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Amarok 2.2.2 Beta 1 "Tattoo" Released

Only 4 weeks after the 2.2.1 release the Amarok Team is proud to present you with a beta release of the upcoming Amarok 2.2.2. We are especially delighted by the many patches and contributions from new contributors that found their way into it.

So what is new in this beta release? Well, let us surprise you: custom Labels for tracks are back in Amarok! Yes, it took some time, but we are glad to be able to allow you to add your very personal labels to your music again. Another well known feature from the 1.4 series making a comeback is the often requested moodbar. Just be warned, you will need the gstreamer backend and quite a few other additional packages to have this working, but we already prepared a wiki page with the necessary instructions. Of course, all 4 moodbar styles known from Amarok 1.4 are supported in this version.

Many changes found their way also into the podcasts section, with a much improved handling of the grouping and downloads. It is now possible to modify the update interval in the configuration file, the downloads are less memory hungry and already existing files are not downloaded again.

We also made some small changes for better usability: The Playlist Layout Editor is now part of the Playlist menu in the menu bar, while the playlist actions are at the bottom of the playlist panel. This has the big advantage to see immediately if you did activate a random, repeat and/or favor mode by a visual indicator. All buttons and items now have tooltips that allow you to identify the various elements with great ease.

There are many more features to discover, many changes and an impressive list of bugfixes in this preview, as the changelog below shows. Let us just mention one other important change that allows us to take full advantage of the development framework in use: Amarok now depends on KDE 4.3.x and Qt 4.5. Expect some very nice new stuff for the month to come :)

As usual with Beta releases, we would love to have as much feedback as possible from testers who are not afraid to use a preview on their system. While we will not add new features until the final release of Amarok 2.2.2, we will fully concentrate on improving the existing features and options. This of course means that we rely on you, dear testers and music lovers, to really push this version to its limits and report as many problems as you can find. and, as usual, this is a beta release, so don't use it if you are not comfortable when Amarok causes some strange happenings on your machine, dries your laundry instead of sorting music or even eats the occasional cat ;)


Join us and rediscover music!


  • Dailymotion video can now be rendered within the applet in HQ if HQ is selected in the video applet settings.
  • Rewrote podcast feed parser to correctly parse XML. Now even RSS 1.0 and Atom feeds are supported. Patches by Mathias Panzenböck.
  • Rating of playlist items can now be filtered, using "rating:#" notation.
  • When removing a podcast subscription, ask for confirmation and offer to delete the downloaded episodes. Patch by Frank Meerkötter.
  • Font of lyrics applet is configurable in the lyrics applet setting page.
  • BPM editing, sorting, and filtering have been implemented. (BR 214056) Patch by Pierre Dumuid <>.
  • Made it possible to change a podcast channel's URL. (BR 195204)
  • Also support feed:// urls for subscribing to podcasts.
  • Limited the number of simultaneous podcast updates and downloads to four. This can be configured separately in the "amarokrc" configuration file.
  • Import podcast subscriptions from OPML.
  • Show HTML info for podcast channels that support this. Patches by Mathias Panzenböck. (BR 193357)
  • Ampache Service now shows Service info from
  • Moodbar support is back. Can be shown in progress bar or in the playlist. The 4 visual styles from Amarok 1 (normal, angry, frozen and happy) are all supported. This feature requires that moodbars files are already present.
  • Cover images can now be fetched via HTTP. (BR 176899)
  • Custom Labels has returned. Assign labels from the tag dialog, and see them in the tag dialog or in the playlist.
  • Fetch labels from for some tracks
  • Pressing F2 when focused in the lyrics applet jumps into editing mode.


  • Tracks in Albums applet are now sorted by track number. Patch by Lorenz Röhrl <>.
  • New menu to add applets to the context view.
  • Added rating filter to collection browser's edit filter dialog.
  • Added bitrate and sample rate filters to collection browser's text input area.
  • Amarok now depends on KDElibs 4.3, and Qt 4.5.
  • When downloading a podcast make sure the file is not on disk already. If it is the download is stopped and the existing file is used instead.
  • friends and neighbors are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Radically reduced memory consumption while downloading podcasts by writing direct to disk. Patches by Frank Meerkoetter. (BR 209937)
  • Podcast auto-update interval is now configurable in the rc-file. Default is 30 minutes. (BR 212467)
  • store: Better status message when downloading albums.
  • Moved the "Playlist Layout" button into the main menu, as the playlist toolbar was becoming too crowded.
  • New interface for repeat and random playback modes. Interface now correctly represents the actual behaviour (ony one mode can be active at any time) and is accessible directly from the playlist toolbar.
  • Usability: Added tooltips all over the place, improved existing ones.
  • Usability improvements for the Ampache service settings dialog.
  • Length and size of queued tracks are now shown in the statusbar tooltip. (BR 144471)
  • Improved Cover fetching. Changed Dialog so the user can select from possible covers.
  • Improved guessing tags from filename. Added preview to Dialog.
  • Display frames around lyrics/video applets for indicating focus.
  • Improved keyboard functions when editing lyrics from the applet.
  • Improved automatic resizing of lyrics and suggestions in the context applet.


