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Amarok 2.3.0 "Clear Light" released

Team Amarok is proud to announce Amarok 2.3.0. It contains many improvements and bugfixes over Amarok 2.2.2 as well as many new features. Areas such as podcast support and saved playlists have seen huge improvements, as has the support for USB mass storage devices (including generic MP3 players).

With large parts of Amarok 2 becoming quite mature, it was also time to start looking forward again. Therefore, this release also contains a number of new features of a slightly more experimental nature. These include a new main toolbar and a rewritten and much simpler file browser. These parts are brand new and based on user feedback, and they will change and improve over the next few releases. The old slim toolbar is still available should you prefer that, but we encourage you to try out the new toolbar and tell us what you think. The file browser's look and feel now aligns more closely with the rest of Amarok with improvements such as breadcrumb navigation, and it is now focused on being a way to find and play music instead of being a multi-purpose file manager.

The context menu of tracks in your playlist now offers a "show in media sources" option, making it easier to find the same track again in the collection browser for editing, moving or deleting the file.

Podcasts have received a configuration dialog allowing you to change the update interval as well as the location to store new downloaded episodes. Podcasts and saved playlists are now also grouped by source, and a merged view is available just like in your local collection - perfect for those that don't care where their music is coming from but simply want to listen to it. Now, when a new source of playlists or podcasts becomes available, Amarok will switch off merged view and show a collapsible list of your new listening sources.

The Wikipedia applet now looks better and links have been fixed. Internal links to other pages on Wikipedia will display in the applet, and external links open a browser window.

In short, Team Amarok has been focusing hard on furthering our long-term goal: making Amarok the best tool for immersing yourself in music, no matter where it comes from.


Join us and rediscover music!



Slim toolbar looks horrible (Seriously, who designed it? I never used it) and the new default toolbar lacks of the basic stop button (pause != stop) and the bad joke is that the most decent toolbar was removed (not appears in the youtube video)... despiste those 3 details of the toolbars the new release looks very stable :-)

another great release from the amarok team. Thank again :)

Please! Please! The next release has to have that name! ;)

(or am I the only one who's noting a not so recent Mike Oldfield pattern in your codenames?)

but I think we have used "Sentinel" before, in an earlier release.

If you have other good ideas though, let's hear :)

I actually love the slim bar, the layout is perfect for my need.

Yes, there's nothing wrong with the Slim Toolbar; it's what I use all the time.

another +1 for the slim toolbar, me likes!

The stop button didn't work anyway, just like pause sometimes doesn't. So well, instead of fixing it they probably decided to remove it.

I quite agree with you. I too miss the old buttons and the old volume bar. I can already imagine what happens if I tell my wife (who uses Amarok's controls very rarely) to go and change a track or lower the volume in Amarok :(

Haha, way to go, spam-filter. Sorry for the flood.

I've removed your accidental duplicate posts.

I did!

Slim toolbar looks horrible (Seriously, who designed it? I never used it) and the new default toolbar lacks of the basic stop button (pause != stop) and the bad joke is that the most decent toolbar was removed (not appears in the youtube video)... despiste those 3 details of the toolbars the new release looks very stable!! :-)

So, is iPod scrobbling back?
Or shall I stick with 1.4 for another few months?

I miss Ipod Scrobbling too ...

Amarok has come a long way. I use amarok to primarily handle my audio and video casts and i have opened around 10 bugs reports and my last one was opened and fixed sometime btw this release and beta1 and amarok has finally reach a state where all the functionality i need is included and i can finally stop updating from trunk almost weekly looking for features i want to be included.

i noticed in the following video around twelfth second the ability to hide menu and status bar through "view -> hide menu bar" and "view -> hide status bar. Is this functionality on its way or this only exists on someone local copy and not meant to be shared in public?

the video i am talking about is here:

Nope, still not able to copy podcasts to my ipod, ipod scrobbling does also not work as well as most of the functionality. For me, the 2.x series has been a huge regression functionality wise.

Nope, still not able to copy podcasts to my ipod, ipod scrobbling

That is scheduled for the next release. You can already copy to USB Mass Storage but for iPod and MTP we need to rework the mediadevice framework.

Whether we'll make the next release depends on available developer resources obviously.


That video was great, it really allowed us to see the changes in this new 2.3.0 release. Debian Sid has it already, and I am absolutely thrilled with the direction Amarok has taken.

I like the new toolbar for its visuals, but for control the various 'buttons' are a bit spread apart. However, its not often that I need to stop, play, and skip around all in one moment, so its fine. And the slim toolbar looks great to me; all the controls in one place and nice and slim, as advertized.

Well done developers. Next up, time to test transferring playlists to a Sansa Clip player. Thank you very much. When does Rocktober start? ;)

Looks like another great release. Just downloaded it and digging the new layout for the toolbar. It will probably take some getting used to but it looks great and responds very quickly.

Looks like another ugly and unstable alpha version. Amarok 1.4 was great. Amarok 2.0 is EPIC FAIL.

Which is why we moved on from 2.0 a long time ago and are now at version 2.3.

Seriously though, if you hate it so much, why even bother to come here and write a trollish comment containing absolutely no useful information? Go find some other player that better fits your need or stay with Amarok 1.4.

... or at the very least, write some more specifics about what makes you dislike Amarok 2.3 so we can either fix it or tell you that it is by design and that Amarok really is not for you.

