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Amarok 2.1.1 "Oceania" released

Amarok's development team never sleeps! We are ready to deliver Amarok 2.1.1, the first maintenance release for Amarok 2.1.

While waiting for the next major release, which will be Amarok 2.2, you can now enjoy a more polished program. This is mainly a bugfix release with some improvements that didn't make it into the main release in time. But we also have some nice new features: For those who like flexibility we added the possibility to hide the Context View. The applets layout has been improved to make them fill the remaining space where appropriate. It is also possible now to load a local playlist directly from the command line. In the meantime we have been working on a lot of features and improvements for Amarok 2.2. Some of the things being worked on: CD support, a video applet, the possibility to customize the look of Amarok, biased playlists based on recommendations and improved navigation and handling of the browsers (collection, Internet, files, playlists). Stay tuned, we are cooking up some really nice things for you!

As in past years we will be at Linuxtag in Berlin, taking place from the 24th to 27th of June. Our booth will be located in hall 7.2b and is shared with the rest of KDE and Kubuntu. Sven Krohlas will be giving a talk about Amarok on the 26th, room 'Saal 7' at 10:00 am. Also planned is a workshop 'Amarok Scripting: How to enhance your favorite music player' (further details expected after Sunday). And of course you can meet us at our booth :D
We have received free tickets to spread in our community, which is you. 15 tickets will be given out to people who leave their email address (human readable) in the comments before Sunday. We will then (semi-)randomly select the 15 winners among the entries. Of course adding a good reason why you should get a ticket will increase your chances ;-)


The changes for this version include:


  • Compilations with more than 60 artists are supported.
  • Option to hide the context view.
  • Applets are now laid out according to two criteria: either fixed height or flowing to fill the CV. No more slivers of applets visible at the bottom.
  • Load contents of an m3u file if specified when running amarok from the command line. File must be local.
  • Added large source emblem in current track applet.


  • Removed option to purchase albums using a Credit Card as this is unfortunately no longer supported by It is still possible to purchase albums using pre paid gift card codes, and all membership features still work.
  • Make it possible to delete multiple selected playlists at once from the "My Playlists" category in the playlist browser.
  • Show info box in CV if no applets are visible.


  • Don't hide the "On/Off" button for Dynamic Playlists if the window is not tall enough. (BR 195886)
  • Make it possible to change the width of a playlist layout element if the combined width of items in the row exceeds 100% (BR 195846)
  • Keep width slider and width display from overlapping when setting attributes on a playlist layout element.
  • Don't overwrite cached lyrics when lyrics script returns a "Not found" result. (BR 195213)
  • Fixed the layout of the "Edit Track Details" dialog, which came up broken under some circumstances. (BR 195081)
  • Reset total playlist time when the playlist is cleared. (BR 153160)
  • Don't crash when starting a collection scan after another scan had been aborted. (BR 195242)
  • Fixed non-UTF8 MPEG tag wrongly shown.
  • Fix problem with supported filetypes not being copied over to MTP device (BR 186835)
  • Fix problem with playlist names containing '/' not being saved (BR 975995)
  • Allow cancelling of rename input box in playlist layout dialog (BR 976409)
  • Loading playlists from the command line works again. (BR 191347)
  • Fixed formatting of the debug output when using the -d option.
  • Detection of compilation cover during the scan works again. (BR 172953)


Thanks for this new release ! Have you ever hear about a bug with collection import from 1.4 ?
I haven't any ratings imported from Amarok 1.4. Any ideas ? I'm not the only one in this case ! You may see the bug
Or these topics :,17161.0.html,17154.0.html

How can I make sound with Amarok? It plays everything, progress bar is advancing but I hear no sound...
When it starts, it says: PulseAudio does not work, falling back to .

Flash, VLC, mplayer, RealPlayer are totally ok. I also hear the KDE login tune.

Close every sound producing application, especially FLASH, close amarok, reopen, and try to play a song. It's probably a PulseAudio configuration issue.

I had the same problem with the previous releases, but it looks like in 2.1 they added the ability to change the audio output. The setting is in:

Settings->Configure Amarok->Playback->Configure Sound System

Putting PulseAudio as the top preference for everything fixed all of my problems. Hope this helps (and thank you Amarok Team)!

Great release guys! As far as it concerns my own collection, all those pesky issues with compilations seem to be a thing of the past. :)

Looking ahead, is a return of labels and smart playlists still on the table for future Amarok versions? If so, what are the chances of seeing that as early as 2.2?

Also, can grooveshark support be added? That would be awesome.

i like 'compilation with more than 60 artists supported' as a feature :P
Some day, you will even be able to have more than 20 000 songs in your db ;)

(i know you probably can already)

great update, it'd be great if the context view could be open and closed more easily though, like by right clicking the toolbar at the left hand side or something similar. Still a little way to go, but we're getting there

But you can do that already. Shrink the context view as far as possible, at some point it will vanish altogether. Then, by clicking on the currently active content button (collection, internet, ...), the content view gives room for the context view. Clicking again, and the content view is back where it was.

not perfect tho is it, right clicking and just a tick box along with collection, internet, playlists tick boxes would surely not be hard to implement

2.2 will change the way this works completely in any case.


I also think that this option doesn't belong into the settings-window, but should be directly accessible in 1 click from the main window. I'm sure you will find a better way ;)

Hey guys, I would like to visit you at Linuxtag '09. I am using amarok for several years now and I have never seen a more flexible player. Since i havn't experienced amarok 2.x yet I hope you guys can show me some cool new features.

See you next week

Subject says it all...

"next major release, which will be Amarok 2.2"

Are we going to see the equalizer on Amarok 2.2?

