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Amarok 2.2 Beta 2 "Red Dawn" released

The Amarok team is pleased to release the second beta version of Amarok 2.2. For a list of the most important changes and fixes see the changelog below.
As always please help us by testing, reporting bugs, sending patches and most importantly by enjoying discovering music. Thanks to everyone who already helped us this way. We are especially looking for help with podcasting support.


The changes since 2.2 beta 1 include:


  • Added DBus methods Forward and Backward for relative seeking (BR 206028) and PlayPause for toggling pause state (patches by Michael Zanetti <>).


  • Grouping mode has been merged into the playlist layouts so each layout sets its own. The default grouping mode for layout files that do not have this value explicitly set is "Album". Thanks to Tim Bocek <> for this set of patches.


  • Default layouts should now be sane across all architectures.
  • Fix genre tag in old MP4 files not being shown correctly (fixed in Taglib-Extras-0.1.7, and upcoming TagLib-1.6). (BR 198238)
  • Focus behavior is now consistent between the browsers filter widget and the playlist filter widget. (BR 206776)
  • OSX: Fixed crash when activating inline playlist editing. (BR 206576)
  • Fixed dockwidget menu getting shown when right clicking on the progress slider causing the slider to follow the mouse. (BR 206350)
  • Use filename as track title for non collection files if no other title can be found by reading metadata tags. (BR 206794)
  • Update playlist filter, sort order and grouping when the metadata of a track changes. (BR 206754)
  • Do not crash if trying to load a completely empty playlist layout. (BR 204236)
  • Correctly show timecodes, if present, when starting playback of a new track. (BR 191185 ??)
  • The playlist sorting scheme is restored on startup.
  • Fixed compilation of iPod collections without gdk-pixbuf.h. (BR 206347)
  • Audio CDs are ejected properly.
  • Media device eject/disconnect actions render properly when scrolling the collection browser. (BR 204566)
  • Fixed wikipedia applet not working when using a custom skin. Thanks to Stefan Majewsky for the suggestion. (BR 205901)
  • Fixed "Show in Service" action.
  • Fixed extra empty rows sometimes getting added to the playlist layout xml when using the playlist layout editor. (BR 205182)
  • Fixed typo in D-Bus manifest, that resulted in incorrect function invokation in IRKick. (BR 205729)
  • Correctly mark playing track as active in the playlist after removing it using the "clear playlist" button and later re-adding it.
  • Fixed crash when removing an "albumless" track, like a podcast from the playlist with the random album playback mode enabled. (BR 201476)
  • Fixed track queuing when the playlist uses a random track progression. (BR 194328)
  • Fixed issue where files or folders with the same name but different case sensitivity were not scanned and/or retained. (BR 197384)


This web site now look like crap! What font do you use? I hardly can read it at all! Please revert to the old font.

it works for me, maybe it is something with your Browser-settings.

I am using firefox under WinXP and an old fat 19"-Monitor(1280x960).

Or maybe the Web-designer of this site forgot about testing on various settings and displays.

FF 3.5 on Jaunty.

Can't find anywhere to download the recent betas though - anyone got a link?

The PPA is not updated for 2.2 beta 2 yet, hopefully soon I have already filed about 3 bug reports in one day hopefully this fixes a lot of issues that I still have from 2.0 that get closed, only to be reopened for the next .x release. This is getting ridiculous. I don't want to file more if they are fixed.

Thanks for the constant updates though, this is evolving into the program I want it to be!!!

I'm using iceweasel 3.5.3 under Debian testing. My screen res is 1680x1050, and i can read the fonts perfectly

Sorry, my fault! I had apparently used the zoom in function in Firefox (ctrl-+) last time I visited this site, I guess. Looks fine when I zoom out.

BTW, thanks for a great app. Love using Amarok, and have to say I'm impressed with the speed of development!

In the 2.1.1 version of the program I couldn't load anything into the playlist. Neither with double click, nor with drag-and-drop and nor with the File > Open method.
I finally found out that it can load network streams. I found an MP3 radio stream and loaded. Clicked play. Showed me: "Playing ....". But it gave no sound.

Come on guys, in the previous version at least I could load a music track. Although the program gave little noise (nothing), I hoped it is get fixed in the next version. But it got worse. It's really ridiculous!

RealPlayer, VLC, Mplayer etc. are able to play music. Do I desire too much? Really?

Do you really think this kind of comments can help make amarok better? You found the time to write here, go file a bug report instead...

