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Malina - First alpha release of Amarok 2.0

The Amarok Team is proud to present the first official alpha release, codename Malina, of the upcoming Amarok 2 series. Features available in this release outline the feature set of Amarok 2.0 while making a starting point in the Amarok 2 journey.

The wolf is growing ;-)

Photo copyright 2007 by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Wolves,
licensed under by-nc-nd 2.0

md5sum: 293b1c6509f604f1a1e84b3fca5822ca

Some of the highlights of the new alpha include:

New fascinating look: With the use of vector graphics, artwork looks crispier than ever, while color scheme independence guarantees it'll look gorgeous no matter what.

Innovative user interface: Don't miss several UI innovations like the Plasma powered Context View, new space efficient playlist, and amazing PopUp Dropper! The new Context View allows you to show all the context information you care about. We expect a lot of Plasmoids to be provided by the community in the first months after the release of Amarok 2. PopUp Dropper lets you do different things with your files by simply dragging them to the context view and dropping them on the appropriate area. Append songs to the playlist, copy songs to your local collection, transfer them to your mobile device and edit their tags are just some of the operations PopUp Dropper offers.

Almighty Internet service framework: Seamlessly integrate online music repositories and web services into your musical experience. With online sources like Magnatune,, Jamendo, Ampache and MP3tunes you'll be supplied with music 24/7.

Powerful scripting: The new scripting interface is fully based on Qt technology. The APIs are being redesigned, so script authors are asked to wait at least for the first beta release before porting their scripts.

Dynamic and new Biased playlists: Let Amarok choose the music for you. In this alpha you will see the foundations of the new Biased playlists which in the future will let you specify dynamic playlist for any occasion.

Mobile devices support: We are working hard to make sure you'll easily and efficiently access music on your media devices within Amarok, and integrate it with your music collection.

Cross platform: This Alpha release lays the groundwork for a release on all major platforms. Future releases will feature Linux, Windows and MacOS versions.

Don't wait any longer! Grab your copy of Amarok Alpha 1 and help us polish it into a best release so far! Any kind of help is highly appreciated: from patches and bugfixes, through testing and bugreports, to documentation writing, translating and promotion. Oh, and we like artists too! Check out our Jobs page, or drop by in #amarok on Freenode.

Please be aware that this is alpha stage software. Bugs and unfinished features are to be expected. All of the features mentioned above still need work.
The Amarok 2 FAQ addresses some of the questions you might have about Amarok 2.



Where can I see the screenshots for this release?

Will it be possible to change the layout into a more compact form? I hoped that the design will evolve into something sane, but I am getting a bit worried as the screenshots constantly show a complete waste of screen real estate IMO (surpassing GNOME by a large margin :) ).

Why not install the alpha and try it out? :)

can you have 1.4 and 2.0 running happily side by side?

This is the whole point of Neon, available for Kubuntu.

Also many distros, like I know OpenSUSE, set things up so that KDE4 applications use their own separate configuration directory from KDE3 applications. So Amarok 1.4 and Amarok 2 will run side-by-side fine.


I am trying out the alpha. And agree with jmak that screen real estate is being used cavalierly, to say the least. What's the idea with the mid-section of the screen? Is something supposed to come there? Please don't tell me the logo merits so much space, no matter how much one may or may not love it :)

RightClick-> Add Widget
you can also drag a file on the middle part and see what happens... :-)

From some of the screenshots, it seems that the middle space is for the artist info fetched from wikipedia.

Yep, and I read the FAQ. Doesn't work yet on my Kubuntu installation, but I get the picture. Hopefully there will be something by default there to entice people to try out the right click. The former context tabs were good, but I can see the advantages of separating it all and letting people develop each feature individually.

Well, The Nightly package builds will let my kubuntu box use this... but what about my windows and mac friends... do they get a binary alpha?

If you make one and share it. :)

A windows release? Cool, im waiting. Was using media player and winamp, but they have a lot of issues.

dying to have start using amarok on windows.

vexed with all the current music managers.
i visit this space often only to check the progress on the windows version.

hope it comes out soon

any openSUSE builds yet?

From the screenshots I have seen it is looking good.

alpha crashes any time i make an adjustment in the configuration- also it doesn't playback mp3s

try to add phonon-xine package

i don't have a phonon-xine package available in the repos... and i already have libphonon4 installed.

Currently Im stuck in a windows world (work/school thing). As such my selection of intelligent music managers is limited. When I did use Ubuntu in any many of its forms I used Amarok. Now that the new release will be for windows I cant wait!

are the building instructions in the wiki still the best method of building this alpha?

is there a shorter version that doesn't require adding users, sourcing profiles etc?

i had a quick go at building it last night, but crapped out on error messages early on.

I tried amarok 2 a few months ago, and was rather impressed. Now, after trying this, I am left with the feeling that if it continues on the current path, I will be looking for another application for playing music. thanks for the work you put into it, but I just don't think this player is going in the right direction any more.

I love AmaroK, but as a previous commenter noted, I agree, this pre release for KDE4 is going in the wrong direction (as I think KDE4 is also). It looks like any other music player, and even looks iTunes like (Eww..).

Baseline: Don't use it. Use the latest stable release.

For 1.4 when people said it looked like iTunes (which they did) I assumed they were going on the basis of "any music application that has a list of music in a table" looks like iTunes. This is kind of silly since it essential means any music application looks like iTunes, but it has some basis in shallow visual facts (Amarok and iTunes indeed both have tables).

But Amarok 2? ...

Congrats, Malina sounds like it is well done.

It is different but it is nice. Maybe disappointed people could specified what they do not like. On that one screen shot it looks fairly ok. I didn't try is yet but i will surely do. Where from is the name Malina? Malina in serbian means raspberry :) I hope new Amarok will turn into something great.

Cheers people,

?????? ????? :)