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Only Time Will Tell - Amarok 2.0.2 released

Amarok 2.0.2
The Amarok team is proud to bring you Amarok 2.0.2, codenamed "Only Time Will Tell". It is a stability update for the Amarok 2.0 series.

Our primary focus is on the upcoming 2.1 feature release, but we have fixed a number of the most critical and annoying bugs present in
Get Amarok 2.0.2 while it is fresh, and keep Amarokin'. And remember, good things are on the way! Check our blogs for updates.


  • Show a statusbar message when loving a lastfm track.
  • Show error message when Wikipedia information cannot be retrieved.


  • Fix showing of book information from the LibriVox service.
  • Don't crash if a script has uncaught exceptions.
  • Open ogg files in Amarok when using Dolphin and other file managers. Patch thanks to Lubos Lunak . (BR 180155)
  • Fix podcast episodes not ordered right because of incorrect parsing of pubdate. (BR 181338)
  • Fix crash in tagdialog when editing tracks without an artist. (BR 183180)
  • Statistics were not calculated properly in all instances. (BR 182025)
  • Compilation fixes on Open Solaris.
  • Trim URL before adding a new podcast.
  • Add Ok button to the podcast configuration dialog to improve usability. (BR 181339)
  • Add tooltips to now playing widget icons.
  • Fix not possible to download episodes from newly added podcast channel. (BR 180851)

Join us in Amarok'ing in a Free World!


We very likely will get nightly builds for Mac soon.

for continu the developpement for mac os X

One of my biggest problems is with the UI and all its silly icons. Please let us turn them off or replace them with custom (none system) icons. The default icons makes amarok2 look pretty tacky.

Are you silly? Default system icons (Oxygen) in KDE 4 are really great! Please, don't make non-system-wide icons in Amarok, it is really stupid when some application doesn't respect system settings (theme, icons, etc.).

Don't be afraid, we Amarok devs love the Oxygen icons too, and there are no plans to exchange them :)

Besides: It's trivial to install a different icon set on KDE...

Does anyone work on getting back sqlite as an option or support is completely dropped? I read about problems with mysql and fPIC mess and would like to avoid having a mysql be it embedded or not. You surely have a problem packing all of this (kdelibs, mysql etc..) for windows and osx... I didn't look how big is archive but my guess is very big. Anyway, I didn't used much amarok1 so I don't miss much and I do like amarok2 but obviously is not ready yet. It seems like everybody these days release alpha versions as something final and that pisses of users, there are many many examples of what for a succesfull project means 1.0 or 2.0, MPlayer for example still isn't 1.0 final after all this time and when it get there I wont be wondering if I can compile em, does everything work, crashes or something like that...

No, SQLite is not fast enough, just think about the Jamendo database. We have to solve the fPIC problems, that's the root of the problem. We are in contect with MySQL about that.

I just want to know when the applet panel will be optional, I really hate that panel.

Come on, when i firstly tried out Amarok2 about half a year ago, the first thing i did was hiding the "middle applet". Even before i tried to play files with it. Now, i actually like the "middle applet". Did you ever use a mouse before?

It is such a shame that the great developers of amarok are getting comments they do not deserve. Going through such a heavy shift in code base, functionality and platform (KDE 3 to 4) while still providing a great music experience is praiseworthy.
I do not have any of those portable players so i cannot account for that side of the program but for the rest of the it I do not see why there is such a fuss. I have been using Amarok2 since its alpha 2 stage and even back then i was surprised at how relatively stable it was. There were few buttons that would crash the program so i had to learned to not press them, but by next release the problem would be gone. That is very impressive for a project of this scale without commercial support (as far as i am aware).
The announcement was quite clear in stating that features from 1.4 will eventually come back in later releases. So why do people complain about missing features in the early 2.0? Go and use something else while waiting quietly! You are discouraging the developers from working for you with all the negative comments.
And I do not know if those who say "not enough work in X months" are developers or not, but whoever they are, they clearly do not understand all the implications behind getting a functional and bug free software out into the public.

As much as i prefer using ampache, as it gives me the ability to access my music on any computer, amarok is still one of my favorite applications and I take my hat off to its developers.

Agreed. Thanks for saying this. Geoff

Great job guys, I love Amarok 2 and a lot of people do, don't loose hope!

