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Amarok 2.3.2 "Moonshine" released

The Amarok Team is happy to announce the release of Amarok 2.3.2.

This release brings with it much requested bugfixes for some long-standing bugs. Specifically, Dynamic Collection has received fixes and should now work better with external hard drives and USB mass storage devices (Collection directories on these media will need to be rescanned for the changes to take effect). The Collection Browser now refreshes properly after a full rescan, fixing a bug where it would show incorrectly cached entries until Amarok was restarted.

Very importantly, Amarok 2.3.2 is now compatible with KDE’s 4.5 release. Older Amarok versions would exhibit a number of serious bugs with it.

The internet service now works without using KWallet, which was a problem that concerned many of our users. The podcast section has seen many improvements and podcasts can now be grouped into folders. Searching capabilities have been much improved. In the collection filter box, it is now possible to search for many new criteria, including file format, file size, and last played date.

We are also very proud to present you a brand new Quick Start Guide, available here: Thanks a lot to Valorie and the Amarok Documentation Team for this great work. If you are interested in contributing to the ongoing work on the Amarok Handbook, please contact us on, or talk to us in #rokymotion on

As always, the full changelog since the last beta release can be seen below. For changes until beta release please refer to the changelog for Amarok 2.3.2 beta 1.


Join us and rediscover your music!


  • Bumped libMTP dependency to version 1.0.0.
  • Improved response of current track and albums applet on data updates.
  • Use system date/time format for default name when saving user playlists.


  • Fixed incorrect size of the VideoClip applet. (BR 247097)
  • Comments embedded in files that contained newlines or tabs could be skipped entirely. (BR 223502)
  • The equalizer dialog did not discard changes when clicking "Cancel". Patch by Anton Gritsay <>. (BR 242730)
  • The service did not work without KWallet. (BR 235861)
  • Show actual KDE version in the "About Amarok" dialog, instead of the version used at compile time.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to save a playlist to a file where the format of the playlist was unknown. (BR 246168)
  • Also use podcast channel image for downloaded episodes. (BR 229391)
  • Collection directories that were symlinks could end up storing the wrong absolute path, causing those files to be removed during incremental scans.
  • Fixed playlist tooltips not showing up, even when enabled in the playlist layout (BR 249086)
  • Fixed potential crashes related to Applet loading. (BR 246756)
  • Fixed possible crash in Labels Applet when playing new track. (BR 248538)
  • Fixed incorrect layout of applets on startup.
  • Fixed Collection Browser not properly updating after a full rescan, necessitating Amarok to be closed and reopened. Fixes various bugs. (BR 172542)
  • Fixed cover found dialog closing when download failed or is cancelled.
  • Fixed failure when fetching cddb info for audio CDs in localized Amarok.
  • Fixed expanding items in collection browser by double-click, in double-click mode.
  • Fixed crash when adding new folders repeatedly in podcast/saved playlist browsers.
  • Fixed context menu actions acting on wrong indices in the playlist browser.
  • Fixed incorrect text about "rpath" argument to collection scanner. (BR 236076)
  • Fixed emission of MPRIS StatusChange signal when switching into or out of random mode.


Looking great, you guys truly rock! :)

Gotta wonder about the name of the release thought, there a story behind that? ;) Also it says this was news was posted @ 12:59 , but in which time zone is that?

Anyways, you guys rock and your work is greatly appreciated! Cheers

We always take our names from Mike Oldfield's albums. This one came from the album "Tubular Bells II".

It's lovely music, give it a try :)

im compiling 2.3.2 right now and looking forward to play my music with it =)

finally full compatible with my KDE 4.5.1 =)

Did Amarok finally get standardized Album support?

It did not get. Amarok still does not separate Albums from CD's. So it is not following ID3 standard so music collections with albums what has multiple CD's are impossible to build as with other music players.

Maybe Amarok 2.4 could support CD/Albums correctly.