Base on the following KDE mailing list thread: xine backend equalizer plugin [patch]

and on phonon xine-backend update:

equalizer effect on the xine-backend is already available.

Finally, somebody listened to the feature requests! Thanks! Now I just need the QueueManager back, and I can switch over to Amarok 2.1.1.

I like the idea of being able to hide the context view too but so far cant find the option :( where is it?

Settings -> Configure Amarok: General - [ ] Hide context view


I could use such a ticket. Since I have almost no more money left for the rest of the month, I cannot affort to buy a ticket. But nethertheless, it would be nice to attend LinuxTagm since I have some spare time and I am sure you Guys want some personal feedback. And I also think "Developer" is a much smarter bug tracking system than "Bugzilla" ;)

I really enjoy the new 2.1.1. Although, I do not understand why there is no more maintenance release for 2.1. Surely there are some bugs left. Or want you those to be adressed in 2.2?

it does not say there will be no more maintenance releases, it says this is the first maintenance release before the major release of 2.2 so there could be more to come

Lydia, part of the team wrote on her blog that there won't be likely any more releases in 2.1.x series. I guess that's what he's talking about

Please give us a valid E-Mail address then...

Where can i find kubuntu jaunty packages? Is there a PPA or something? Dont want to build it myself and google doesnt help

deb jaunty main

This will update kde to version 4.3-beta2 also, be carefull because it can cause problems with package-dependencies.

sorry this was an error, this is right:

deb jaunty-backports main

I believe ppa repo from this news: will work with 2.1.1 too, but maybe packages aren't built yet

deb jaunty main

this will also update KDE to version 4.3-beta2, be carefull if you don't want that...

the packages in this repo are still 2.1.0

oh sorry I was wrong... I got it from the "official" backports repository:

deb jaunty-backports main restricted universe multiverse

$ apt-cache policy amarok
Installiert: 2:2.1.1mysql5.1.30-0ubuntu1~jaunty1
Kandidat: 2:2.1.1mysql5.1.30-0ubuntu1~jaunty1
*** 2:2.1.1mysql5.1.30-0ubuntu1~jaunty1 0
500 jaunty-backports/main Packages

Hello guys,

very nice work again, I love the new amarok! A little thing: could you make the "show cover" window resizable? That should be very easy... It would be cool too to add the possibility to zoom out or in, especially if the cover has a resolution larger than the monitor!
Thanks a lot for all the great work!


I still terribly miss the little icons in the main window to toggle on/off repeat and "random track". It is not good to have this options only in the drop-down menu. There is no way to see if repeat or random is toggled on by simply looking at the main-window...

Great that amarok has become so good that we can discuss such details ;)

What is the recommended way of synchronizing song stats between Amarok and an iPod? It doesn't appear obvious in 2.1, so I'm assuming this will improve for 2.2?

Great work. But, I terribly miss one thing from other players: info about the files or streams I'm playing. For example, when I listen to a stream, there's no info about its bitrate. There's also no info about other fields in streams and files, like the encoder used (I use FooBar2000 in Windows for example, and it tells me stuff like "aoTuV" for Vorbis streams and "LAME" for MP3, either in the statusline or in the properties dialog of the item in question).

Is it so hard to implement this?
I don't think so, becouse all other players support this.

well, than do it

wow, i'm wondering how THIS never ever come in my mind...
very, very helpfull comment

There is cue sheet support since... Amarok 2.1, iirc.

did you ever try it?
obviously not, you have just read the changelog, but it is NOT working!, yet...

Do you still have LinuxTag tickets you want do get rid of? ;-)
If that is the case, I want one. --> mlooz @
Special reasons why I should get one ... um, I once bought music from magnatune over amarok. Does that count?

Is it possible to switch the ugly "Audi-buttons" to something more KDE-ish?

nope, still 1.4 was better... if you only would call it 2.0beta we would know what we are getting... I think a "release" should be an improvement on a previous version, not something that still has to catch up. Let's see if 2.2 will deserve to be a "real" release...

Amarok 2.0 is ok, but seems to be more like everyone else. I like the 1.4 version, EQ, analyzer, playlise settings for very large library, customizable buttons and looks. It would be best if Amarok had a offering to install the older 1.4 OR 2.0 versions. Choices are great.
all new flavors of linux come with 2.0 installed or available, and no choice to install the older version on synaptic or Linux Mint software managers. it is possible if an older repository is added - but how long will they stay available. lust when people are very happy with a version
it gets replaced. 1.4 is my favorite player of any audio player out there. Linux Mint 7 user.

first of all, I appreciate all your work, keep it up!!

What's bothering me since the last two releases is, I keep reading of the improved use of space in the context browser. But the albums-applet seems to keep ignoring it's remaining space. This can't be that big of deal, right? Also, I think the size of the album cover (also in the album-applet) should be custumizable, these tiny icons aren't that useful for me.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, since 2.1.1 has an IMHO annoying feature which I can't disable: It creates a folder named "music" (resp. "Musik" in German).
I already have a folder for my music (named "music"), and I don't need a new one, and I want to have control over the folders in my home directory.

I didn't find anything for that in the amarokrc, please tell me how to disable that behaviour. Thanks in advance!

... I've just found out that this was the fault of the RecordStreams script.
I can change the output folder there.

Hey, another great release that squashed some bugs I'd been having. I hate to sound like I'm nagging, but is it in the works to rate songs from the playlist by clicking the stars? It's sweet that I can now customize the view to show the ratings stars, but I always want to rate songs that aren't playing yet. I always forget to rate songs while they're playing! Also, I don't know if that customizable view thing I saw on YouTube is going to make it in, but it's awesome!

There were so many people voting for an audiocd support, and there were even a patch.
But it's not included, right? :(

Audio CD support will be in 2.2.