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Amarok 1.4.8 Fast Forward Again!

Amarok Headquarters reports yet again another release of the marvelous Amarok 1.4 'Fast Forward' series.
Just like its predecessor, Amarok 1.4.8  fixes a fairly large amount of bugs, and therefore increases stability of Amarok's stable branch of development. Among the major improvements is the resolution of an issue that could, under some circumstances, cause a complete lockup during dynamic playback. metadata fetching now also works with xine 1.1.8 and we made sure you can now also use your brand new iPods with your favourite music player.

And now the team can get back to work on Amarok 2, getting their hands dirty to bring Amarok 2 to you as soon as humanly possible! :)



  • Optimize some database queries with the MySQL backend. Patch by Alf Eaton
  • Don't show the device plugin dialog when a new device is plugged in. Apparently it's not obvious that you have to hit OK after selecting "Do not handle" if you don't want it handled, so disabling it prevents it from being shown repeatedly.
  • Better support for iPhone/iPod Touch mounted via fuse/sshfs (libgpod 0.6.0 or newer required).
  • Only re-render the context view when visible if changing ratings, scores or labels for songs.


  • metadata would not update with xine 1.1.8. (BR 150429)
  • Amarok would forget podcast channel and episode settings when using the PostgreSQL backend.
  • When adding file types with the Generic Media Device sometimes the extensions would be prepended with & and would not save. (BR 151806)
  • For improved compatibility with newer iPods, convert file extensions to lower case during transfer.
  • Replace slashes in artist name with spaces when querying Wikipedia e.g. AC/DC, To/Die/For. (BR 150001)
  • Always rebuild the dynamic mode cache when in Suggested songs mode, so that we don't land up with stale suggestions. Patch by Jer Johnson
  • Sort albums made in the same year alphabetically in 'ascending order'. (BR 149408)
  • Statistics tool shouldn't show samplers in 'favorite albums'.
  • Duplicate songs were not allowed in playlist when adding from the collection browser. (BR 149643)
  • Make sure the localUrl of a PodcastEpisode is valid after a failed download. (BR 147351)
  • Fix off-by-one error causing Smart Playlists to not load tracks with a rating >= 4.5. (BR 148916)
  • Don't enable "Configure Podcasts" at the top-level Podcasts folder if there is nothing beneath it. (BR 146504)
  • Generic Media Device could copy some non-ASCII filenames to turn to gibberish. Thanks to David Smith
  • Fixed possible GUI freeze when Amarok was showing the dialog for installing mp3 support. Patch by Sascha Sommer
  • Amarok could needlessly reinitialize connections to MySQL databases after a configuration change. Combined with a bug in MySQL libraries, this could lead to a crash.
  • Pressing Previous Track in a Dynamic Playlist could cause undefined behavior in certain edge conditions. Now it always plays the current track. (BR 148317)
  • Immediately after loading a dynamic playlist, you couldn't drag a track to the top of the playlist. (BR 149263)
  • Fix transferring files with UTF8 names to MTP devices. Thanks to Kevin Becker
  • Display warning that iPod sysinfo could not be written in the case of incorrect file permissions. Patch by Christian Ober-Blöbaum
  • Fix Czech character conversion to ASCII for Generic Media Device. Patch by Mat?j Laitl


When will Amarok 2.0 be released? I just can't wait to run it under Vista!

i had to comment that running amarok under vista is a pretty sad thing to do to such a great program, putting it on such a crummy OS that is... but i guess that's the glory of free software- different strokes for different folks!

hey, the crummy argument can be thrown both ways.
there's no need for you to shove your zealot beliefs into other peoples faces.

Nope, actually it CAN'T be thrown both ways.
Windows, at this point, is awful.

do you want to run Amarok? ... Yes
are you sure you want to run Amarok? ... Yes
will you authorize the running of Amarok ... Yes
Seriously... Yes

I hate Vista.. never used it long enough to turn off the overzealous security settings though so I can't really complain, as turning it off is an option.

no more amarok for me untill you put the hide menu opiton back , no it just as ugly as wmp om xp :(

i'll guess i have to look for alternatives

What is wrong with you? Why not just answer the question instead of discussing which os is the best?
I, and probably a whole lot of more people, would also like to know if amarok2 is coming soon.

