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Amarok 2.6 Release Candidate

Amarok 2.6 RC Screenie

The Amarok Team is proud to present you with a final release candidate a.k.a. Amarok 2.5.96 before we bring you Amarok 2.6 final. We're rolling a release candidate because there were a couple of intrusive code changes since 2.6 Beta 1 that were needed to fix severe Beta 1 bugs. We would be glad if many of you could test this extensively so that we can release Amarok 2.6 soon. Specifically, please test the following:

  • Correct playback and playlist advancement with both vlc and gstreamer phonon backends. Play count should be increased correctly. Note: phonon-gstreamer 4.6.1 has a known bug, 4.6.2 will contain a fix. [related commits]
  • Track statistics such as last played time, rating are never lost for tracks unless they are moved and changed simultaneously from outside of Amarok. Statistics of amarok_afttagger-tagged tracks shouldn't be lost unless the track is moved out of collection folders. Using the Organize Collection functionality shouldn't create a mess in collection anymore and should preserve track statistics. [related commits]

Please note that unless you are upgrading from 2.6 Beta 1, your Amarok database will be updated on first startup. Full (and very long) list of new features and bug-fixes since Amarok 2.5 will be published with the final release. There is a v2.5.95 tag in Amarok git repository, but we decided not to release that version at all.

Since the KDE multimedia people were so kind to give us a 4.6.1 release of the phonon-backend-gstreamer recently, it would be nice if you could also test this backend. We would like to verify if gapless playback now really works in Amarok or if there are still improvements necessary. The tarball for that backend can be found here.

source tarball download windows installer download
Source tarball Windows installer is being prepared

Changes since 2.6 Beta 1

  • Show all audio and video files in file browser. (BR 303253)
  • Remove codec install support. It's long ago been implemented in phonon.
  • Prevent lags with large Saved playlists. (BR 301700)
  • Increase minimal required ffmpeg version up to 0.7.
  • Use audio-x-generic icon for bit rate, not a generic one. (BR 302753)
  • Add Amarok.Playlist.playMediaList() script bindings for API symmetry.
  • Building the spectrum analyzer applet can now be disabled with a CMake argument.

Bugfixes since 2.6 Beta 1

  • Fix a regression where play count would be increased by 2. (BR 299890)
  • Don't lose statistics, labels and lyrics upon collection scan in some circumstances, e.g. when disk holding collection is swapped. (BR 298275)
  • Don't lose statistics, labels and lyrics when changing metadata of a track (not tagged by afttagger) followed by moving it. (BR 292245)
  • Fix Amarok.Playlist.{add,play}Media() and addMediaList() Qt script bindings methods not being able to add playlists. (BR 232697)
  • Add "Last Played" back to the Edit Filter dialog. (BR 302746)
  • Correct rounding for rating in Track Details dialog. (BR 273363)
  • Fix Context view not being fully formed on startup. (BR 292895)
  • Fix memory leaks and a string zero termination issue in MP3tunes.
  • Don't poll for mounts every second; solid notifies us. (BR 289462)
  • Fix inconsistent scrobbling in some cases with GStreamer backend.
  • Use colors from KDE style in Dynamic Playlist strip. (BR 301303)
  • Finally fix crash on startup in addCollapseAnimation. (BR 258741)
  • Don't hit "too many open files" when copying covers to iPod. (BR 301207)
  • Don't crash if iPod's eject button is hit twice. (BR 301208)
  • Don't crash even if the iPod is connected and quickly ejected. (BR 301166)
  • Play the correct track when adding tracks to a sorted playlist. (BR 244595)
  • Provide full-size covers via MPRIS1 if available. (BR 278550)
  • Fix serving out of embedded images via MPRIS. (BR 301399)


Is the youtube-video applet finally fixed?

No, we removed it from this release as it is broken and we do not currently have a maintainer for it.

No fix for the Organize Files Dialog under Windows?

Good to see all of the bug fixes and improvements to Amarok and that it's as strong as ever. Looking forward to the final release!

Double playback with Gstreamer-backend still present, with this backend probably works good now, transcoding works fine, but... fingerprinting makes scrobble to tracks and albums not present in my library! even when duplicates are removed by Amarok and library tagged by picard...