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Amarok 2 Beta 2 released - Nujalik!

The Amarok team, in a brief pause from the frantic coding marathon towards the final release, is very pleased to bring you Nujalik, Beta 2 of Amarok 2.0. This release comes with a substantial changelog since Beta 1 and almost all parts of Amarok have received attention. Many bugs and crashes have been fixed and a few new features have snuck in as well. As Amarok 2.0 gets closer to release, we have seen a significant increase in number of contributors providing patches and filing bug reports. This has catapulted the development pace into never before seen rates! Help us make Amarok 2.0 even better by testing, reporting bugs or contributing patches.
md5sum: 658f8a388d87fad83d8ef1c8ae59e292

Also, please don't forget to support Amarok during Roktober 2008.

The most significant change in this release is the switch from SQLite to MySQL-embedded as the database backend. MySQL-embedded allows us to leverage the performance increase of a MySQL configuration, whilst alleviating non trivial configuration that comes with a standalone server. Furthermore, this will allow us to expose using a standalone MySQL server in the future, if so desired, though this is not possible yet. Most noticeably, you will see much improved performance of collection scanning and searching, especially with very large music collections. Since there are technical intricacies involved with building MySQL correctly, we strongly recommend using an official distribution package as we are working with packagers to ensure a minimum of problems. For information on building and running Amarok on MySQL-embedded, please visit, edit and help update our wiki page.

Some other notable changes in this release:
  • Support for incremental scanning has been returned
  • LibriVox allows downloading and listening to public domain audio books, this service has made a reappearance in Amarok after having been ported to QtScript.
  • Context View has received significant attention, with the Lyrics and applets being fixed
  • Significant under the hood changes to much improve stability of Amarok

Please read the changelog for a more detailed list of changes since the release of Amarok 2.0 beta 1:

Version 2.0-beta2


  • Automatically check for collection changes on startup if monitoring is enabled.
  • Files can be moved into collections from the Filebrowser. (BR 170077)
  • Clicking on the volume icon in the toolbar toggles mute. (BR 171017)
  • Arrows to switch between containments directly.
  • Scripted services can now show source info in the statusbar like most other services.
  • Scripts now able to access web via KDE-wide proxy.
  • Middle click on playlist will append URLs from the clipboard.
  • Numerous under-the-hood improvements to improve the stability of Amarok. Rejoice!
  • Incremental collection scanning support. (BR 169602)
  • Playlists found during a collection scan are automatically added to Amarok's Playlist Browser.
  • Lyricwiki support.
  • Chinese lyrics support from
  • Sidebars can be toggled with the keyboard: Ctrl+1..4
  • Now remembers visible/invisible state of browsers. (BR 168344)
  • Add ability to play tracks directly off of MTP device.
  • Add option to enable/disable automatic cover fetching.


  • Jamendo service: Filter out genre names less than 3 characters long. This gets rid of some uninformative genres like "3" and "07". All content is likely still available under other genres.
  • Switch from Sqlite to MySQL Embedded (libmysqld), resulting in faster scanning and collection filtering times.
  • When saving a new user playlist, the playlist browser immediately shows the newly saved playlist and starts an edit operation on it.
  • Many small visual and layout tweaks.
  • Make the values for score, play count and time since last play appear in tooltip when hovering over the icons in the current track applet.
  • Make values for score, play count and time since last play in the current track applet readable.
  • The scripted service is back after a rather long, API-change induced hiatus.
  • Do not show the OSD if a stream repeatedly sends the same metadata.
  • "Rescan Collection" was moved to the collection settings dialog.
  • Do not always show status of cover fetching in the status bar. (BR 166946)
  • The playlist drop visualiser respects system colours when drawn.
  • Change the ordering of CurrentTrack applet information.
  • The option for exporting playlists with relative urls has been moved from the Amarok settings to the save file dialog.
  • Show recently added albums on the albums applet when no track is playing
  • The Love action in the service is now available for all tracks, not just radio.
  • Made album applets scrollable.
  • Default the OSD to the middle top of the screen.
  • New icons and layout for Context View navigation and applet manipulation.
  • Same default setting for proportional and fuzzy biases when filtering by year. Patch by Andreas Mützel .
  • Config is now written right after closing the settings dialog, making it crash persistant.
  • Improve Biased Playlist solver by using genetic algorithm.
  • System tray tooltip is now translucent (if compositing is available).
  • QtScript: Importer.include imports the file in the same context that it is currently in.
  • PodcastCategory now uses PopupDropper actions.
  • Libgrypt is preferred over OpenSSL at build time, for licensing reasons.


