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Nerrivik - Beta 1 of Amarok 2.0 released!

The Amarok team is proud to announce the first beta version of Amarok 2, codenamed Nerrivik, released after days of hard work during this year's Akademy in Belgium. It contains a considerable amount of improvements over the previous alpha versions, bringing Amarok one step closer to the 2.0 release.

Thanks again for sending bug reports, patches and giving feedback. Amarok's development is heading towards 2.0 with an incredible rate, let's keep it that way!

Please be aware that the database scheme changed since alpha 2 and you will need to delete collection.db in Amarok's settings folder (often in ~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok or ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok) if you have used any previous version of Amarok 2.

The highlights of this first beta version are the scripting interface, AFT, new artwork and of course many bugfixes. The scripting interface has matured and script authors are encouraged to explore the new possibilities QtScript offers. The scripting interface might still change but those changes will be minor. Amarok File Tracking (AFT) helps you keep your playcounts, ratings and a lot more file related information that Amarok keeps in its database, even if you move files around in your file system. It has now been brought back to Amarok 2 and will be improved even more in future releases. To find out more about AFT you can read Jeff Mitchell's blogentry about it. The interface was improved a lot by new artwork provided by Nuno Pinheiro and a new splash screen by Wade Olson.

based on a photo by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Wolves,

md5sum: 823fcaea9450110bc9ea9fceba674b4e

Some of the changes since alpha 2:


  • Inline editing of tracks in the Collection is now possible.
  • Album moves can be undone
  • Grouped albums can be moved in the playlist by draggin the album header
  • Track moves in the playlist can now be undone
  • Gapless playback.
  • New "fuzzy" bias type, which matches values loosely.
  • Collection Setup automatically expands to show selected directories. (BR 123637)
  • Tag editing and file deletion for MTP devices
  • Add toolbox to context view
  • Allow selecting multiple playlist items.
  • Implement "Move to collection" functionality in file browser.
  • Saving/loading of biased playlists.
  • Improved script console
  • Set items in directory selector to partially checked when relevant. patch by Sebastian Trueg
  • Album is now added to the playlist when clicked in Albums applet.
  • Trigger play/pause when middle-clicking systray icon. (BR 167162)
  • New start flag --multipleinstances allows to run multiple instances of Amarok.
  • Full cover support for Nepomuk collection
  • Search local collection for albums to show in the album applet when playing non local content
  • Context view state is saved on exit and restored on start up.
  • New functions available to the scripting interface, under Amarok.Info.


  • New filename scheme widget in the Organize Collection dialog.
  • New laylout of the main toolbar using the new graphics.
  • Greatly reduced memory usage when using dynamic playlists.
  • Reworked layout and more intuitive interface in the Guess Tags from Filenames dialog.
  • New artwork by Nuno Pinheiro and Wade Olson
  • Better zooming animation in the context view
  • Better usage of the available space in the context view.
  • Show url in the playlist if track has no name. patch by Edward Hades (BR 167171)


  • Fix crash when dragging media from an external source (or the file browser) to the playlist (BR 169035)
  • Fix crash when opening the setting dialog (BR 169215)
  • Many fixes to the behavior of the playlist when dragging things around.
  • Don't pop up multiple cover search dialogs when cancelling search in the Cover Manager (BR 167462)
  • Amarok would not respect the user's changes in the cover search dialog.
  • Amarok would submit tracks to lastfm reguardless of whether the user chose to enable scrobbling.
  • OSD translucency works now. (BR 166567)
  • Use name based sorting of tracks without a track number (fixes sorting in shoutcast and cool streams services)
  • Don't try to scan the whole $HOME on first startup.
  • Don't pop up the OSD after changing Amarok settings. (BR: 168197)
  • Fix crash when exiting while collection scan was running. (BR 167872)
  • Automatically re-authenticate connection if the Ampache server has logged us out. (BR 166958)
  • Status bar now allows shrinking main window beyond it's width and does not enlarge main window by itself. Patch by Daniel Molkentin (BR 166832)
  • Submit tracks to also when playing Radio. (BR 164156)
  • Check if the file is writable before allowing the tags to be edited in SqlMeta. ( BR 122797 )
  • Properly insert items dragged from the collection view. (BR: 166609)
  • Don't remove all the tracks in the group when removing the first. (BR: 167251)
  • Only increment playcount if we've played more than half of the song. (BR 121587)
  • Added protection against endless looping when a playlist contains only unplayable tracks.
  • Missing default playlist does not produce error message now. (BR 167385)
  • Fixed playlist bias drop-down box showing multiple empty and duplicate entries. (BR 167153)
  • Fixed the "Toggle Main Window" shortcut. (BR 167218)
  • Script manager now could stop scripts which use qt bindings.
  • Fix crash when calling GetCaps from the DBus Player interface
  • Update album applet on track change. (BR 167256)

