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Amarok 2.4.1 "Resolution" released

The long winter is ending, and the spring flowers are blooming, so it must be time for an Amarok release. In this version 2.4.1, we fixed many bugs and corner-case crashes, so your Amarok will be more rock-steady than ever. Lyrics iPod handling both got some love, along with remote collections. Also, you can now better preview your changes in the Organize Collection feature. The changelog below gives a fairly complete overview of the changes since the last major release.


Join us and rediscover your music!

Changelog for Version 2.4.1 and 2.4.1-Beta 1


  • Remote NFS & SMB/CIFS collections now work! (BR 249760, BR 232976, BR 171213, BR 187692)
  • New "Preview" feature for the Organize Collection dialog. Patch by Maximilian Güntner <>.
  • String filtering in the albums applet.
  • Ability to change text alignment in the lyrics applet.
  • Service, a Podcast Directory displaying the most used Tags from & the top Podcasts of these Tags


  • The podcast directory service is now based on incremental parsing of OPML without caching in the database.
  • Plugins can now be optionally enabled in the config dialog.
  • Script selector is moved from the menubar to the config dialog.
  • Now all changes to Preset Formats in Organize Collection dialog get saved on close, doesn't matter If dialog was accepted or rejected.
  • Added "Update Preset" button to Organize Collection dialog, which updates currently choosen scheme.
  • Renewed FilterEditor dialog.
  • Changed tokens syntax in FileNameLayoutDialog (TagGuesser, OrginizeCollection dialogs) now tokens wrapped in percent signs (%token% instead of %token).
  • Added ability to guess tags from whole track path. (TagGuesser dialog)
  • Use KDirWatch to watch changes to collection.
  • Do always store track rating as tags in files. Patch by Alan Ezusti <>. (BR 259117)
  • Added missing tooltip for animation settings. Patch by Bhargav Mangipudi <>. (BR 248690)


  • Fixed crash on saving playlist on ineligible device. (BR 266899)
  • Fixed Photos applet crash on track metadata change. (BR 265395)
  • Fixed crash on local collection search. (BR 270949)
  • Fixed crash during iPod track removal. (BR 253088)
  • Relative paths support for XSPF playlists. (BR 264147)
  • Fixed incorrect handling of "Various Artists" node by Collection Browser, now selection of this node returns "Various Artists" tracks instead of whole collection. (BR: 263255, BR: 269717)
  • Fixed song scrobbling if It was paused. (BR 267477)
  • Screen escape characters in MusicBrainz request string. (BR 269455)
  • Fixed detection of iPod devices.
  • Fixed crash when the lyrics applet was removed and re-added while a track was playing and the user pressed "ESC".
  • Fixed cached lyrics were not displayed if no lyrics script was running.
  • Fixed lyrics changes in the TagDialog were not "synchronized" to the lyrics applet.
  • Fixed reporting of playback status for MPRIS (both versions). (BR 268282)
  • Fixed translation issue in MagnatuneSignupDialog. Patch by Burkhard Lueck ( (BR: 239019)
  • Fixed crash on loading unsupported format playlist. (BR: 265378)
  • Ask delete confirmation for all contents of folder at once instead of each individually. Affects "Saved Playlists" and "Podcasts" (BR 246117)
  • Fixed unreadable text in lyrics applet in kde 4.6. (BR 265311)
  • Fixed tag dialog crash when sorting by genre and then changing tags.
  • Fixed track's statistics update in case of StopAfterCurrent playback mode (prevent double statistics change). (BR 265654)
  • Delete .mood files when tracks got removed from collection via Collection view context menu, and move them to new destination during Organize Collection process. (BR 261629)
  • Fixed "Configure Amarok..." disappearing in tray menu. (BR 258226)
  • Fixed crash when quitting Amarok. (BR 253676, BR 257407)
  • Fixed empty folders removal after collection organization. (BR 190881)
  • Fixed crash when trying to load cover for track/album without artist. (BR 263256)
  • Fixed linking on Solaris 11 (and others?). (BR 264112)
  • Fixed temporary podcast download filenames that were to long by using MD5 hash instead. Thanks to Frank Steinmetzger for the patch. (BR 264813)
  • Fixed issue with absentee toolbar on clear run (without config files). (BR 259615)
  • Fixed CD copying functionality. (BR 264050)
  • Fixed CUE tracks playback order. (BR 263237)
  • Prevent crash on exit when using Phonon-VLC.
  • Fixed crash in the queue editor when trying to show already removed items of the playlist. (BR 263308)
  • Fixed Mute button. (BR 253098)
  • Fixed issue with Organize collection, which made amarok remove newly copied tracks. (BR 263301)
  • Fixed wrong "Configure amarok" action position in tray icon popup menu. (BR 263330)
  • Fixed minor inconsistency in the Collection view. Patch by Bhargav Mangipudi <>. (BR 260973)
  • Fixed potential crash with the Similar Artists applet. Thanks to Tuomas Nurmi <> for the patch. (BR 263145)
  • Fixed 'Scale Font' option in OSD options for OSD preview widget. (BR 254029)
  • Fixed issue with playlist tooltips that was shown independetly from "Show tooltip" option. (BR 263121)
  • Fixed issues with multifiles cuesheet, when all tracks get metadata of last track in cuesheet, and each file defined in sheet gets all tracks of this sheet. (BR 262668) (BR 209341)
  • Fixed crash when trying to download a full size cover and the server redirects the request. (BR 262902)
  • Fixed issue when breadcrumbs stayed not updated after service insert/remove. (BR 262780)
  • Fixed issue with TagDialog that make metadata fields stay editable if multiple streams opened. (BR 177400)
  • Fixed missing equals-sign ('=') in filter string of bookmarks. (BR 245759)