Yes, I reported a lot of KDE bugs (including Amarok); I have over 60 tickets. So, yes, I do report bugs. But Amarok is so unusable after v2, that after some tickets I ended up using that program. When a new release comes out I always install, but it's getting worse and worse.

Hm, in the opinion of must people here it's getting better and better (won't say perfect), that's also my personal experience. Are you sure, it's a Amarok problem? Which distro, media backend, library versions etc. do you use?

I'm pretty sure the buggy behaviour you get is not what the majority of Amarok users experiences (otherwise ther wouldn't be any users).
So you seem to have some special problems. Did you file any bug reports?

Some distros don't play mp3s out of the box until you install the libraries required for mp3s. Should this be the case, your distro will have some way to install them. Not sure if this is your problem.
I had the exact symptoms you describe in a fresh kubuntu karmic pre-release version. The distro recommended some package installs to fix the problem.

For what it's worth, I got more or less the same behavior until I switched phonon backend from gstreamer to xine. I haven't really looked into it yet, but I assume my gstreamer installation is borked.

Has support been removed? I can't find it anywhere. :(

No, support is still there. It requires Liblastfm though, which is now an optional dependency. Please talk to your distribution's packagers to include Liblastfm.

Thanks for the pointer, the option is there I just overlooked it.

Hey... trying this new amarok.... It finally plays sounds and seem to work fine. Great job!
I am just facing a small problem. If I decide to jump to a point of a song, by clicking on the timebar it doesn't make any effect.

I hope this report can be useful.

I'm running a Ubuntu Karmic Alpha 6 on a AMD64 Processor.

Is this by any chance a FLAC file?

If so you might have encoded your FLAC files with no keyframes which makes searching within them impossible.

If this is the case, there are guides on how to manually add these out there if you google for it a little.

No... all of them were mp3/mpa/wma files

but thanks for replying

There is not binaries for Amarok 2.2 in

I want to try it but I don't want to compile the sources



Put random and repeat buttons somewhere else and not in this ridiculous place where it is now!

I propose to put them on the playlist layout left from the bookmark button, otherwise it is plan MAD!

I second this pledge, for which I voted in b.k.o., too.
These functions would be very handy as buttons.

It is planned to move these functions to the toolbar below the playlist, unfortunately no one found the time to do it before the feature freeze for 2.2 set in, but it is definitely on our todo.

- Nikolaj

Cover art doesn't work since, uh, a long time. Doesn't load local images, nor does it download any. It's just not me, is it?

I believe there is a bug report for this problem already.

O wait there is and

I think this because Amazon changed something in their API. Now needs an official application tag or something? Dunno if Amarok ever had that
Affects Rythmbox and various other too I believe

No it has nothing to do with that, the API has already been moved to and in fact is just a bug the amarok is not skipping if it cannot find a cover.

I can't drag any items in playlist layout editor... Well I can drag them but I can't place them where I want. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Anyway, great job, thank you:)

Hi amarokers!

Do you know if amarok 2.2 or any future version will add support to I googled without success looking for the answer.

Keep up the fantastic work and thanks!

Technically it should be quite simple to add support for, as much of the groundwork is already in place to support scrobling. IT is another one of those things where we just needs someone motivated to step up and do it.

Currently every developer has enough projects that they care about to keep them busy for quite some time.

- Nikolaj

It is eating too much ram, starts with 165, and then after some time (1 hour?) it ends with 265 or something like that...

I see the GUI is still frighteningly hard to use. :/

... still trying to get the eye candy right, I see. And to this jaded eye it looks awful. Juxtaposed against the ever so functional 1.4, 2.whatever is just awful.

What a shame...

The sources of amarok still there. You can make your own old amarok!

I still consider myself a novice linux user after 3 years of on and off use. Amarok has continually impressed me. Sometimes I'll go back to an old fashioned music player out of habit but every time I come back to Amarok I'm happy to have :) The team has done very well.

Too bad label support and moodbar still aren't implemented. One would think this can't be too hard to do but what do I know...

Labels will unfortunately require quite a bit of work to bring back.

For quite a while, the moodbar support in Amarok 1.4 had no maintainer and was gathering quite a few regressions over time. So until someone steps up an is willing to maintain it for Amarok 2 that is not going to get added to Amarok 2.

Is there any plan when managing the queue will be possible again?

Thanks for the work on an app I use daily. One question: Is the "burn playlist to CD" integration coming back? If so, is it in the near future or further away?


Amarok 2.2 running on Fedora 11. Took a while to get used to the interface, the context browser disappeared on me one time and only returned after I removed the amarok user config files, but now it's absolutely fabulous. Thanks for the great work!