Thanks for making this awesome software, and attempting to make it cross platform
it will definitely replace ITUNES on my mac.
I will throw water on those flamers with a donation!

Thank you very much for the kind words and donation :)

Hello people,
I readed amarok forum, but i did not found reason why Amarok requires moving music from window to window again. Its temporary thing due to KDE4 performance settings or why is this?
Amarok 1 striked me with his intuitive interface, killed my winamp (windows) and showed me music can be managed very comfortably and user does not need many to compile playlist for instance.

Can someone tell Amarok 2 is going to be the same one-window music database like 1 please??

Many thanks for your work!

I tried Amarok 2 in the times it didn't have a ratings system, and I uninstalled it because of that. Now I reinstalled it and now it will definitely stay put. Good job!

When I read the above comments, I see that THE main complaint is the middle panel. Well, why not make a new skin, so that the user can choose between the new layout and something similar to Amarok 1? I read that the code is flexible enough to do this, so why not?

Guest 2.0

Just wanted to say thank you for my all time favorite application, Amarok! Everyone I know loves it too. Will definitely be sending a donation as soon as it is feasible. Keep up the excellent work!

I've been bouncing between XMMS2, MPD, and Amarok for a long time now. I'm sort of on the fence re: 2.x SO FAR. I think the ideas are an advancement but as of yet the implementation in many instances is a decrease in usability. Obviously this is a major work in progress and I think the future is encouraging, but I think there needs to be far more control over the views as a major priority. The playlist needs to have more powerful sort and display properties, which I assume it will in time either integrated or through addons. The context menu items need the ability to be made more compact so that you can fit more information in the space you allot. I suppose this could be done by just making one's own context plugins to use. The underlying concept changes are a major improvement, though not as greatly abstracted as in XMMS2. For my money the current downside is the raw and largely uncontrollable state of the UI. I haven't used 2.0 much since the official 2.0 release as my rebuild of KDE and Amarok for some reason left Amarok unable to play songs that are in directories which contain "[]" in the name. Not sure if that's a KDE or Amarok issue but due to my organization 3/4 of my music is in such directories. I just did a fresh kde base + amarok build so hopefully that's skirted and I can give the latest Amarok a better go-over.

Just wanted to say great work guys! I'm on a Mac and have been looking for a decent alternative to Itunes for a while now. I found out about amarok, tried it out on an Ubuntu virtual machine, and loved it. Have been waiting for it to be stable enough to use on my Mac for a while now, and while it's still a bit buggy, it's enough of the way there to become my primary media player. Let me know how I can help with this project, specifically with respect to getting it fully ported and bug free on macs.

Thanks again!

I tried submitting something to this effect shortly after my last comment but something with NoScript made me not get the Captcha resulting in me being blacklisted (hopefully that's lifted now).

After a fresh install of KDE/Amarok everything was fine (re: not playing dirs with "[" or "]" in the name). I looked into the upcoming features in 4.2 and it addresses most issues. After 4.2 I think is when it becomes fair to judge 4.x. The playlist config editor looks promising and addresses perhaps my biggest current UI gripe. Something analogous to give better (e.g. total) control over existing context modules would be ideal rather than what one could do to resolve issues (edit or make own, more compact context modules).

Things are progressing nicely and by design 4.x marks a big step forward for Amarok imo, it just isn't all there in implementation yet. While I think XMMS2's underlying principals of abstraction are a step above Amarok's, whether 3.x or 4.x Amarok represents the best fully-integrated, all-purpose GUI player and is certainly the best for Linux (Foobar2000 looks like it'd give a good fight on Windows but I'm not in a position to try it). It'll be interesting to compare these two projects further down the line when XMMS2 gets a quality (or decent) GUI frontend by which time this redesigned Amarok will be fully matured and this won't just be a comparison (for me) of theory but rather of the usability of implementation (statement directed more @ XMMS2 as Amarok already has high if imperfect usability).

Eep... 3.x -> 1.x and 4.x -> 2.x obviously.

Having seen other recent open-source music players development, I am wondering if there are any plans for offering a full-supported version of Amarok 2 for PPCs. I know that Songbird and Banshee don't offer any official versions for those machines.

Thanks for the great work! I can't wait to use Amarok on my Mac.