Thank you for this great release! I had seg-faults on beta, and now they are gone :) amarok, you rokk!

I used amarok since early 1.x releases, it's getting more bloated time by time.
If I open amarok I have to wait at least 1 minute until it finishes to scan my library.

I switched to cmus player, it does everything and it's lightweight.

I remember I had to disable automatic collection scan, for it kept rescanning it every other minute even if no changes were applied to it. Very annoying. I can't seem to find this fix in the change-log. I'm afraid they must have forgotten about it. Yet it was of primary importance to me, as it impacted on its overall performance. Oh well, plenty of fish in the sea...

> Use KDirWatch to watch changes to collection.

So yeah, it was fixed... people need to learn to interpret changelogs correctly because the first thing that popped into my mind when reading this was that there was a fix for said bug. And it indeed is, at least on my system

amarok devs. Can you please, please enable this/these essential feature(s) of any modern music player? I have switched to Clementine cos' of this. I am eagerly waiting each Amarok release to get these essential features back. It used to be in Amarok 1.4. If phonon devs are completely ignoring crossfading can you fix this? Is it just me or is anyone else out there who is sorely missing both features?

Oh, and congrats on this release. Cheers,

Is gapless playing really that important? I never have understood why so many people are so concerned about this.

Silence is killing me softly. It is ugly to my ears. Silence between tracks?!? Urghhh! It is like eating steaks with fingers and biting food, tearing it apart like wild animals. Silence is disruptive when one is listening and enjoying pleasant tickling of your eardrums caused by music vibes.

P.S. It is called a music player for a reason (it is not a silence player) :)


It's definitely more important than all that pointless junk in the context view.

You've never heard whole "composite" album, where every track is directly followed by next track without gap (i.e. many classic albums, art rock albums, soundtracks, etc.), have you? Gaps are very very annoying in these albums. That's the reason.

You've never heard whole "composite" album, where every track is directly followed by next track without gap (i.e. many classic albums, art rock albums, soundtracks, etc.), have you? Gaps are very very annoying in these albums. That's the reason.

Hm, now I'm a bit concerned.
I'm listening to operas or symphonies all the times, but I never remarked any gaps when playing with Amarok (xine/vlc/gstreamer Phonon backends), without the OSD I wouldn't even know whether the track has changed at all.

And crossfading on the other would be a really annoying thing.

I agree with you about crossfading when it comes to classical music. But it is completely different story when it comes to rock and techno. If you don't like crossfading (or if it annoys you) simply switch it off. That is what all modern music/media players allows you to do (ok in most of them - if not all - you need to enable it first).

It is more about having feature parity with Amarok 1.4. Oh and having feature which is part of other modern music players too.

C'mon AmaROCK. Add this last piece to create really kick a@@@ music player. Let it ROCK.


Ehm, you must have forgotten about "concept albums". Ever heard of Dream Theater? Listen to "Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory", for example. It's like chopping a movie for no reason whatsoever.

