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Amarok 2.1 Beta 2 released

Amarok 2.1 Beta 1

The Amarok team is proud to release the second beta of Amarok 2.1. In the last month, the Amarok development squad has been focusing on bug fixing, usability improvements and optimizations to enhance your experience. Our recently held developer sprint in Berlin, Germany has allowed us to improve Amarok with feedback from usability studies as well as discuss the road map for Amarok once 2.1 is released.

We are also very excited to be bringing on wonderful new students to work with us with the Google Summer of Code, Season of KDE and Season of Usability programs, which will usher in a number of great features and improvements in the upcoming months. Although Amarok 2.1 is still in beta status, we encourage you to upgrade and provide feedback - the more we hear from you, the more improvements you'll get back!

Join us in Amarok'ing in a Free World!

Some of the changes since 2.1 Beta 1:


  • New Script method to get current track time in milliseconds. (BR 177073)


  • Pressing the return key in the playlist search activates the selected result. (BR 192126)
  • Pressing the escape key in the playlist search clears it's contents. (BR 192123)
  • Optimizations to the insertion and removal of large numbers of tracks from the playlist. Especially clearing a large playlist is now about 300 times faster.
  • Always scroll to newly inserted tracks in the Playlist.
  • When removing upcoming tracks from an active dynamic playlist, add a similar number of new ones to keep if from "drying up".
  • Some action cleanup in the playlist context menu.
  • When clearing the playlist, also reset the search/filter text.
  • Podcast titles are stripped of unnecessary whitespace. (BR 177403)


  • Fixed incorrect track counts in the collection.
  • Fixed duplicate scanning of playlists during collection scan
  • Fixed drag and drop to other applications. (BR 177415)
  • Fixed the filter widget in the Files browser. (BR 176139)
  • Fixed crash when using context menu after collection update. (BR 190056)
  • Fixed problem with Amarok showing wrong track length for streams. Patch by Michael Quinn . (BR 188512)
  • Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Set the value of the slider to the actual scale when loading a fuzzy Bias playlist, instead of 100% in every case
  • Don't fetch all coverless albums automatically when opening the Cover Manager. (BR 176170)
  • Podcast episodes are loaded correctly when restoring a playlist on startup. This means the local file will be played if downloaded. (BR 189328)
  • Next button in the main toolbar no longer has a clipped shadow. (BR 176031)
  • Fixed slider mouse events in RTL layouts. (BR 185465)
  • Detect iPhones as iPods. (BR 184744)
  • Clicking on "Stop after current track" disables the flag if it is already enabled.
  • Show a track marker when the "stop after current track" flag is set. (BR 185888)
  • Don't flash the OSD when opening the settings dialog. Patch thanks to Andreas Heider .
  • Podcast file formats are correctly displayed.
  • Don't crash when pressing Delete on empty playlist. (BR 189021)


Grizwald's point is valid. With RSS aggregators, feeds, planets, and Google search, there is NO guarantee readers will end up at a particular post through an organized front door. *Therefore*, each and every time you write about a piece of software the second sentence should say what the heck it is to the world. No exceptions.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Everyone working on a FLOSS software product is the marketing department (

The AmaroK tray icon now *evolves*(have not found any more appropriate expression) with the evolution of the song, to keep track of the position within that song.

That's a great eyecandy back in AmaroK 2, though it's quite disturbing to see the icon change from bottom to top.

Don't know what you guys think of it, but I really preferred the 1.4 way of the icon changing from top to bottom, feels more intuitive.

Otherwise, everything else looks great, you improved the software a lot recently. Keep on the good job!

First of all, I think you do your job really well, amarok2 is getting better and better. But...
Did you test it on dark themes? I use dark theme, I love dark themes and amarok2 now looks way too light to me.. Lyrics applet is black on white background (in beta 1 it was using system color scheme), and wikipedia one is unusable, cause background is white and font is nearly white, not readable.. Please, consider using the system color theme instead for these..

what a bad move to put an unstable version in the jaunty repository... i think that's not a clever thing to make people use amarok.
switched back to 1.4.