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Amarok 2.0 Jingle Contest

The Amarok team has started a contest for the best 30 second jingle to be played at the first start of Amarok 2.0.  Amarok is the popular and critically-acclaimed media player for Linux and Unix,  soon fully supporting Windows and Mac OS X.

In partnership with Magnatune, who offer Creative Commons licensed music, and the ccMixter project, the Amarok team are requesting submissions for judgement. The contest closes on the 1st of October, 2007.

The winner will receive: Distribution of the winning jingle with copies of Amarok 2.0 (which will potentially be played by thousands, if not millions of users), an assortment of Amarok merchandise and a $100 US cash prize. Runners-up will receive an assortment of Amarok merchandise.

The Amarok team will judge all submissions, and the rankings will be published on the Amarok website.

Additional information is available from ccMixter.



Could you not just ask Mike Oldfield to use a short clip of his Amarok CD? It would fit in well and there are some really nice parts to the CD. It would also be beneficial to Mike as many more people would be exposed to his music and try to purchase it (especially seeing as Amarok was the 'best' album, but his biggest commercial flop). I await hearing about the numerous issues I haven't thought about to why this could not be done...


...your kind of missing the point. The idea is promote Amarok and CC music at the same time.

It's name is "Synth Guitar". :)
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

Sounds bad. Try again. :-)

"I'll be honest.. fellas, it was sounding great. But.. I could've used a little more wolf howling. So.. let's take it again..."

I tried it on a Linux LiveCD and I liked it!

I hope it will come soon soon soon soon soon to Mac OS X!
Do you have any roadmap release dates yet?

Great program!

dont release it for windows/mac! you have more important jobs to do and that will not give an excuse to move to linux!

hopefully this gets opened up for cc released original music instead of just remixed stuff. If it doesn't and there's a cool remix, great, but I would love a chance to write an AmaroK jingle!

Don't compile it for windows or MAC.If you dont't more people will try the freedom of Linux OS

On my quest for a suitable music player since i switched to Linux OS i've finally concluded to amarok due to it's handfull of usefull features. After using XMMS, Audacious, BMP Player, Songbird and some other native gnome music players and finally amarok this one has proven to be an almost all in one music suite. I am waiting to see the new version of amarok [2.0] soon enough, which as i saw in a preview has many new, must have features and major GUI changes. The aim of the developing team to make it cross platform is surrely a good thing. As some users metioned that it should stay natively in Linux is somehow wrong in my opinion because being able to choose freely your OS [Linux, Windows, MacOS] is a matter of free choise, keeping in mind your needs and wants from your OS. Thus being able to choose between propetiary software and opensource software in a propetiary and closed OS [Windows, MacOSX] is still a victory for opensource. Though amarok is not 100% perfect for me [crashes once in a while, takes sometimes long to choose a track from my collection, misc bugs etc] its mostly the player of my choise

i just wanted to say how pleased i am with your player! you've done an awesome job!!

i really can't even describe how happy i am with my music now..

thanks again ..

and keep up the good work!

Uri Shabtay