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Amarok 1.4.10 released

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News from the "Unscheduled releases"-department: This morning we got news about a possible security issue with local, untrusted users that has now, just a few hours later, been fixed. For more information about it see Secunia Advisory #SA31418. Thanks to Google Alerts for notifying us about this vulnerability.

We encourage all users of Amarok 1.4.x, especially if you are using the integrated Magnatune service, to upgrade as soon as possible.

Meanwhile many team members are at Akademy to discuss new developments and work to get closer to Amarok 2.0. Have a look at the blogs to see what's happening. And maybe we're gonna see you in a week at FrOSCon in St. Augustin, Germany?
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As always, I want to ask about a windows version. I know... you guys must have better things to do, but I want to ask ayway. Looks like a great player!

I have heard about possibility to compile Linux KDE applications for Windows.
Also, there's a topic about Amarok2 on Windows:

svn versions of Amarok 2 are available for Windows through the KDE for Windows project. That said, before everyone rushes out to try it. The KDE for Windows project is still under heavy development and Phonon hasn't been ported yet... which means you can have Amarok on windows, but unless you enjoy your music in mute it's probably too early to start using.

Wrong, phonon-ds9 has been around for months.

Granted Amarok for Windows is still rougher around the edges then the Linux version still.

Thank you so much guys, this is the best player ever.

Hey, any idea as to when this will be available in the Ubuntu repositories?

Don't expect to receive support for your ubuntu everywhere everytime.
What do you think about everybody using a different distro asking for the availability of amarok in their favorite distro packaging format?
You can now obtain the code and compile it...and run it...if you know, of course.

No need to be rude.

Kubuntu packages are being worked on by the Kubuntu team. Just wait a little.

(I'm almost afraid to ask...) but anybody know how this is coming along? Or where one can check up on it?

I still hold end-user code compilation to be the number three cause of global warming and am morally opposed to doing it.

Besides, I aliased 'install' to 'sudo apt-get install', so really, I can't, unless it's a source .deb that like compiles itself..