I don't think there is to get angry with that but it's true that it's quite sad to have absolutely no idea about a release date... Rather one month, two months, six months, one year? Will the Windows/MacOS compatibility be already implemented on 2.0 ? I can't find clear info about that...

Amarok 2 will come out sometime in 2008.

2.0 should have Windows and Mac support, though how full it will be (eg supporting media devices or not) isn't know now. If this is the case the Windows and Mac versions will probably be called "betas" still.

I haven't had much good experience with Linux to be honest. Too complicated to do stuff to be honest. Windows XP is OK since virtually every program in the world is made for it, but it's too boring. And don't get me started on Vista. But Mac OS X is nice! It's got a fair program selection with plenty of alternatives for windows programs, and it looks good while doing those programs. So I look forward to the Mac versions of Amarok as that was the only Linux program I actually liked!

It's a good news. I use amarok in Kubuntu, and banshee in Debian (at desktop and notebook)
Sometimes I boot into Vista :)

Janet Kellman, software reviews manager

no one is forcing you to run/use amarok anyway you dumbshit

just cause you say windows is awful dont mean jackshit fanboy i happen to use both winodws/slackware and both have there pros/cons amarok will eventually run on windows like it or not so stfu

Are you American, by any chance?

What, exactly, does that have to do with it? You act like being American is a bad thing...

I agree the other poster was immature, but I suspect his nationality is not the cause. I've been to many parts of the world and none of them have the corner on the market for gits.

I'm under amarok 1.4.8 and kubuntu 7.10 (xine-lib 1.1.8) and yes now metadata works but not skipping songs :(

As amarok 2 aproaches, closer and closer as time passes, one has got to know. Will amarok 1 still be maintaned ? If so, for how long ?

It will be maintained for as long as its maintained. ;)

I mean seriously, so far we are still receiving bug fixing patches and still fixing bugs here and there, this will probably continue until most users are switched to Amarok 2 (which will happen some months after Amarok 2 is released).

I'm using amarok from the first release. It is the best player around (on any platform) and one of the best desktop applications in general. It always had big mistakes (flashing purple buttons anyone O_o) but what you are about to do now is much more terrible.

What about the horrible design of Amarok 2. Amarok is looking great now, and snapshots of version 2 are just horrible.

It is a surprise anyway that an application as good as this has no modular design that would allow you to use skins/themes (not some css crap, that's a joke)

At least I wish you implemented an option into v2 that would let users choose where to place the context browser. Or someone sane will make some patches to return it to original state.

Amarok is around for some time now, and still you don't even provide a way to change the simple things like the buttons in the classic "small" player. We are terrorized by hidious purple flashing buttons, for too long now!!
Because things like that, and now the new design when I think of amarok I think of gaim, gnome and other "interface nazis".

I still remember what a miserable release you made sometime after the meeting in Holland, thank god someone was sane to put it back to original design. Please, please do not make the same mistake again.

I will stick to (whatever) last release of the 1.x series will be for a long time, and it's sad that the only reason is visual design.

Now I'm all for support of being able to choose whether to keep the gen 1 layout or have the gen 2 layout as an option, but seriously. You are much too narrow minded. I personally like the new look of Amarok and since it isn't released yet, there's always the chance that it will change or have options / plugins / themes. This is linux, remember?

If you're going to be rude to these people (who may I remind you, are doing this on their own free will) then leave. Go to a windows forum or something. You aren't paying for this software, so what right do you have to insult it? What you posted isn't even critisism.

Dear Amarok staff,

Ignore faggotry-filled comments like this one. Keep doing what you're doing. You revolutionized music for so many of us, keep up the amazing work.

agreed on all points

I will stick to (whatever) last release of the 1.x series will be for a long time, and it's sad that the only reason is visual design.

