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Narwhal - Amarok 2.0 RC 1 released

Today the Amarok project releases Narwhal, the release candidate of the upcoming Amarok 2.0.

The changes since Beta 3 focus mostly on fixing bugs, as we are in a fairly hard feature-freeze to give us time to polish the final product. However, this didn't stop us from adding a few nice new things:
  • Users' Recommended radio is now shown in the Last.Fm Service.
  • Playlist browser items can be deleted and renamed using the keyboard.
  • Basic and Advanced view when editing a filename scheme are synchronized.
  • Added delete button to Advanced view for defining a filename scheme.
  • Importer for iTunes libraries now allows you to import your statistics from iTunes.
  • The settings dialog now remembers the page that was last used.
  • Track information can be edited from the file browser.
In addition, there are the following changes:
  • User playlists added from files are now updated on collection rescans, so any changes in the file are reflected in the SQL playlist.
  • Layout refactoring in the Organize Collection dialog.
  • Enabled scrobbling by default when login is supplied.
  • "Show active track" has been moved from the playlist context menu to the playlist toolbar
  • The video and applet have been removed for now as they are not ready for final release. They will be readded in later releases.
There are, of course, a ton of bugfixes. See the full ChangeLog further below for all the goodies.

Photo copyright 2007 by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Wolves

A lot of great new scripts have shown up on Give them a try and enjoy.

Packages are available through your distributions package manager, the KDE-on-Windows installer (beta release only) and from the Mac download page (beta release only). Additionally the tarball can be downloaded here:
md5sum: 410863050e5de95df82106cc9dfe486a

Has your favourite Amarok 1.4 feature not been added to 2.0 yet, or perhaps something you read about on someone's blog has not yet shown up? Not to worry -- we've got a large number of things on our plate waiting to go once 2.0 is out the door. So expect to see lots of new, great things being added in short order, plus the return of some old favourites. Have a look at the Amarok 2 FAQ to find answers to the most common questions about Amarok 2.



  • Users' Recommended radio is now shown in the Last.Fm Service.
  • Playlist browser items can be deleted and renamed using the keyboard. (BR 175116)
  • Basic and Advanced view when editing a filename scheme are synchronized.
  • Added delete button to Advanced view for defining a filename scheme.
  • Importer for iTunes libraries now allows you to import your statistics from iTunes.
  • The settings dialog now remembers the page that was last used.
  • Track information can be edited from the file browser. (BR 172812)


  • Video and applet have been disabled. They are not ready for release.
  • Ipods and MTP devices auto-connect again for usability.
  • Ipod Collections can now delete multiple tracks at once.
  • User playlists added from files are now updated on collection rescans, so any changes in the file is reflected in the SQL playlist.
  • Layout refactoring in the Organize Collection dialog.
  • Enabled scrobbling by default when login is supplied.
  • Amarok now allows opening of video files again. (BR 174267)
  • "Show active track" has been moved from the playlist context menu to the playlist toolbar.