  • Fixed two bookmark actions having the same text description. (BR 214716)
  • Remove broken right click menu from the Info applet. (BR 206642)
  • Fix several bugs handling changing compilations. Patch by Morten Sjøgren <> -- thanks!
  • Fixed bug with panel header icon size. (BR 208616)
  • Fixed bug with OSD not being shown by dbus call. (BR 208424)
  • Fixed bug with importing scores from Amarok 1.4. Patch by Michal Ziabkowski <>. (BR 174444)
  • Fixed wikipedia applet poorly showing wikipedia main page when a track tag is empty.
  • store: Album cover is now correctly fetched when redownloading.
  • store: Fixed crash when redownloading album: (BR 217148)
  • Fixed crash when doing "Edit Track Details" on media device. (BR 217143)
  • Fixed layout resizing bug with Qt 4.6. (BR 213990)
  • Fixed corrupted track lengths when copying to iPod. Patch by Christophe Fergeau <> (BR: 215124)
  • Fixed videoclip applet going blank when switching from one video to another. (BR 210332)
  • Fixed dailymotion video file direct link retrieving not working. (BR 214168)
  • Fixed wikipedia engine not parsing correctly URL containing ":". (BR 209397)
  • Fixed several issues with loading and saving timecode tracks to and from playlists.
  • Fixed crash when copying tracks to MP3tunes music locker. (BR 214686) Patch by Nicolas Lécureuil <>.
  • Podcast downloads can now be properly canceled. Patch by Frank Meerkötter.
  • Fixed any open menus or popus getting closed when the OSD is shown.
  • Fixed copies of default layouts getting created even if just using the inline editor to change track metadata.
  • Fixed inline playlist editor saving values that had been edited but where the value had not actually changed.
  • Pressing enter now correctly applies changes in the playlist inline editor. (BR 215924)
  • The volume slider in the Slim Toolbar would sometimes work incorrectly after startup. (BR 215185)
  • Fixed popup for showing the progress of multiple tasks not working.
  • Made dragging from podcast list to external program work. (BR 212343)
  • Made dragging from the service directly to the playlist work. (BR 215494)
  • Fixed crash during copying to collection with custom file naming schemes where a component would be empty. (BR 211518)
  • store: Fixed incorrect download urls for non english languages. (BR 212126)
  • store: Fixed membership type not remembered when running a non english Amarok. (BR 195427)
  • Support for "title:" token in the collection search. Patch by Roberto Bertolusso <>. (BR 211249)
  • Fixed lots of memory leaks reported by Valgrind.
  • Made lyrics applet colours presentable with bright and dark colour styles. (BR 214930)
  • Made sure random mode works if repeat is on. (BR 214559)
  • Fixed random mode behaviour when "going back". (BR 208892)
  • Made random mode work. (BR 212910)
  • Fixed lyrics applet logic when saving, closing, and editing lyrics.
  • Fixed graphic artifacts in the video applet.


Hey, big Amarok fan here, use it every day and love how the 2.x series is coming along now.
But... maybe you could have chosen a better screenshot to use up there, since the current one shows Amarok fetching the wrong info from Wikipedia, ie, it gets the page for Artemis the deity (also with mis-rendered Greek) rather than Artemis the musician :S

I've noticed that too, after I had made the screenshot. Then I pondered redoing it. Then stopped. Why? Here's Why:

This is Free Software, and the screenshot shows the truth as it is: Sometimes our Wikipedia applet fetches the wrong page. So that's a (small) problem. However, considering that this is Free Software, chances are that a user sees it, thinks up a better approach, and sends us a patch (or just an idea for improving it).

Think the FOSS way :)

No offence, but the real problem in the screenshot is IMHO the top bar with the player controls. The layout of those controls seems to change every release, but it's never getting any better, it just becomes another kind of weird, so to speak. Are there any plans or mockups on how this might be done without wasting so much space? Also, why are there little grey dots in the volume and time bars, and why is the left side of the bars (the one in the darker grey) smaller than the right side?