  • Don't show the playcount and rating statistic twice in the system tray tooltip.
  • Files from a daap server can be played again. (BR 169565)
  • Files copied from iPod devices had an incorrect file extension set.
  • Don't crash when undoing an action which added tracks to an empty playlist.
  • Keyboard shortcut configuration is now remembered. (BR 170260)
  • The playlist drop visualiser will snap to the end of the playlist if required. (BR 171016)
  • Enhanced keyboard navigation in the playlist. (BR 170489)
  • Fix edit bookmark feature (BR 170008)
  • Don't show scroll bars on the pixmap viewer when viewing a full sized cover.
  • Activate the SideBar tabs when dragging something over them. (BR 169712)
  • Save composer and disc number correctly (BR 167184)
  • Handle multidisc albums properly (BR 167238)
  • Remove empty folders after organizing the collection. (BR 141555)
  • Display rating (when present) in OSD. (BR 167263)
  • Make the currently playing track active in the playlist if it has been removed and is later re added. (BR 167552)
  • Detect Amarok 1.x style compilations when scanning the collection.
  • Show the album year in the Collection Browser if requested.
  • Make appending of podcasts to the playlist work.
  • Fix text color of current track applet. (BR 168466)
  • Lyrics applet is functional.
  • Setting half ratings via global shortcuts was broken.
  • Exporting of M3U and PLS playlists has been fixed.
  • Make the PlayPause button actually switch icons again. (BR 169805)
  • Add "Ignore field" token to the Guess tags dialog. (BR 161060)
  • Only add supported file formats to the playlist. Patch by Andreas Mützel .
  • Clear the status bar when stopping playback.
  • Albums applet no longer uses lots of CPU cycles. (BR 169586)
  • Don't show the context menu in the Current Track applet if playback has been stopped.
  • Applets do not disappear if Context View is shrunk too much. (BR 169504)
  • Fix events applet.
  • The Current track applet now has tooltips for the icons on the right hand side. (BR 168260)
  • "Resume playback on start" now also restores the track position correctly. (BR 168792)
  • Fix layouting issues with tagging dialog. (BR 166837)
  • Fix crash when closing settings while playing. (BR 168828)
  • Make it possible to actually disable the audio fadeout. (BR 169022)
  • Podcast Episode downloading doesn't crash anymore. (BR 168203)
  • Dragging files to the playlist no longer appends, but drops in the correct spot.
  • Correctly order out-of-collection files dragged into the playlist. (BR 169064)
  • You can add directories from the Play and Add Media menus. (BR 166549)
  • Allow statistics to be written out when we move to the next track, not just when playback stops.
  • Right-clicking on playlist doesn't wipe out selection. (BR 167861)


Is work on Query Manager being done? This is the only feature I miss in Amarok2 and I'll be very pleased to see it in (at least) final version.


What's a Query Manager? Can you elaborate?

sorry, i meant queue manager :)

It won't be in 2.0.0, but several team members really miss it, so we can hope it to be one of the first features to reappear during 2.0.x.

What about 'Stop after this track'?
There is nothing about it in changelog for beta2 :/

This is my


feature in amarok. I can just click, close my computer, and walk off while the song finishes, confident that I don't have to go back to stop it. Please, please, please keep this.

This feature has much more support then Queue Manager, so don't worry. :) It'll be there.