Sure, the only thing standing between a PowerPC package and Amarok 2 is the need for someone to actually make the package ;)

The program itself should run just as well on PPC as it does on other archs, we'd just need someone to help with creating the build. You see, we're currently a bit thin-stretched with packagers for OSX and WIndows.

Any help is welcome :)

I think people should take the oft-rabid criticism of Amarok 2 not as a sign that Amarok 2 isn't any good, but that Amarok 1 was so darned good that it's going to be very hard to match, let alone beat. I know the code wasn't pretty behind the scenes, and it supposedly didn't scale (though it handles my 7000+ songs fine), but the result of that messy code was the best player I've seen.

Amarok 2 is looking good and is seems to get better every time I look again. For the foreseeable future, I'm sticking with Amarok 1 and I hope the devs are taking the "Amarok 1 was awesome" sentiment seriously when deciding what features to implement in Amarok 2. If not, if I'm not the target audience any longer, that's OK. Thanks to all the devs for your work on it (both versions). I'm still hoping Amarok 2 has a bright future.

We are quite aware that in this regard the success of Amarok 1 is, in a sense, working against us. But we also choose to depart from the way Amarok 1 did some thing because we believe that given time, we can do much better. Only time will tell if we are right! :-)

The next major version of Amarok, 2.1.0 will, for instance, build on the playlist that we introduced in Amarok 2.0.0. Although the concept is completely differnt, it actually ends up being, in some ways, much more flexible than the Amarok 1.4.x playlist while still being able to emulate the look and feel of the old style playlist if that is what the user really wishes.

Hi, I just moved to KDE 4.2 and I really like all new apps, especially the new qt4 look. And that's also why I tried Amarok 2. I think that the concept of Amarok 2 is great and I really like it but I miss some very important features.

So, I have only one question: When it will be possible to sort playlist for example by rating? Or is there a plugin for it?

I am not making any pressure, I am just curious :-)

Currently there is no sorting in the playlist, but it is one of our Google Summer of Code ideas for this year that has already received quite a bit of attention. The idea actually goes somewhat beyond anything that Amarok 1 ever had.

That's great news for me, but does that mean, there will be no sorting until summer? Well, I have to survive somehow:-)

To all the mac users, if you want to try out new versions try compiling it with macports or alternatively use svn builds for everything:
Its pretty straight forward, i guess some people don't want to compile things but at least its a good alternative if you have the patience.


A small message to support Amarok devs! I switched to Amarok 1.4 two months ago and it worked fine but I didn't feel impressed that much, as least not as much as the internet buzz was describing it. After upgrading to KDE 4.2 I switched to Amarok 2 and I thought it was a real regression. To test it seriously, I used it every day since the upgrade and I have to say that I'm now quite satisfied with it! I really like the "Dynamic playlist" feature which makes the playlist being some kind of ring buffer.

The misfeatures (let's say bugs) are :

- The Dynamic playlist tends to oftenly replay the same songs as before (though in a different order) between sessions (quit Amarok and launch it later)

- Tags for some files are missing (at least in the dynamic playlist view) eventhough the files do have tags (using MP3 files with ID1.1 tags and Ogg files)

- Updating the tags with an external tool makes Amarok correctly detect it and rescan the collection but the song entries in the dynamic playlist are not updated. The collection zone is updated but sometimes with buggy or missing info.

- Some albums, from time to time and not so often, "loose" their cover picture

- Hiding the Amarok window (close or minimize) and restoring it renders a blank Dynamic playlist. I have to "right click" anywhere in the zone to get the playlist displayed again

- The 4 applet places in the middle zone of the window are NOT configurable. If I remove applets (zone 2, 3 and 4 which I don't care nor use), the change isn't persistent accross Amarok sessions. Restarting Amarok makes them appear again which is annoying (getting HTTP fetches to lyrics and wikipedia on every song change is just a PITA). In zone 1, I don't care about "Current track info" which is redundant with the Dynamic playlist. If I remove it, the albums applet won't expand to use the extra space available. Of course, quitting Amarok and relaunching it brings back the "Current track info". And this applet isn't configurable and uses a way too big font for displaying the text.

- A way to purge dead/broken entries in the MySQL DB should be a good thing too as I'm sure I have some orphans there and buggy entries.

- Please bring back full configurability of OSD popup because it's awfully intrusive for now :-)

All of these annoyances are important from my point of view but I have to admit that Amarok is very good at filling a Dynamic playlist and play songs for more than 10 hours a day !