Packages are available through your package manager for most Linux distributions and trough the KDE-on-Windows installer on Windows.

If you want to help us get Amarok 2.0 ready for final release drop by in #amarok or #rokymotion on freenode. We will appreciate any kind of help from translating, documentation writing through writing code and promoting.

Enjoy beta 1 and watch as the wolf is growing :-)
The Amarok 2 FAQ addresses some of the questions you might have about Amarok 2.



Wow, it gets better and better. My MUST HAVE application. I'm using a new tablet PC and everytime i show off my amarok on it to my friends I get am "aaaaahhhhwwwww"....

Will it be packaged for intrepid ? Maybe in the kde members ppa?

Again. Great job everbody involved.

Reply to myself. Amarok-kde4 1.90 has arrived in intrpid

Interface has improved, beatifully!!!
i really didn't like the previous one.....
thanks to all the developers.....

Guys? Where did the queuing option gone?

Sounds great - screenshots?

Guys, please fix the news' template. It's completely broken as I see it in Firefox 3.

How are settings, scores, etc. from 1.x treated ? Are they migrated ? What should be backed up in case v2 screws up ?

I dont think anything is migrated at the moment but ths will probably be somewhere on the roadmap.

Well, if Amarok 2 means trashing all settings and ratings and starting from scratch, I don't think many people will upgrade, do you ?

Can I still get this through sudo apt-get install amarok-nightly? thanks.

Will there be support for Amarok 1.x coolest feature, moodbar? ;)

Moodbar won't be the part of Amarok until 2.1 or 2.2.

Moodbar (as you know it in amarok 1.4) is probably never going to be part of amarok again. We're aiming for useful features, and moodbar simply does not provide enough use, just pretty pictures. Theres some other potential replacements coming that we are looking into, that are much more complete

I assume someone could do it themself using a plasmoid and script, right?

I have to disagree, I love the moodbar feature, you can easily see when singing starts, or when a break in a song is, so if you want to hear one section or skip to after the introduction, you can. It has saved me buckets of time in the past.

Waht about integrating moodbar with the "seek slider"? Would be a perfect match

Yes, I too find the moodbar useful, and not just pretty pictures. It's nice to be able to skip past long silence to exactly where the song starts, or to see where the chorus starts, and so on.

I'm following amarok-nightly repository since it was released to the public, so I decided to post my opinion here for the first time.

I'm sorry, but I didn't liked amarok 2.

I know that this is developed by many talented programmers, and you are giving everything to make amarok the best media player ever (IMHO it IS already the best one ;). I know that and I really congratulate you folks.

But two things that I most like about amarok (1.4) has changed in a way that I didn't liked.

First the playlist: I love the "text" box upper the playlist so I could filter my playlist and find the song I want in that exactly moment and play it, or sometimes during a playlist play I want to stop and listen for songs for a specific author, and I just typed the author name and I start to listen just him, and if I don't want this anymore, I just clean what is in the search box and all my full playlist shows there. Also, I can't order my musics by length, or by song name, or by author name as I did in amarok 1.4 with just clicking on the table title.