Please vote this bug if you are also concerned by the lack of gapless playback:

Please vote this bug if you are also concerned by the lack of gapless playback:


I have heard it's a phonon issue rather than amarok (cannot confirm), but please dear Amarok devs if it's the case, for god's sake isn't there any temporary workaround to get proper gapless playing even if the fault is in the phonon side ? Gapless playing is such a basic but essential feature, Half of my album Collection is ruined when played on Amarok because of the stupid silence gaps between the tracks... I have to use Clementine aswell... It would be my default Music player if it was better integrated in KDE...

So very good job for this new awesome Amarok release, but please could you address some of the missing key features that any basic Music player MUST have ?

Phonon may be a good idea, but since the multimedia engines it's based upon (Xine, and to a lesser extent Gstreamer) are crap as far as gapless playback is concerned, so is Phonon, too. The Linux music players I know that can do gapless playback (Aqualung, DeadBeef, Audacious) have their own sound engine. Clementine is based on Gstreamer, and using it with latest Gstreamer, gapless playback is broken. Now new Phonon backends are being developped, but since neither MPlayer, nor VLC support gapless playback, you won't get it using these new backends. So if you want gapless playback, stay away from music players using Phonon.

... as this is a feature that has been requested so long, and none of the amarok devs seem to really want it. Saying it is phonons fault is the standard answer you'll get.

Thank you for the new version.
livraison fleurs

Thank you for the new version.
livraison fleurs

Cheers :). So it will be in Amarok 4.0 xp

Does Amarok support mp3+cue or not? I still don't get any marks/playlist/whatever from cue files, either if I open the file directly (mp3 or cue) or if I add it from collection. Or am I missing something?

its a shame that such essential core functionalities for any musicplayer like cue support and gapless playback are not priorized by the devs. context view stuff and online services are nice to have but i gave up on amarok also as it falls behind other players that concentrate on the core competences first - its a pity

Thank you for this great release !

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Thank you for this great release !

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When i add the podcast from the Free Music Charts and have a CUE sheet with the same base name in the same directory Amarok splits the podcast file into an album containing separate tracks.

Tested with mp3 and CUE from

Alright, I've figured it out. If I have the media in my Collection, the cue won't work. If I remove it from Collection and open again, it indeed does work. So there's a bug in there. I'll fill it later.

Alright, I've figured it out. If I have the media in my Collection, the cue won't work. If I remove it from Collection and open again, it indeed does work. So there's a bug in there. I'll fill it later.

Amarok is the WORST KDE app.
Developers always dump users.

It's a very good OS but it lacks a decent media player.


Just wanted to say thanks to all the developers - I love using Amarok, though I was slightly plagued by crashes in 2.4.0 - this release is brilliant :-)

Bloated piece of crap. On the other hand, deadbeef version 0.5 has just been released, and features: full cue sheet support, gapless playback etc. basically most of the things foobar2000 had, this player has as well.

stop being childish and quit whining about how much better Deadbeef is. As much as I like deadbeef, it will not become my default musicplayer as I have a huge collection of music which I want to access through a nicely organized Collection browser, always searching through my titles and find the right folders, yet alone adding my whole collection of music to one playlist is just not an option for me. The players have different focuses and target audiences, so stop rambling about how shity of a software Amarok is, because its not. It just doesn't suit your needs and if you hate it so much, why do you check up on every release and start trolling it?

It is a shitty software, however. You may like it, and it is your choice to use it, but you forget how incredibly buggy, bloated and user unfriendly it is.

While I am not an amarok user, if you don't like it - shut up and go use something else.

Many thanks for all the hard work!

Yeah, ive been waiting a long time for the releasing. Thank you very much!

First of all, iI would like to mention, that the amarok-team makes a great job. Amarok is the media player of my choice.

But there are two things missing, which could make amarok just a little bit better ;-)

First thing is a register tab for fast browsing in the collection. Like browsing to an address book, it would be much comfortable to have an alphabetical register, to jump direct to interprets which start with the meaning letter.

The second thing can be done with an external tool, but maybe it can be embedded into amarok directly. It is an FAT-sorting tool, for removable storage devices, since a lot of player doesn´t sort the collection alphabetical, but in the order of FAT-Inum.

so long

Send me an email when gapless is ready :)

Otherwise please dont bother people with worthless updates.

Sad that propably best linux music player lacks the basic feature that almost every other player has.

At this point deadbeef, audacious, rhythmbox, banshee, clementine etc > amarok

Thank you for the great Player an the hard work; i will bookmark your site!