Regarding this button artwork, I'd like to remind you of a few things that are easy to miss:

1) Tastes differ. What you perceive as ugly, others perceive as orgasmic beauty.
2) We are working closely together with some of the best artists in the FOSS scene.
3) We're trying to improve Amarok with every iteration, some changes take a little getting used to.

Thanks for considering this :)

Yeah! This new version comes with nice features! Very thanks to all of the devel team!

I already have installed Amarok 2.2.2 under Fedora 11 and works fine ^_^

Here some screenshots of my Amarok :D


These are nice screenshots. Thanks for your work :)

I hope the Drag&Drop bug when you filter the playlist is gone :S
screenshot of the bug -->
And with 2.2.1 about 500 songs are gone ^^

Did you report that bug? If we haven't come across that and you didn't report it, how on earth are we supposed to know about?
Also, no songs are gone, do a full collection rescan, then restart Amarok.

"Also, no songs are gone, do a full collection rescan, then restart Amarok."

Sry, this isn't correct. There are issues with the database.

Just read about the moodbar support, so I installed the new beta to try it out. Doesn't work :( though I have all the software - it works in amarok1.4

It only works if you already have moodbar files for your tracks.
See here for an explanation/guide:

moodbar rocks!

you need to run this script under your music directory :)

Seems cover fetch functionality is a bit better in that covers that could not be found earlier are now being found online but the whole process is still problematic (at least to me)

example - it appears the fetch function searches based on the album title so if the title is 'greatest hits' all found greatest hits albums are displayed and you have to walk thru them all serially until the correct artist is found

there is no way to edit the search criteria, either artist or album - this is important especially for homemade collections or bootlegs where it would be nice to use something similar from the artist or if the the title entered is not the official title (for example if my title includes a date or guest artist) or to minimize the "greatest hits" albums found

found albums would better off displayed in a single window so that the correct one could be selected rather than walking thru a series 1 by 1

Cover tool
- it should not be used to "fetch all" at this time as-it appears to process albums with existing covers which is soooo wrong!!
-->fetch all screwed up my cover collection (of course it's still beta so I should know better), my guess is it processed all covers and those that were already set were re-processed and if there were multiple results then no cover including the one already set is set - ie the existing cover was unset (questions does it look at the folders for covers or the file for embedded ?)
-working in a large collection with cover tool it would be nice to be able to display/work with only those albums without covers
-if cover not found, the warning is shown in main window not the tool window
-would be nice if there was a log file of covers not found when running "fetch covers"
-would be if the status of 'fetch covers' was displayed in the cover tool window

please note that when I closed and then reopened the cover manager things were not as messed up as when my post was written

it appears that my existing covers were not unset (though they were not being displayed at the time)

when in cover manager the count of those with and those without covers gets messed up, but is correct when restarted

and of course I forgot to thank the dev's for their hard work

Why is the header of the album highlights only when playing the first track?

I can't understand this.

I don't know why (probably not implemented), but you could submit a "wish" report, asking for the change you described.

The header should actually not be highlighted at all, this is a regression. I have just committed a fix (which also fixed a few other cases of showing things in the header that really should not be) so the issue is solved for 2.2.2 final.

Thanks for spotting this.

Hi. When I use the phonon-gstreamer backend Amarok don't displays information about current track —
But it ok with phonon-xine.

And what about returning the old variant of a Main Toolbar? Since the new version is bad.

Yep, old variant looked more compact.

You realize that you can switch between two different toolbars?

Menu -> View -> Slim Toolbar

Slim Toolbar has ugly buttons. This is so difficult for you to add the old variant too??? Especially since so many people asked you about it!

Maybe??? I really don't know!!!!

But hey, if you add even more question marks, we might just do it.

This is so difficult for you to add the old variant too?????? Especially since you already did it in previous releases. Ô?ô
I use Amarok for the last years and now I get new/changed interface almost after every update. You changing their concept on the move, but why don't you ask view the users of your product?

Right click on the toolbar and change back to the Main Toolbar, as easy as that :)
No idea how you ended up with the slim toolbar as default in the first place, default is the Main Toolbar.



Has replayGain support been added for the xine backend yet?

(see subject field)

Please add support for the Rio KARMA

That's what's keeping many users from switching to Amarok 2 cause their mp3 players are not supported. Isn't that one of the most important things and shouldn't it be a high priority?

Amarok currently supports: MTP, USB, and iPod devices.

Almost any existing portable players on the market fall into one of these categories. If your "Karma" speaks some secret protocol from days of yore (Wikipedia doesn't say which protocol it uses), just install Rockbox on it.