Second the "plasmoids like stuff": Having lyrics in one tab and Wikipedia in another tab, is much better than having everything on my screen. I don't read 2 texts at the same time, so I don't need to have wikipedia AND lyrics on the screen at the same time. This just take screen space, and doesn't add nothing positive to it.

Thanks for amarok :)

Well, at least the Amarok "plasmoids thingy" comes with a toolbox now, so you can switch between displays to see different things.
And, I'm sure the filter will be one of those essential features they'll include when the rest of the player is stable...

the problems you described ain't fundamental and easy to fix, so please no tragedy, because it really pisses people off.

you play tragedy for corporation because they won't hear you otherwise, and software libre is not like that.

and easy -> and are easy

In bugzilla the wishlist item for the playlist filter is listed for milestone 2.1, not 2.0, but a comment says it will be in 2.0:
So I am confused, is it really not going to come out until 2.1, or is it going to make it into 2.0? I love Amarok 2, this is the only feature now preventing me from using it.

I have to agree. The interface in 1.4 is damn near perfect for my use. The 2.0 interface takes up a whole lot more space while showing me less of what I actually want to see.

Will there be a way to use the "traditional" layout in 2.0?

I don't like three-column websites, and I like this even less in software...

thanks, a lot, coming out great!!

Amarok is awesome, and it's even *more* awesome because you can control it remotely using your (soon-to-be-released) Google Android phone. (Take that, Apple iTunes remote!)

Here's the GPL'ed Android app that works with the Amarok 1.4 series. I'm working on getting it working with the new 2.0 beta, hopefully it has native MPRIS support now. :)

i'm having a problem with viewing actual songs in my collection i can see the artist album artwork but no songs any idea? im using kubuntu btw

Delete the amarok2 settings folder.

figured it out thanks for your comment anyways any idea when they are making a package for ktorrent?

Is Amarok-Plasma ever going to be fixed, or is it simply going to generate an empty space in the middle of the program until 2.1? I'm having the same problems as before (no appets work), and the new Zoom In/Zoom Out feature is good for crashing Amarok with 100% accuracy...

plasmids work for except the lyrics applet and guess what i can't remove it so i'm stuck with a stupid lyrics applet on my amarok which all it can say is hello! world.

Amarok 2.0 works great, but could we now work on improving the visual styles?

Please give it a more modern look and not this "sea of grey".

remember the new Linux motto: "Pretty is a feature"!!!! =)

Also, when can we expect Windows versions for the computers we're not allowed to put Linux on?
This would totally open up the market. Amarok can be what WinAmp used to be in the '90's.

I didn't know I could do bold, so let's try again.

Prettyisa feature!! =)

It's probably the greatest piece of software coming from the open source world. (next to Firefox)
Students all over the world are looking forward to the 2.0 "iTunes killer".

nopy, sry, that is xbmc. ;)

I'm trying it in WXP, the design delivers a fine experience, but for sound geeks like me it still lacks of features like a good equalizer, and a way to read another directories. I hope that the final version can read the NTFS partition like the current version (i store my music on WXP)
Good job fellas, keep it up

i'm very curious about 2.0. and looking forward to the final release. is doing a great job, very stable and it's hard to find bugs, so i'll stick with this version until...

i think that amarok is an incredible application and very versatile, stable, complete. i started using it some years ago and never got disappointed. many many many congrats to all the developers! amarok makes my Linux experience much nicer.

I was so excited to finally try the beta ("unstable") of Amarok on windows xp. I don't like it the new interface. It lost the intuitive feel I got from you 1.x series. As it stands now I'm gonna stick with foobar in windows and when I get back to using ubuntu I will only install the 1.x series of amarok unless I'm forced out.

Hi Amarok dev team, I am very impressed with your work on Amarok 2.0 so far!

It all looks very promising, and I am sure that releasing Amarok as a Windows, Linux and Mac(eventually??) operating system release will be a huge catalyst for Amarok.



not to be a jerk...but you used catalyst in the wrong context here.