  • Last playing track on exit now selected on startup. (BR 168789)
  • Update Collection works now correctly, only scanning the necessary dirs. (BR 169602)
  • In Organize Collection, the "Collection root" token is now fixed at the beginning of the filename scheme. (BR 175376)
  • Resize handle now appears in OS X. (BR 170199)
  • Do not deselect album when right clicking on header. (BR 175527) (BR 174584)
  • Correctly sort tracks when dragging and dropping directly to the playlist. (BR 175023)
  • Clearing the playlist turns Dynamic Mode off. (BR 174514)
  • Make sure user has edited a text field manually before overwriting that tag. (BR 174878)
  • Podcast episodes and channels can be dragged directly from the playlistbrowser onto the playlist. (BR 175162)
  • Multiple fixes and improvements for the Wikipedia applet.
  • Playback no longer stops when Last.Fm service config is closed. (BR 174943)
  • Fix issue with tracks from SQL playlists that were added from collection scanning not having proper metadata until after a restart.
  • Fix duplicate playlists being added on collection rescanning. (BR 173180)
  • OSD timer resets when song changes. (BR 175030)
  • Fix crash when dragging albums to the bottom of the playlist. (BR 174786)
  • Fixed update of preview string in Organize Collection when switching collections.
  • Fix playlist behaviour when adding a track that is already playing (BR 174634)
  • Jamendo Service: Remove some sorting modes that caused the database to choke as the result sets became too large. Will be revisisted post 2.0.0. (BR 174851)
  • Fixed possible crash with reading wav files. Patch by Peter van Fessem . (BR 174819)
  • Amarok 1.4 database importer would skip tracks in some collections. (BR 174329) (BR 174444)
  • OSD renders correctly on track changes.
  • Podcasts are correctly stored to the database. (BR 172688)
  • Lyrics aren't refetched when irrelevant track metadata is changed. (BR 174678)
  • Don't show transfer popups when copying tracks to a collection and overwriting files. (BR 174533)
  • When organising files, "Ignore The" logic was inverted.
  • Do not reload scripts that are already active. (BR 174601)
  • Pressing Stop while fade-out is running will no longer restart the fading. (BR 173528)
  • Fixed problem with Amarok sometimes not advancing to the next track.
  • Wikipedia and Lyrics applets now update with streams. (BR 172715)
  • Ampache Service: Do not crash if login is incorrect on startup.
  • Playback control buttons now respects the current color theme. (BR 169268)
  • Fix scripted services not resetting content when filter is cleared.
  • Dynamic playlist no longer locks up requiring a restart of the application. (BR 173776)
  • Correctly load m3u playlists. (BR 171595)
  • Made the Load action start playback correctly like the Append action.
  • Correctly load m3u playlists. (BR 171595)
  • Fixed metadata updating for Shoutcast streams.


Hello guys,
Today morning I sent you a small donation for your contribution to such a nice player. It makes me more happy that today also RC is released. And I also can see the scanning collection bug has been fixed. I wish RC was in my repos as soon as possible.

Keep up the good work, guys.


Hm. I downloaded the packages from, seems, that the RC1 is not included there…
Where can I download the RC1 for OS X?
Or is the just not updated yet?

Seems like RC1 might be in MacPorts--I'm compiling on one of my boxes now to see how it works. The packages on are quite out of date as of this writing.

Amarok 2 rc1 screenshot tour :

Just installed this onto Mandriva 2009 and it's runing very nicely indeed. It's great to see how fast KDE 4 and Amarok 2 are advancing these days. Leep up the great job! To do my part I'll try to translate as much as possible.

It seems the package has been built with KDE 4.1.3 (i.e. with backports repository enabled). I'm unable to install the RC under Intrepid with KDE 4.1.2 (which is the standard supported install).

I get:
Depends: kdelibs5 (>= 4:4.1.3) but 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu11 is to be installed

This should be clearly said on Kubuntu's announcement. I would rather not enable backports, it makes it hard after that to do bugreports, especially when it's KDE that is backported...

Same problem, I can't find any solution in any Forum.

When I tried to install it on Ubuntu I got the following message :

E: /var/cache/apt/archives/amarok-nightly_20081124.7+svn888504-0neon1_i386.deb: tentative de remplacement de « /opt/amarok-nightly/share/kde4/servicetypes/plasma-scriptengine.desktop », qui appartient aussi au paquet amarok-nightly-kdelibs


sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/amarok-nightly*

This works! if you were using the amarok-kde4 package from ubuntu you need to change it to

sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/amarok-kde4*


Enable backports and you should be ready to pull in the changes.

Nowhere it is said that backports have to be enabled. Enabling backports puts you in the "non supported" category by default.

In that case, it should just be said that Amarok2 will not work on Intrepid until you are using the non supported KDE 4.2.x from backports.

If I do this, I cut myself off from any support. It seems I will have to go back to Amarok 1.4... :-(

Backports will NOT give you KDE 4.2 but 4.1.3.

