Amarok 2 gains itunes music store service

The Amarok Team is happy to announce that Amarok 2 will come with native support for the itunes music store. Utilizing the new Scriptable Service framework, Amarok developers have utilized a development model known as creative backwards engineering to develop a C# script and obtain full compatability with the itunes music store. This support is already availible in our subversion sources, and will be released in the next version of Amarok. As a warning, there appears to be a small bug currently where users are not charged for the music they purchase and download. We are working dillegently to fix this problem, and will commit a fix as soon as possible. Thank you for flying Amarok!


Aww, you guys had me there

Aww, you guys had me there for a second.

lol maybe that bug doesn't

lol maybe that bug doesn't need to be fixed...

Hey, will you add some

Hey, will you add some national internet music stores?

this is a thing that I never gonna use it

I desasgree whit people, that says that is a thing that for ideology cannot be in amarok; I think Amarok is the best music player but is dosnt make sence if you have the option to buy music, the problem come in people like me because this Itunes supourt is only for people that lives in europ o EEUU not for countrys in south america or africa, we no have vailds credits cards for buy music from Itunes, Amazón or whatever, so I really want to get the opotion to chose if I want to have "the apple" in my menu or not. Beacuse I will never use it, because I cannot use it. Sorry, but is not a big anouncemment for make a lot of noice. Many people like me cannot use it; so I will have dummy botton.

I Understood your comment

I Understood your comment after reading it a couple of times, you gotta stop smashing the keyboard man. Anyway, I agree with you and I also think that there should be an option to remove the store from the menu. Also, you can use it in South America and the rest of the world; you don't need a credit card, it will work with a debit card too.

PS. I know this might be an April Fools joke, but who knows...


No me parece bien....entráis por el camino de linux y luego sacáis parece muy mal, de todas formas si lo hacéis, por lo menos que sea un modulo independiente, por si no deseas instalarlo, y no tener que convivir con las barras de los coj...s como en el itunes.

Un saludo y no destrocéis el mejor programa de música que existe. (Por ahora)

Look at the post date

This announcement was posted on April 1st. Please think about that before getting too excited.

music store

Is great to see the good work you guys are doing on this player, but I think Amazon as an option would be better nothing against itunes is just that Amazon got a music download software for linux and apple don't. And as a matter of fact they don't want us using their products that's the reason way we linux guys don't have the itunes software for linux and windows users do. And is the same reason way they try to lock us from using their ipod's every new ipod firmware release.

don't go there

Please don't affiliate your self with windows or apples(i-tunes) amarok, your wasting resources, stick 2 linux!


Good for you, Amarok developers. Thanks for not sticking to "Linux only" services, thereby guaranteeing nobody will use it.

Some people want iTunes capabilities. If you don't happen to be one of those thousands of people...don't use it.

"The Amarok Team is happy to

"The Amarok Team is happy to announce that Amarok 2 will come with native support for the itunes music store"
huhh at least.. i was waiting for this veresion :)

foolz or not...

My number one wishlist item for Amarok was a easy-to-browse podcast directory, like you find via the iTunes music store. If integration with the music store meant Amarok could gain access to this - brilliant. Otherwise - is there a way besides what I am doing now? (ie: go to somewhere like podcast directory, copy/paste URL of podcast feed into Amarok's podcast list).

om f'n g... not cool. i was

om f'n g...
not cool. i was bouncing up and down, excited that I would be able to play what fe itunes songs I have on my linux box. You big foollers! HEY EVERYBODY! THESE GUYS ARE FOOLERS! >:p


Come on people... learn how to spell... it's compatibility, not compatability

This one might actually come

This one might actually come true... like the one from a year or two ago about amarok 2 being released for windows as well... :P



Don't April fools jokes have to be played before midday?

How do you know it wasn't?

How do you know it wasn't?

With a post time of 15:17??

With a post time of 15:17??

That's just the server's

That's just the server's time, not the posters.

Anyways I've never heard of a "before noon" rule, you must've made that up or it's just your culture.

I have always heard of the

I have always heard of the before noon rule.

What's an April fool?

What's an April fool?

you :P

you :P


Well, now that Jamendo decided to start charging for the music downloaded, this bug is going to even things.

Funny guys. What would rock

Funny guys. What would rock my boat though is something like itunes university or some other more efficient browser for podcasts.

What's best?

I think the april fool's joke of dot KDE is even better!!!!

i hope this is an April Fool

i hope this is an April Fool


you guys rock

I used to wish for this...

Before AmazonMP3, I would have killed to get my hands on such a plugin (or at least to let me authenticate other's music). Now if you'd only seriously get an Amazon plugin.

what not being charged?

what not being charged? free music or april fools day joke?

april foolz.

april foolz.