Good to see Amarok 2 progressing nicely. Most things are working for me, but the collection list is way to easy to confuse. It can't handle multiple disc collections (only tested various artists at this stage) at the moment. Initially the collection is scanned as individual artists, but to move a multi disc collection into various artists creates multiple entries of the album with all tracks listed in each entry. Also since the tracks are listed as 1_track_name.mp3; 2_track_name.mp3 etc... the end result is a list of 1_track_name.mp3; 1_track_name.mp3; 2_track_name.mp3; 2_track_name.mp3 etc. It also confuses the playlist as to the ordering of tracks. 1.4 got it's track list and disc number from tags which worked a treat, so I'm guessing that 2.0 isn't honoring tag settings just yet. Rescanning the collection isn't working properly for me either. I have to delete Amarok settings in order for it to recognize I have more than 1 album and three tracks.

These are just minor annoying things and Amarok is still the best media player on any platform. Can't wait for final.

but doesn't photoshopping count as a derivative work?

im used to amarok 1.4 series way of dealing with my ipod... however in amarok 2 i don't see a devices tab on the left side - even after plugging in the ipod. i've looked around the setting and such too. perhaps im missing something...

anyone know about this?

I absolutely ADORE Amarok, but I'm a Windows user after switching from openSUSE, and I want to install Amarok already. But the installation seems too goddamn complicated, and I never managed to actually install Amarok 2 on my Vista.

serves you right for using vista

Phaha. I used to be just like that. Till you realize that Vista is just a fancier XP. And sorry to say so, but XP got old, and I needed a change. I would've kept Linux, but I had conflicting interests.

wouldn't it be about time for a new beta or is development currently going slow? the last alpha and this beta came out on the 22th of the last 2 month and the next would be tomorrow... so can we expect a new beta then? :)

Hi. First of all thanks for a wonderful program. I use it all the time.

And now the "constructive critics". I think the 1.x interface was way better. The new one is too messy and looks too "bloated". I also liked from the 1.x series the "spectrum" bars (I don't know how to call them). It seems silly but I really miss them, it gives Amarok a nice touch.
And please, try to make Amarok a little more "little" :P. Now, with all the information Amarok is pretending to display (TABS+INFO+PLAYLIST), theres no room and I can't read the song names without maximizing Amarok. Why don't you show all the options using tabs (like in 1.x) ?.
I think the main reason for using Amarok is loosing protagonism. That would be, listening to music. Who needs a program for listening to music that doesn't show the ENTIRE name of the song (without being maximized).

Well, I hope you don't react badly to my critics. They are just that, critics. If you don't care about my opinions, just ignore them. Peace.

No, your criticism is very welcome as you present it in a constructive way. I am not sure I agree with all points though :-)

as for the bloated look, I personally like this new look better, but then again, I have had a long time to get used to it.

The "spectrum bars" ( I think you are referring to our graphical analysers in Amarok 1.4.x ) are unfortunately not implemented yet. This is mainly because of Phonon ( the audio abstraction layer we use for Amarok 2 ) does not support the freatures we need to make this ( yet ). I am pretty sure it is something that will turn up again sooner rather than later. Most likely as an applet that can be added to the context view.

With regards to the size of Amarok 2, notice that 3 main parts ( browsers, context view and playlist ) can all be resized individually. This means that on a small screen, you could just minimize the context view to 0 width which will save you a lot of space. Since the new playlist is not based on columns, it can actually be resized to a much narrower size than the one in Amarok 1.4.x and still be usable. All in all, this means that Amarok 2, as I see it, can actually be run in a smaller window and still be usable than Amarok 1.4.x ever could.

The main reason for not using tabs the way it was done in 1.4.x is that we really wanted to show off all our cool context info more, and, just as importantly, some of the info that is shown in the context view is now linked with whatever you are browsing in the browser panel ( service info applet ). This means that it makes sense to be able to show the browsers and the context view at the same time.

Hope this answers some of your criticism! :-)