Problem solved :)

Are you with the Amarok development team?
Amarok 1.4 had Rio Karma player support. Ver. 2 and higher doesn't anymore. I'm assuming the code to support it can be migrated though I don't know how to do it.

Rockbox doesn't supprot the Rio Karma player.

Get the tarball here:

Be prepared to jump through some hoops if you are not familiar with building from source. You may have to install some development versions of dependencies such as the strigi streams analyzer library like I did.

This very much depends on the distro you are using, since some provide packages for this Beta.
But since we explicitly told the distros that this was just a preview, and since 2.2.2 final is due early January, there were not obliged to provide packages.

I use Amarok (it's 2.2.2 beta or not?) and it's taking more and more memory with every minute. After an hour it can use even 1GB. Earlier version ( or sth) almost crashed my system taking 2.2GB of memory (I have 4GB and use no swap).

I can't reproduce this here at all. So please keep in mind that the actual bug could also be in another layer of the software stack (it could also be an Amarok bug, we can't rule this out).

Even unused Amarok (sitting quietly in tray) takes more and more memory with every minute. I watched Gnome System Monitor and Amarok and it appears that every time it "searches music" it uses more memory and it does that every two minutes or so (for no apparent reason - nothing changes on hard drive). My music collection is quite large. I turned off tracing changes in folders and it appears to stop (the memory usage is now stable). There was a change to how Amarok handles tracing changes in folders if I remember correctly - maybe it causes the problems?
I use Amarok from beta repository for Ubuntu (64-bit) now ( - but it was the same with normal 2.2.1 from kubuntu repository. Sorry for not reporting this in bug tracker but i really dislike KDE bug tracker.

The "endless rescanning" thing is definitely not normal, and could have a number of reasons. However, here's not the right place to discuss this.

Please use our forum, mailing list, or IRC. There we can help you better. Thanks.

I don't think you have to help me. I was trying to help you in finding the bug that is obviously there.
Right know I just turned off rescaning. But there are many more problems with Amarok 2.2.2 that I'll probably just report as bugs. It's still far behing Amarok 1.4, sorry. You should call it Amarok 1.9 beta or something rather than lying to people that it's major new, stable version. :|

Amarok si really great piece of software. Thanks to all developers! But I am very missing full cue support. I could find the discussion about full cue support dated back to 2005. So I think it could be great to have this feature implemented. It is really very long time that cue users are waiting for it.

Does Amarok once again support MP3 players? As in one can transfer songs and such from Amarok to the player

Each release is getting better and better. One feature I am waiting for is the ability to increase the size of the album art in the "current track". I liked in 1.4 how I could increase album art to however small or large as I wanted. As I've painstakingly put album art to over 22,000 songs and specifically found the largest pictures I could find, I feel like all the work is not being utilized in Amarok properly. Please consider implementing this feature in a future release.

Yes! I am also missing the "cover only applet". No special functionalities are needed in this applet. Just displaying the cover art.

I really hope that the Amarok 1 importer will be updated to import labels. It would take me many more hours than I care to imagine to transfer them manually, and I'd really rather not muck about with SQL at the moment.

P.S. I'm not sure what's spamy about the above, but the blog software seems rather adamant...

Sorry about the spam filter, it's very hard to sort out real messages from spam in this kind of forum. We had to install this filter to get rid of the worst of the spam, but of course we are sorry for any false positives, so we try to handle these quickly.

Thanks for understanding, and sorry for any inconveniences.

Nice warnings. Actually, there are few stray cats running around that I wouldn't mind suddenly disappearing and if your development could dry my laundry, I can sort my own music, that is much more fun. Thanks for the program. casino online

Thank you for the return of custom labels, I really _love_ you guys. Amarok 2 improvement is (like nearly everything in KDE :) going at the speed of light, great job!
The only thing left that I'm missing is a possibility to sort my collection by custom label, any chance this will once be possible?

Truly amazing! This is probably the best alternative to the common programms everyone is using at home (dont wanna mention them here ^^).
I really like the design with a clear view and everything at its right place.

Great work!


That is very nice to hear, and it certainly makes us happy when our users enjoy Amarok. Motivation is a big factor in Free Software development, so this gives us a lot, as we also get to hear a lot of criticism. Some of it is fair and unbiased, but others, not so much.

Have fun using Amarok, and check out the 2.2.2 final release which will be launched soon. We are pretty happy with that release, as we have invested a lot of work in it, and it turned out pretty good, I think.

Regards, Mark.