Because I still hope that some new version would fix some of the things that were broken. If no critics is allowed, maybe there shouldn't be any comments here? Only an option to prize the makers of the Great Amarok 2.x?

I think a lot of things have been fixed and became better. I'm sure there are some things some users still miss from the 1.4 days, I know I do, but that doesn't mean 'it all sucks and there has been no progress'. Saying that is just bullshit and *should* be ignored by developers.

I do understand if you're frustrated by priorities developers have - they do whatever they like and listen to users only to a certain extend. Of course, they're not paid or anything, they're free to work on whatever they like. It's annoying but that's what you get when you - well, do nothing... If you seriously want to get a feature in, make sure it gets in by writing it or paying someone to do so. Otherwise, you can ask, hope they do it - but they don't HAVE to. Be happy with what they do or don't and move on. Sorry but such is life.

I submitted many bugs and none was fixed, so why should I bother trying again?

When will Music Brains or its replacement be included in Amarok?
It is a feature that I use frequently in Amarok 1.4. Yes, I am still using 1.4 version but I think that the progress in 2.x has been very interesting.

One developer is working on it but due to a bug in liblastfm it I can't tell you when it will be ready. It might be 2.3.1...

First of all, thanks to the developers: I think they do their best.

Now, I have to say that in my Debian Squeeze/Sid the new version has the same issues that previous releases:

1- The Device Notifier calls Amarok when I insert an audio Cd, but Amarok does not play it at all: Amarok must be open before to be able to play the cd.
2- The CD has always all the songs with the same length (0:00)
3- After playing three o four tracks, Amarok crashes.

I will go on using it, because I liked very much the old amaroK, and I think Amarok 2 will be as great as the previous 1.4 was. But in my experience, at the present time Amarok 2 is a good program to play music that is already in my hard disk or in the internet, but no in a CD.

PS: I use the slim bar too, I think is more useful than the new toolbar.

I think this is an "mpris" library problem. This causes other issues like when you want to view the remaining time left of the song. For example if you use an external application to read the information, since song's length = 0:00, time remaining is not available. :(

Not sure it's related to Amarok, though... can someone confirm?

Yes, me. Not the 0:00 thing but the crashes after 3 or 3 tracks from audio CD. I also experienced problems with amarok and the device manager, as the person above states.

Well, this is a known bug in the Phonon Xine backend, not much we can do about that, sorry. But a new VLC backend is in the make and should solve quite a few issues.

Hi folks !

Thank you for this amazing player, I'm gonna test this release soon. I translated this announce in french at this address :

That's really nice of you :)

Hey, great work, thanks a lot :) I proofread and integrated your translation to the French version of our website, your credits are in the log file with a ling to your blog. I hope this is OK for you :)

First off, kudos to the devs: another release making me realise just how incredibly many different things different people want from Amarok. For what my opinion is worth, I like the slim toolbar and tabbing view is just grand. (Hey, I can mess with it then lock it again to get back a line or two of real estate... nice!) Looking forward to the USB support as well, if it looks anything like the old 1.4 behaviour.

Any plans for when we're going to get searching by labels? Labelling is fun and all, but it's really not much use without the searching bit...

Ok, I haven't looked at 2.3.0 so maybe this has changed. But in Amarok 1.4 (which I still use because 2.x still doesn't suit me), I could make a dynamic playlist that included labels. This still is not in 2.x.

I use this to make a dynamic playlist of about an hour of random songs with the "night" tag which is various stuff that I can fall asleep to.

First of all I would like to thank you for good job.
Damn, i really like "Amarok 2.3.0" and it's the best player ever released!
I'm using "openSUSE 11.1 + KDE 4.4.1" and it works like candy. :D

Thank YOU! :)

We're very happy to hear that users enjoy what we have produced, so that's really nice to hear.

In fact we have been discussing this redundancy of information as well. We are looking into solutions, so no worries:

Just give us some time :)

As far as I understand, we will never get support for "album artist", fully customizable view of media library and other really necessary things. But we will get new look for toolbar in every new version. It's very sad.

Banshee is better.

> Banshee is written in C#
> C#

This make it bad

Being written in C# makes it neither better nor worse. In fact C# is a really cool programming language, and .NET is one of the few really good things that MS ever accomplished (from a completely technical, non-ideological point of view). But that's besides the point, the point is that the programming language doesn't make a piece of software good or bad, but what you do with it.

Nope. C# and Mono make it much worse. C# and .NET are intellectual property (if there is such thing) of M$ and neither the Community Promise, nor the ECMA standard can make it from free from M$' patents.

What is more, Mono is a juggernaut and it takes too much space (yeah, I really do care, especially on my netbook and pocket devices).

no it isn't

Crash on start, while 2.2.90 run flawlessy.

This is likely (though I can't be sure) due to a bug in Qt, which can make Amarok crash when loading the "Info" Applet.

Removing this applet from "amarok-homerc" often fixes this problem.

I can confirm, this workaround did it for me.

Thank you all, for my favorite music player & collection manager. :-)

amarok crush on startup should be a serious issue to amarok and amarok should own this crush. Pushing it aside as a qt bug only works when a few friends use amarok and should be unacceptable.

The info applet should be disabled in the meantime or amarok should be build to resist applets crashing it down.

How easy can applets crush amarok?