The most used features by me in amarok 1.4 were the queue manager, and the random/repeat.
queue manager is simply awesome, i work in a public place, and a lot of ppl just pass by, ask me to play some song, and i queue it up without having to resort my playlist, i always have no less than 5 songs queued for people.
as for random, i don't know if it's working in this new beta (haven't added the repo for it in kubuntu yet), but it's not working in beta1, it keeps playing files sequentially, as for repeat, it repeats the same track over and over no matter what the repeat option is. there used to be an option in amarok 1.4 to shuffle a playlist (hot key ctrl+h?), it doesn't seem to be in amarok 2, any chance we might see this option again?
in any ways, good job guys, awesome app, one of the programs i can brag about :P

Its good to hear that the Queue manager would be re-implemented. I think its one of the most simple, yet sought after features in Amarok. Its what convinced me to switch to it in the first place.

Will we be getting a new OS X package soon as well?

Last I heard, they should be ready very soon :-)

we're so eager :)

Any word on how soon?

fyi for anyone else that didn't know looks like the Beta 2 package is located at the KDE for Mac website.

Yes, it's being worked on. Should be ready soon (tomorrow or so).

Sorry if this has been said a million times before, but will the Windows port be native? Or will we have to get KDE for Windows?

Yes, it runs natively on Windows.

It runs natively, but of course we also depend on kdelibs and Qt.

Any option for other-than-Ubuntu builds so that some of the rest of us can get in on the fun? IMHO these should be happening before the non-Free OS builds; get the Free OS version sorted out first and concentrate on them later.

Distributions make the packages, not we. They get the tarball a few days before the release so they can provide binaries at release time. OpenSuse packages are available in the build service, for example. Generally we try to provide hints to download locations in our wiki at

Are binaries for Vista out? If so can you post an install guide? Everytime I try installing using the kdewin installer, amarok doesnt work. I miss the wolf, but am forced to stick to Windows for work related reasons (Cant dual boot due to IT dept related issues). Anyone with experience getting amarok to run on vista please help!!!

I am using andLinux for this task. It works fine, but it's not native.

Maybe you've already tried that, but I cannot start Amarok from the Start Menu entries that kdewin installer made, but if I go to the C:\Program Files\KDE\bin directory and open up amarok.exe there it starts up fine. (also removing the %U from the shortcut in the start menu seems to fix this problem)

good jobs guys, im using amarok2-svn and have some troubles playing music from my ipod, its a bug or have my sistem troubles.

Yes it is sistem troubles.

Is it possible to transfer your amarok 1.4 collection to amarok 2.0 without losing album covers, stats and everything?

King Regards


Yes, we are working on a script that will import your old Amarok database into Amarok 2. It should be finished in time for the final 2.0 release.

good to hear about a import script, i replaced our machine which was playing amarok music for the last 2 ? years and made a new fresh install...
but i kept the old pc in the archive room , if i import it on that machine to amarok2 i can probably move it over nicely to the other (new) machine as well.

then we would only miss a month or two on playing stats

good work and tnx already!

What about playlists? I've got multiple playlists containing tens and tens of conditions.. it would be quite a bit of manual work to convert them to Amarok 2 (if possible at all)..

PS. I mean smart playlists :)

I realized after I posted this previously that I had posted it under the announcement for Beta 1 and this is the appropriate place for it. Sorry for spamming.

Here's the original post:

Hi guys, I've been toying around with The beta (1.92.2 according to the "about") So far, I love it. It even accepts music from a mounted cifs share--something I couldn't get the previous stable version to do. Anyway, my issue is with random play. I usually select repeat: playlist and random: tracks, then move all my music into the playlist and I'm good to go for weeks with only the occasional "skip-track". When I do this in my current version it will simply repeat the playing track indefinitely. Also when I press the skip-track button it just goes to the next sequential song in the playlist, not a random one. I did see that the ability to make 100-song random playlists was available in the dynamic playlist section but that does not seem a large enough sampling to give me the kind of variety I want.

