is such annoying lag in collection browser when expanding artist to see albums, or expanding albums to see tracks. This is not a CPU issue because the lag don't affect CPU load. I've noticed this on two other machines as well. Maybe turning off the sliding-in and -out animation would help?

Removed Shoutcast Directory service due to technical and other issues."

WHY!? A half working shoutcast is infinitely better than NO shoutcast at all, please bring back this feature

Have a look at the Shoutcast Directory ToS, especially section 13:

Legal mumbo jumbo to me but still I see nothingg worrying, to me it says I can use shoutcast

13. License To Use the SHOUTcast Radio.

We grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited and revocable license to use SHOUTcast Radio subject to these Terms. You may not use SHOUTcast Radio in a manner that exceeds the rights granted for your use of SHOUTcast Radio and its Content. Without limitation of the foregoing, you may not frame any portion of SHOUTcast Radio or Content, or reproduce, record, reprint, copy, store, publicly display, broadcast, transmit, modify, translate, port, publish, sublicense, assign, transfer, sell, loan, make derivative works or otherwise distribute the Content without our prior written consent. You may not circumvent any mechanisms for preventing the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the Content or SHOUTcast Radio's applications, software or services. Your license terminates immediately upon cancellation or termination of your account or if we believe you are in violation of these Terms.

YOU can, yes. But not an application between you and the Shoutcast Directory. You see the problem?

I don´ t really see it but I never really cared about legal mumbo jumbo. Anyway lot´ s of FOSS projects infringe some rights but I don´ t think it´ s ever illegal to provide source code that could potentially infringe on some rights. Can´ t the shoutcast directory browser be made some sort of compile time option, disabled by default? So people can recompile it themselves with shoutcast enabled.

Whether you care about "legal mumbo jumbo" is of little relevance to us. We do.

That said, you're free to create a 3rd party script that provides Shoutcast Directory functionality. Should be doable.

Yes, but you can leave the code in but keep it inactive; that way, distros get a chance to apply a minor patch to enable it if they want (like the "ClearType" patches of freetype and such.)

How does this imply that simply providing a directory listing in Amarok contravenes the Shoutcast ToS? Are you not already providing other "Shoutcast" based stations in the "Cool Stations" internet listing? How is this different from providing a complete directory listing of Shoutcast stations?

Nice work guys, can't wait to try out the latest release!

No Shoutcast, no way I'm using it again. Live streaming via shoutcast consumes 95% of my listening.

You can still play Shoutcast streams, only the directory is gone. Also feel free to install the Icecast Directory script.

where can we find this script?

okay found it but it is not as good as shoutcast way less stream and no way to search them and it doesn't index by category even...

Icecast ist way weaker than shoutcast, and it crashes. I want shoutcast back so badly... is there a way to install a script or reuse the directory from 2.1?

Having the "new icon" for podcasts again sounds very nice. Now the only thing missing is an applet showing the newest episodes of each feed (or the oldest ones marked as new)...

Great job, but I still can't use manager for editing playlist layout. I just can't drag-n-drop new items from then menu. I can move with the old ones, but I can't add a new one, there is no "hand" cursor, I have instead a "stop" cursor or "you can't move it there" cursor. (sorry for my english :))

I have this problem since first beta version of amarok 2.2. Only option I have right now is to edit directly the XML files with definition of playlist layouts and I think it's not a good solution.

Will this new version of Amarok run on Solaris OS's?

Seriously guys,
2 releases (Beta 2 and RC1) in a week? 3 in lest than 3?
I think moving to git has really helped the speed of development!
Or do you have illegal green men developers hacking away? :-)
Great work! Love the arrival rate of features on Amarok2!


I am wondering if there will be also a change of system tray icon in final version? Caus' when open Amarok the size of system tray change - no border anymore around the plasmois-systemtray (and also the look of tray icon is not so polish) or this is a bug?


I'm not sure what you mean, but the system tray icon looks and works normally here in KDE 4.3.1, without any border.

a snapshot with Amarok open:


a snapshot without:
it is the same with gnome programs and opera 10 (maybe it is not build with newest qt - 4.5)

I hope this unknown that shows up in the collection manager is gone before 2.2 is released. This bug has been since 1.9

I've got some problem while seeking in a flac file. Also, when I switch from a song to another, the second one starts from the time elapsed while playing the first. But maybe is a problem of the file itself (some long tracks of Godspeed You Black Emperor).

Another problem is in the playlist. Why aren't some tracks grouped together, even if they had the same identical ID3Tag? It's very annoying and confusing.

Good Work!

For seeking in FLAC files xinelib demands that the files contain a "seek-table". You can use the tool metaflac to add it, google for it.

I like amarok pretty much - but I still miss the visualizations pretty much... Well, I just like it :-)
Hope you bring this feature back somewhen soon...

It's being worked on by our Summer Of Code student Martin Sandsmark. Visualizations will return :)

I know this sounds shallow but .... YES!! Visualizations will be back,

Now if we could get some nice widgets to go along with this.... hint, hint..

Still no native Mac-app and install via macports still not working. I am currently having trouble with iTunes (once more) and I am (once more) looking for alternatives. Looks like I will have to give up on Amarok (once more). Sad but true.


Amarok is actually native on Windows, MacOS, Linux.

OK, maybe it just doesn't have a native installer. Bad enough when it's not working. And it isn't. Maybe it's a Macports issue, I don't know. But frankly I don't care. I surely would love to delve into technical details about Macports, yet I currently have other, more important things on my schedule and all I want is to listen to some music while I work. The only reason I still take the time to post my complaints here is that I was really in love with Amarok 1.4 on my linux box. It truly kept the promise of letting me rediscover my music. Now it seems I am stuck with iTunes. There really seems to be no true alternative on a Mac. Songbird is close to good, yet missing some vital parts. Others don't seem to really come out of beta. VLC works but I never liked the look and feel. Again, all I can say is: sad but true.