Devs, keep up the good work and go for experimental playlist ideas and concepts. Evolution needs some distortion of the conventions to really bloom and change people's mind and habits!

Ama-rocks :-)

First of all - keep up the good work. I really like 2 and the philosophy behind. And if synchronizing including transcoding will work one day as perfect as in 1.4.x I will definitively switch over. But after 1/2 year of experience with 2 I will now stop using / trying - it is simply to much effort to synchronize my iAudio 7 (and also in MTP mode, transfer is not working like a charm and there are no transcoding options...). there any chance that a new Amarok 2 version runs alongside Amarok 1? Amarok 1 was so powerful, that it is really hard to move on to a completely different player (which Amarok 2 definately is). It would make the change much easier if you could install both players on the same system and use either of it whenever you want to!

It is possible, but would require some technical trickery. In general I wouldn't recommend it.

Better to make a decision - pro Amarok 2 :)

I have Amarok 1.4.10 and 2.0.2 installed.
They coexist without any problems.

You can actually have many application coexist
in both KDE 3 and KDE 4 reincarnations:
kde 3 applications in /opt/kde3/bin/,
kde 4 applications in /usr/bin/

At least in openSUSE 11.1 it is done so
and I'm having absolutely no problems with that.

...many distros are now using just $HOME/.kde, no longer separating between KDE 3 and KDE 4. And that is going to clash horribly, if you don't invoke some voodoo.

When could i have my random playlist for mp3 player? and bluetooth support or if i search for a song i can't queue and i have search manual. Amarok 1.4 was a better music player that Amarok 2.0 but i hope that one day it change.

Hi there!
Why should one complain about some missing stuff in amarok 2.* in such manner, as though the devs were kinda slaves obliged to do some really fine job which they don't?? Where is the spirit of thankfulness??:-(
So, dear devs, you are doing a fine job! Keep on doing!:-)
Yes I admit it, the version 1.4 was more polished, while 2.* is "a work in progress". And I see no reasons to doubt it, the progress will not take too long to show its fruits...
Now as regards most of the features the guys mentioned here, I don't care much about either of them (unsophisticated person that I am!!).
However, in my simplicity, I'm missing the equalizer, yes.
...Until the last moment I've been wandering about the "ugly thingy" in the middle, whereof the scientific name I know not. Is it the "middle applet"?...
But right now I noticed, that the thingy, among other things (which seem to me unnecessary) shows me the lyrics!! I like it! it helps me to accomplish my crazy idea about learning Irish Gaelic...
I must admit, I couldn't make the 1.4 to fetch me lyrics -- neither did I try too hard, for I just don't have enough time to configure EVERYTHING in Linux. Every app needs to be configured -- that makes you slave to the system, while it should be all the other way... So, this version fetched me lyrics just "out of the box". Cool!
...And now when I updated to the LAST version 2.0.2 I can see more about the usability of this stuff... OK! It is not so bad after all. ... But as the work is IN PROGRESS, we'll finally see everything in its due place and condition.
There is no much configuration shown in the config part, like xine engine config... But I guess everyone knows that already, so I'll patiently wait for further enhancements.
I will continue using the LAST version and NOT switch back to 1.4 as I am a really progressive person. And the ugly thingy will sure transform into a beautiful thingy.

I am a fan of amarok since version 1.4 . This version is still Work In progress but there are a few things that I wish, well this is open source project and I am not a dev. But still I have something to say (with due respect) and mostly this is about UI:

1) Look at this
Looks like devs have got only widescreen hi resolution screens. Well many of your thankful users use normal desktops with 4:3 screen ratio so it is difficult to see all the contents right way on the screen. Like current track info is partially hidden under the playlist. Right way (maybe) to solve this is by allowing users control over how UI is displayed. Like cover size, allowing word wrap where desirable.

2) Now another thing is that Amarok 2 is too slow scrolling the contents of playlist or collection takes too much of time. May be this is due to the images alongside the list items but wasn't this the thing there in version 1.4 .

3) The items in Albums applet are not sorted.

4) Clicking on album names should expand that album. Right now we have to click on '+' which is "hard' to find with mouse

5) Some of us still want the the 2-pane display.

Yes, its difficult to view the three panes simultaneously on desktop. Though the feature is present I am unable to use it!