Maybe it's already fixed or maybe I'm not using it as it was intended. Either way is fine, just thought I'd let you know so if it's broken you can fix it.



Is there a chance that we are going to see a coverflow clone in amarok 2.0? I remember seeing something called coverbling for amarok 2.0 several months ago. Is that still being worked on?



There are plans to implement something similar, which also works with large collections. But expect that after 2.0.0.

Is the issue described in bug 127473 fixed in 2.0?

Specifically, when "Watch folder for changes" is enabled in Amarok 1.4 and for whatever reason your collection is unavailable, Amarok would "update" your collection by wiping it clean. Given the fact that more and more people (not just tech savvy individuals) are storing their collections on remote or removable media these days (network drives, USB/firewire drives, etc.), this bug is one of the biggest gripes I have with Amarok.

Well, if you an still reproduce it file a new bug for it, that one was for 1.4. Thanks. :)

Would love to see some screenshots and/or mockups of Amarok 2.0 :)
Eagerly awaiting the release. Keep up the great work!

"When Amarok reaches a state where we're ready to start releasing builds for alpha testing on Linux, a Windows download will be made available."

I was looking forward to a windows version :(

The collection sorting by composer option we had in Amarok 1.4 has been removed, and also the 3-level collection, i. e. composer/album/artist, sorting option. Will them be back in the final version?

Thanks for this awesome app, anyways.

I'm sure they will be back, but I can't promise it for 2.0.0, so very likely later in the 2.0.x series. We will see.

Please put it back! I realy need "Composer" for my collection!!!

"Show the album year in the Collection Browser if requested."

Well, where is that option? I've chosen to "Group by" Artist/Album and now I can't back to the prevoius setting (I can't see any option with 'year').
So there is no way of inserting albums per year in the playlist, or sorting them by year there.
Another must-have (for me) option not working? Amarok 2 should be still alpha IMHO.

Sebr just checked that in, will be in Beta 3:
seb * r871236 amarok/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/src/browsers/collectionbrowser/CollectionWidget.cpp: Re-enabled Year - Album group method in the Collection browser. This is now safe with BlockingQuery out the door.

Alpha/Beta... those are just words. Linus calls all his snapshots "rc". Everyone has a different opinion what should work at which stage, but we can agree that we can call it "not a stable release", right? So thanks for your feedback, that problem is now solved.

Little bug that needs to be addressed. The album art manager seems to constantly update artwork form internet inreguardless for images found in music folders or custom set album covers.

Hi. I'm a C++ programmer and I was wondering if it's possible to implement an Amarok 2 plasmoid?. Like de 1.x series "player windows". Where can I get information to get started? I really don't know much about anything except C++. This would be my first "program" using QT.

Will Amarok have native ReplayGain support this time? That's all I care about, as the external script has inevitable lag...

There will be no Replaygain support until we find a programmer that cares about this feature. Do you know anybody?

I don't mean to disparage the team, it's just that as a free software project, the coders work on stuff that interests them, and no one seems to be interested enough in Replaygain support to make it happen.


I'm interested in picking up the Replaygain support if developers are needed. Could you please e-mail me what the skill requirements are for being a developer on the amarok project and specifically for implementing this feature? That way I can look at it and see if I would be up to the task, or if it would take considerable time or not to try and learn up to a point that I am able.
You can contact me on paulabean73 AT gmail DOT com.

Kind regards,

I see playing from MTP devices is now supported. What kind of copying is done now when you send tracks to your mtp collection. On my iRiver clix, for instance, when I send files over it doesn't create any folders or albums so no album art or anything appears, it also doesn't correctly copy over the year for the album. And while I'm on MTP devices, is or will there be any notification of failure to copy? As of my last usage (beta1 maybe?) it silently failed and stopped copying when the device was full and made no notice of which files were and were not transferred, or which files were skipped due to incorrect formats, etc. Has/will this be added?

I tried installing the Mac OS X version and got the following:

"The following install step failed: run postflight script for Amarok. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."