Indeed album support is very poor, and Compilation album is nonexistent, which can be result in chaos when you use the "Organize files" dialog.

Also playlist iPod synch seems to be missing again. :-(
(Note, also Sony Walkman (ATTRAC) sync support would be handy so we can get rid of SonicStage and JSymphonic.)

That all aside, nice work, guys I still keep on using it daily ! ;-)

Amen! You mentioned all of the shortcomings that I find in amarok. Playlist sync and better album/compilations handling are a must. To me it seems that this project promised a lot with the 2.0 revolution. The devs kept saying that it would take a little and then the development would have speeded up enormously. Well...that didn't happen. It's said because I had a lot of hopes for amarok but it's been two years and still I'm still not able to properly sync my ipod.

I would just like to see that they really separate CD's from Albums. As the album can have multipel CD's. I know it is a musical thing as well that some parties say that the media is the album and the.... well... the box or the set is the... well there is not a wise term for that but some people like to call them as double-album or triple-album. But when you actually have music albums where are 4-6 CD's and voice books what has 16-32 CD's, it comes very clear that album is the release or the "box". And especially now when we are having more digital music stores where there is no physical medias, just diital metadata of the album name.

It is just stupid to need to collect a specific songs and then edit the album name as "albumname [CD2]" to get it separated from the other CD's from same album. Amarok does allow to input a CD number in metadata and it even allows to organize the playlist with CD number.
But Amarok lacks totally the collection filtering by CD's of the album.

There really is need to have possibility to get collection ordered as Artists > Album > CD. All what would be needed to do is to add a new choise for the order filters so there would be "CD". So users could get "Album > CD" or the "Artists > Album > CD".

The video applet still doesnt work. It can now expand to cover the entire width of the context tab but it doesnt show any video. I only hear audio and the applet window is white blank when playing a video file

Works fine here, at least with the Phonon-xine backend.

I have phonon-backend- xine on Kubuntu 10.04 but the video applet does not play youtube videos too

As usual, works great on slackware. Thanks guys!

Still expecting the deb version in backport ppa! I hope to obtain it soon!

The new splashscreen looks so good :)

Credits for the new splash screen go to Roozbeh Shafiee, who made this beautiful image. You can see some of his proposals here:

I agree, new splashscreen is awesome but... but in my opinion I think it's not the reality: we see many people dancing at a party but, lacking essential features to make a party with amarok (crossfade feature between tracks for example), I believe at present that without even the slightest ability to mix between tracks amarok cannot break the wall of listening alone...

I hate it. Looks like a kid goofed around with photoshop. I'd love an option to either disable it or switch back to the old one.

You realize that there is an option for disabling it? Duh.

Totally irrelevant to the fact that it is very ugly.. you do realize that right!

> Specifically, Dynamic Collection has received fixes and should now
> work better with external hard drives and USB mass storage devices

How about for network-mounted collections, which may or may not be available depending on the network one is using, the availability of the network share being available (powered on), and other possible causes for it to be determined as 'dynamic'? I dislike having to rescan my collection over a few hours just because my network decided to drop at some point.

Thanks for Amarok, I love it.

Amarok is one of the best music player. Works great, as usual but still no crossfading :(.

We have lately received quite a lot of requests for a cross-fading feature, so I think we'll move this higher on our priority list. Maybe we can get it done in cooperation with the Phonon developers (which consists partly of Amarok developers anyway).

Stay tuned :)

Stay tuned :) --- > until the cows come home


Well what I want to say is why not include ProjectM as the visualisations for the Amarok and set them as the visualisations applet in the middle. I am so dying to have visualisations in Amarok after 1.4.

Good idea! Visualisations are definitely a missing feature.