Oopps, you're right, I missed that, that was clear in my previous post (kdelibs5 (>= 4:4.1.3) but 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu11 ...)

Why can't Amarok2 be built on 4.1.2 like the other betas were before RC1 ?

I'm wondering when will Amarok work on Windows without the usage of the KDE packages... is that not until the final release, or will that be a future release?

Amarok 2 is already available natively on Windows. It has been compiled for Windows in Windows. So have all the KDE packages, which are required to run Amarok.

You cannot, and will never be able to run Amarok without kdelibs. This has no impact on whether a build is native or not.

you're talking about "KDE for Windows" right?
or is there some other way to do it also?

KDE for Windows isnt showing amarok 2, is there any other way amarok 2 can be installed on my win xp pc?
thank u

im all new to this
tried "kde for windows" for the first time today but found older version of amarok there.

Why is there no update for KDE on Windows? All of the mirrors allow for the 4.1.3 Amarok 1.94 update and no further.

Ditto. This is my first time using KDE for Windows, but I'm only finding version 1.94 on any of the servers and on any of the releases (4.1.3, 4.1.2, etc). Does anyone else know how to find it for windows? Thanks.

Does importing from Amarok 1.4.x collection work now? I've tried it twice now with the beta3 and the svn version from the 22th of Nov. In beta3 it didn't work at all and in the svn it worked but my collection was missing a large chunck of its covers. Has anyone had good luck with the importing of collections with the new RC1 so far?



The FAQ from the linked page still claims 'no, but probably will for the release'.
So this either isn't a proper RC, or there are no plans to support migrations in the 'dot ohh' release.

I still miss the queue feature of tracks in amarok.

But why is it called "narwhal" and then there are pictures of wolves?-)

When will the amarok nightly sources work again?

or is there another way to get way more fresh copies of amarok?

Seem to work fine here. They were broken for a week or so, but have been fixed some days ago.

Has the queue manager been reimplemented yet? otherwise i think i will use the old version amarok as long as possible since that is the feature i use most. And i really missed it when i tried the beta(or was it an alpha, don't remeber) version. Anyway amarok rocks big time.

nevermind saw the blogpost a bit down. puuuh, now i sleep again :)

I was using Amarok on Windows XP and decided to test the "Organize Files" option and my computer freaked out and went through an endless loop of errors; I eventually gave up and had to unplug my computer and reboot. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yea I told it to organize on the last beta, and it ate my music collection, so i just may avoid having it organize the collection, at least not until 2.1 or something.

Please give us exact steps to reproduce in a bug report at

Sorry for the newbie question...
How do I get Amarok 2 RC 1?
I am not that familiar with Ubuntu yet and I'm not sure what the 43LL to do!!
The version I have won't work with my 1st gen iPod and I'm hoping that it will with this Beta version. Can't get worse!

Any help out here??


Je suis passé sur Mac OSX pour des raisons de nécessité et Amarok m'a beaucoup fait défaut. iTunes est loin d'arriver dans sa gestion de la music au pied d'Amarok.

Je suis un linuxien à la base, j'ai changé pour Mac OSX car c'est un bon compromis à mon sens entre la stabilité et la performance et le choix logiciel qui m'est nécessaire dans le cadre de mon travail. J'ai tenté d'installer la version d'Amarok via Airport mais sans succès et je m'y attelais encore il y a moins d'une semaine lorsqu'un ami ma envoyé la bonne nouvelle par Adium, Amarok2 est disponible en .dmg!!! Quel bonheur!

Félicitations à tous les programmeurs anonymes qui développe ce logiciel pour le bien de tous dans l'anonymat le plus complet et j'espère que leurs noms seront au générique de fin ;)

Sinon j'espère que cette porte ouverte fera passer le plus de personne de la merde de médiaplayer ou de la moins merde d'itunes vers cette super application qu'est amarok.