Oh no! How terrible. We can only hope the developers and the rest of the amaroK user community will learn to cope with this tremendous loss...

i just love it. ama"rockz". great tool! and yesssssssss sir this notification gets a digg from me.
Keep on the good work guys!

with many thanks,
Brian from

It seems from your post that you strongly believe that the Amarok developers are either all insane, incompetent in the extreme or just plain evil, that we are putting as much effort as possible into destroying Amarok2 and making it completely unusable. Why would you ever use a program made by such a bunch of loosers? </sarcasm>

While I cannot objectively refute the "insane" or "incompetent" parts, I can assure you that, as we are all Amarok users first and developers second, we are making very sure that the application is usable on a daily basis. With Amarok2 we are trying to break some new ground, and to be honest, I would have been very dissapointed if everyone loved the new design right from the start. All great new things start out by dividing the waters :-)

Also, if Amarok2 really turns out as horrible as you think it will, you can rest assured that someone will step up and maintain the 1.4.x series, or maybe even port it to KDE4. that's the beauty of Free software.

Last but not least, the context view _can_ be completely hidden by simply resizing the playlist or browsers, and there is currently a prototype implementation of a playlist view that looks almost like the one in Amarok 1.4.x ( Which I doubt will be included in 2.0, but if people really need it, I am sure it will show up somewhere along the 2.x cycle )

Just to put thing in perspective, yesterday Amarok2 had reached that magical state where, even though many features are still missing, I could use it to play music all day with no crashes. I personally think that people will love this player, even if it takes some time getting used to for people accustomed to 1.4.x


English is not my native language and so I'm sorry for using some words that sound insulting. I am simply fed up with everyone glorifiying this new design, and I so strognly remember what a fiasco was a release after Holland when only a small change was made, but still made such an impact.

We need some failsafe switch (like what you mentioned with maximizing the playlist, and I'm very glad that a funcionality like that exists). It is not some hard thing to do, that choice can bring new, and keep some old users around.

To all other responders, take your head out of the sand. From up here you get a much beter prespective.

I have seen "Don't show the device plugin dialog when a new device is plugged in." in changes and rushed to downloads page to get the fresh version. Downloaded the tarball, extracted it and succesfully compiled it according to directions at the downloads page. Yes, I have user --with-libgpod in ./configure. But when I finished installing my lovely player it's appeared to be no "iPod" in Devices section. Now I have just Music sharing and Player, no any other options =(

What did I do wrong?

This is the first time I see an ugly picture on your site... However, I won't have any problem with that if the new version works as nicely as the older ones. ;)

Right, so I updated to the newest version of Amarok. Since then, Amarok just completely f*cks my iTunesDB. Whenever I access my touch through Amarok, not a single one of the music files on it are recognised by the player anymore. Sorry guys, but this release just doesn't work.

... once you get it to work. Seems the update somehow replaced my newer libgpod with an older version incapable of writing SHA1-hashes. See this thread on the forum:,14863.0.html.

So, I apologise for the above comment.

Thanks for following that up, I'm glad it worked out for you. :)

I really enjoy Amarok and hope that 2.0 will have a great future. However, I am often frustrated with media players on all platforms. IMHO, there are too many features that are really not necessary!! I would be in heaven if someone could take Amarok's cover downloader and turn it into a basic functional player. Click the cover art to play and the cover art zooms to fill the window. Click again and the album stops and zooms out to the view of all cover art. Sadly, I can't write a lick of code and don't have time to learn.

Take care

Also great work, many bugfixes are made it works here like a charm. that is really a digg worth!

please keep on the good work,


Rock solid and charming. What can I say more? Amarok lets me believe in the good of mankind ...

Can amarok run MP3 songs? I have amarok on Kubuntu 7.10 but unable to play mp3 songs. what is the solution to it?

yeah! it runs mp3!! I actualy run Amarok on Ubuntu. You need to install some plugin. Ubuntu does it by itself, automatic!

come on everybody - digg this to the sky - amarok rockz! i love it and it is a really usefull and great tool. never found something better. good work!

with the best wishes,
Dirk from TopDir(k)