I found the photo widget(setting:Automatic) cause system's CPU% very high.I open ksysguid to find which process cause this,it seems xorg.
Then I removed Amarok's photo widget,the process xorg's CPU% slow down sharply.
I even try to add a new user to reboot the system,then start up amarok,add photo widget ,set it's one option "Automatic",then begin to play music.So photo widget begin to download photos from flick,and show these photos automatic.At the same time ,I could see the process xorg's CPU% jump to 50%,then slow down to 5%,then jump to 50% again......when i removed the widget , it down to about 5% and keep stable.

I have noticed similar behavor: the "current track" applet causes Xorg to use %50 of my dual core machine (that is one whole core) and kwin to use the other %50; causing quite a lag :) also the menus (context menus included) in amarok will not open; they quickly flash away when i try to open them. Disabling the current track applet immediately solves the issue. I hope this gets fixed....before the next version so I don't have to wait several months :(

“the menus (context menus included) in amarok will not open; they quickly flash away when i try to open them.”
The same problem i meet.But what cause it in my system is "Coverbling" applet.I removed it,now and restart amarok ,the menus resumes.

Cause it is not mentioned in the changelog I guess embedded cover support is still not implemented...

Works out-of the box with amarok 1.4,iTunes,Songbird....

it`s version have critical bug for me.

when choose File (browse local hard drive for content) in left part of player and then choose folder with long adress, this left part became so wide and this cannot made more thinner.


sorry for my bed english.

we already have a bug report for this:

i have noticed that this version of Amarok use less RAM then previous versions. It`s OK!

As I already mentioned for Amarok 2.3.2 beta, SkyFM (internet radios) has two folders: SkyFM Free and Sky FM Digitally Imported.
With Amarok 2.3.2 beta, only SkyFM Free is accessible; SkyFM Digitally Imported, however, is not selectable. This behavior is still present in Amarok 2.3.2

Both folders are accessible on Amarok 2.3.1.

Hey Guys,
Thanks for another great and rocking release.
I personally also like the new splash screen.

But i have to admit, that i really miss the embedded cover support, that war present in 1.4.
I was wondering what's the priority of this feature?
As far as i can tell from reading all the comments right after each release it's one of the most wanted features.
It would be really great if you could implement it for the next release.

Cheers and keep up the good work,

I'm sorry, we simply forgot to add this feature to our Changelog. In fact Amarok 2.3.2 does support Embedded Covers in MP3 files!

Please spread the word, because our users keep asking us about this. Have fun :)

Has the progress bar in the tray icon been removed? Because for me it no longer appears? Thanks for new release. Is there any update of on the coverflow applet?

Yes, the icon progress animation had been removed already in 2.3.2beta for technical reasons.

BTW: Why doesn't Amarok use the new monochrome icons of SC 4.5 in the systray?

And no, I think the coverflow applet was removed because of technical and/or copyright issues.

The new monochrome icons are actually only meant for system tools that KDE provides, mostly for devices (network, display, sound, etc).

It's not actually planned to convert application icons too. First of all they would look weird outside of KDE (Windows, GNOME). And secondly, the icons are partly trademarked and are part of the product brand.

I have 2 albums that have the same name but they belong to 2 different artists. Amarok puts them as the same album under "Various artists", when I tell Amarok to "not show under various artists" apparently it does but then the songs and albums disappear from the collection.

Anyway, thanks for the hard work!

Same problem here!

Now there is only one thing that is left for me before I can finally move from 1.5 to Amarok 2: I really need a port of this script:

What it does is that it fetches global tags from and adds them as a track's labels in Amarok. I'm not sure how hard this is to do as I don't have the skills to understand the underlying code. It'd be really neat if anyone could bother writing a script like this for Amarok 2 or maybe even include this to the official release as I find it incredibly handy.


I upgraded; but now the widgets inside amarok won't resize, I can't use the "current track" widget cause it pins my cpu; and I get multiple albums with the same name by the same artist in the music browser. I had to downgrade :(

and it wouldn't play cd's either

Context view is full of bugs and lags, each applet is broken. Keep it up and you can bury it by yourself.
Good job!