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Aulanerk - Alpha 2 of Amarok 2.0 released!

The Amarok team is proud to announce the second alpha version of Amarok 2, codenamed Aulanerk. We have spent many sleepless nights resolving issues and polishing features since the first alpha was released. It wasn't just for fun though ;-) We want the 2.0 release to be the best ever.

A big thank you to everyone who helped us by reporting bugs, sending patches and giving useful feedback. Without you we would not have come this far in the short time since the first alpha! Keep it coming.

It is also nice to see that many people enjoy the result of our work already and can see where we want to go with Amarok 2. Thanks for all the kind reviews of alpha 1. It's always a pleasure to read something like that.

Photo copyright 2007 by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Wolves,
licensed under by-nc-nd 2.0

md5sum: acf43672687a5f261ce36d668338a4c1

Here are some of the changes we made since alpha 1:

* New interface for extracting tags from filenames, now fully working
* Context view applet to view albums (BR 164005)
* Automatic detection of non-UTF-8 charsets for metadata
* Dynamic/Biased playlists improvements
* QtBindings support for the scripts
* Collection scanner now picks up bmp images too. (BR 167122)
* Update the DBus APIs
* Update the QtScript APIs
* Current track applet added to the Context View on startup
* No more applets flashing between track changes
* Current track applet now shows a message when no track is being played
* Correctly save custom external browser setting (BR 166979)
* Use default KDE crash handler again
* Fix crash when switching tracks in the playlist. (BR 166964)
* Fix crash when trying to download a playlist from unreachable server
* Script Manager now automatically restarts scripts on next startup
* Correctly handle albums with the same name (BR 164173)
* Various bugfixes for the systray tooltip
* In the Wikipedia applet scrolling works properly now
* Context menu separators are no longer shown as empty items
* Make the filebrowser filter instantaneously display results for files
* Add a path separator if required when constructing relative urls from M3U playlists (BR 166346)
* Rescan collection if the version is higher than we currently use (downgrades) (BR 142712)
* Play the first track in the playlist if there is no active track (BR 166336)
* Do not use 100% cpu in the cover manager when changing view modes (BR 164112)
* Fix build on Debian. Patch by David Palacio (BR 166321)
* Fix bug with selection getting stuck in collection browser when selecting multiple items when dragging over them (BR 164960)
* Fix crash when removing collapsed album from the playlist. (BR 163653)
* Mp3tunes would load for users who had never used it before and prompt them with an annoying login box (BR 166332)
* Random album playback mode implemented (BR 164623)
* Fix rendering glitches when double clicking tracks in dynamic mode (BR 166705)
* Make the rating widget on the current track hideable

Development is at full speed and we are trying to get Amarok 2.0 final ready for release soon. If you want to help us now is the perfect time to do so. We need more contributors, especially MacOS and Windows developers. Drop by in #amarok or #rokymotion on freenode. We will appreciate any kind of help from translating, documentation writing through developing and promoting. Come and join us!

Enjoy alpha 2 and watch as the wolf is growing :-)
Please be aware that this is alpha stage software. Bugs and unfinished features are to be expected.
The Amarok 2 FAQ addresses some of the questions you might have about Amarok 2.



cheers guys

You guys should check this out: it allows DRM playback via a Gstreamer plugin.

Hey! There is Equalizer ?

I can't wait for Windows amarok.

You're not the only one.

I hope Windows Amarok 2.0 will be as great as the Linux version!!!

This is going to be teh awesome!!!!1!!!


Anyone know when the Windows version is coming out? I gotta wait 'till another generation of Ubuntu comes out before my laptop will be linux capable... :(

I'd probably be more impressed if the new Plasma Context section actually worked, instead of leaving a blank entry and telling Plasma to draw all the applets on screen -1, and ignoring drops...

Unfortunately, this never seems to work right...

this release is unusable for me. It seems to have some nice improvements over 1.x, but for the kind of music I listen to (you might call it classical, but it's not), it's just no good. To begin with, I sort my music by Composer more often than Artist, and this release doesn't allow that. In fact, it barely allows any freedom over how it sorts music. I'd hacked the interface of 1.x, and made a few other changes besides, and I don't feel like doing it again. Frankly, I think that the selection browser has taken several steps backwards, while I'd hoped it would take a leap or two forward.

Same opinion for me, but I'm sure they will solve it.
Good luck :)

Still missing lots of features (i know it's an alpha), but does the basic jobs perfectly, and looks great !

Keep up the good work guys.

Wow! I'm impressed. Thanks for all the hard work you guys! It's looking great.