Pour ce qui est de l'amélioration, j'ai juste un peu de mal à scanner ma bibliothèque musicale qui se trouve sur un autre disque que le disque principal. iTunes ma mis le souk dans ma bibliothèque musical, c'est vraiment n'importe quoi! J'avoue aussi que l'importation depuis itunes, une fois que j'ai créé un lien symbolique vers ma librairie vers un dossier dans mes documents sur le disque principale, foire un peu.

Hi, i'm an italian user, and very satisfyied of all the amarok features.

But I'm still waiting for a service of grouping and organization of audio-video podcast. Something like the itunes Store podcasting. That, I think, should be a very powerful service, the only one still I wait for.

Very thanks you amarok guys. And thanks for making that avalaible for Os X. You are the thing I better remember of the linux world.

I'm already using amarok on my kubuntu box, but i need to get it to work on my vista box too... and the problem is that whichever server I select, I get to see 1.94, and not 1.98. RC1 is 1.98 right? If it is, can some1 tell me which specific server am I supposed to go to from the kde-win installer?

I already posted this on here, but in case you missed it:


I'm happy, really happy! Now, with this RC, amarok plays my flac-ripped-collection. And finally, amarok scan my definded folders - slowly but it works.

Thanks to the devs my heart will be on your way =)


I understand you want to make Amarok more user-friendly and whatnot, what with MySQL needing no user configuration, but what about all of us that have already gone through the trouble of configuring a PostgreSQL database for Amarok 1.x?

...How about you make Amarok 2.x use MySQL by default, and allow PostgreSQL as an option for those who have a database from 1.x already? PLEASE?


I guess I'll stick with 1.4 until I find/write something with Postgresql support

I now have Amarok 2 RC1 running on Kubuntu Intrepid and it's playing music. Well and good. The UI certainly has changed a lot, but I'm willing to try it out for a while before whining.

Two questions:

(1) I seem unable to import .m3u playlists saved with Amarok 1.4. They were not picked up when scanning the collection, and if I navigate to them in the Files tab and try to load them, nothing happens. Is this expected to work at this point? Surely there must be some way to import .m3u files?

(2) Amarok doesn't seem to have a graphic equalizer anymore. Am I missing it somehow, or is it on the to-do list for a future release?

TIA for any answers you can provide.

A partial answer on (1): Amarok didn't automatically import my old playlists from ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/playlists/, and the File tab wouldn't let me navigate into .kde (it doesn't show invisible files), so I had copied the .m3u files to ~, not realizing that they contained relative paths. So, of course, the files wouldn't load, though it's unfortunate that there was no "files not found" error report. After fixing the paths in the files, I was able to import the .m3u files manually. So I think the real issue here is that Amarok 2 should have automatically picked up my old saved playlists, and there should have been some visual feedback about invalid entries in the relocated playlist files.

I have one more issue now:

(3) When I "Append to Playlist", the first appended file starts playing immediately if nothing else is playing already. This often is not what I want; sometimes I'm just building playlists to save, and it's annoying to have things start playing unexpectedly. Can we have an option in the future to disable this behavior?

I installed and ran Amarok 2 on Ubuntu Intrepid and it works fine. But I hope coming features will include a way to get rid of sections you don't want/need to display in the Amarok window. As for now, I can slide them open/closed, but they reappear as soon as I switch between the file, playlist, etc tabs. Besides, I used to love being able to enlarge the CD artwork in Amarok 1.4 and show it off. Now I can't do that.
I haven't found a way to display all the songs linked to the album I'm listening to, either, unless I go to the collection tab.
I feel Amarok 2 is to Amarok 1.4 what Vista is to XP: a mess and a loss of functionality, or, more exactly, functionality so redundant that becomes messy. If I want a lot of sections giving me tons of info I don't need about the music I'm listening to, I can use Banshee or Songbird. Now I can't see the difference between Amarok and those programs.
And those oversized play and stop buttons!! I'm not that blind!
Amarok was THE program that made me love Linux when I was leaving Windows. Please, don't become windows-like.