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Amarok 2.2.2 "Maya Gold" Released

A Happy New Year to all of you! We hope you all had a nice holiday season, ate yummy meals and enjoyed some quality time with your family and friends. While doing exactly the same as everybody, the Amarok developers did also sneak out in the middle of the night to sit at their computers and add a bugfix here, a usability improvement there, and polish all around to make sure you will truly enjoy our new release: Amarok 2.2.2!

As already announced for the beta release, we focused on improvements and bugfixes, but let us remind you of the new features in this release first: The Custom Labels are back and allow you to add your personal touch to your music. Another new addition that will add quite some color to your music experience: the moodbar makes his entry in the 2.2 series so you can change the progress bar to fit with your current mood, be this normal, angry, frozen or just happy :) To help you setting this up we prepared a wiki page with the necessary instructions. Editing the lyrics is made much easier now since you can just click on the lyrics applet, press F2 and you can correct the misspelled words and occasional mis-hearings :) A little tweak in the settings page of the applet allows you to also change the font settings. You always wanted to see the Beats Per Minute of a track? You can now edit, filter and sort your music by that criteria.

The podcasts section has seen many new features and improvements, since you can now show the HTML information for podcasts supporting it, import podcast subscriptions from OPML and gain some considerable memory usage by limiting the simultaneous download to a maximum of four as well as modify the update interval in the configuration file. The grouping of podcasts has improved and you now also have automatically downloaded logos for each subscription. Already existing files are not downloaded again and you can remove downloaded episodes when removing a subscription..

We also made some small changes to streamline some functionality: The Playlist Layout Editor is now part of the Tools menu in the menu bar, while the playlist actions are at the bottom of the playlist panel. This has the big advantage to see immediately if you did activate a random, repeat and/or favor mode by a visual indicator.

There are many more features to discover, many changes and an impressive list of bugfixes in this release. Below are the changes since the release of 2.2.2 Beta 1. Let us just mention one other important change: Amarok now depends on KDE 4.3.x and Qt 4.5. Expect a few very nice new things in the month to come, while we will be making use of the many new features provided by those KDE and Qt versions.


Join us and rediscover music!

Changes since 2.2.2 Beta 1

  • The inline playlist editor now also allows resizing of auto sized items that are invisible because fixed sized items already use up 100% width.
  • Enhanced the playlist sorting breadcrumb items to separately highlight the order inversion arrow on hover. (BR 209011)
  • The automatic character set detection for tags has been disabled; it caused too many problems with legitimate UTF-8 tags. It can be re-enabled from Settings->Collection. (Many BRs)
  • Dynamic mode is now automatically disabled when replacing the playlist. (BR 214759)
  • The collection search filter now also searches for file names as a fallback. Patch by Andreas Hartmetz .


  • Fixed crash with dangling pointer on trying to play a media device track whose collection no longer exists. (BR 210477)
  • Fixed loading MusicBrainz-tagged tracks in dynamic playlists. (BR 219902)
  • Fixed MusicBrainz-tagged tracks not being restored in the playlist upon restart.
  • Fixed incorrect display of rich text in applet header text. (BR 220714)
  • Fixed GUI freezing after mounting and during parse of media devices. (BR 180520)
  • Fixed occasional crash when custom biases go awry. (BR 219888)
  • Fixed missing icons in the drag overlay menu.
  • More reliable MimeType detection for music formats. Patch by Rafa? Rzepecki <>. (BR 219792)
  • Fixed regression causing many scripted services, including the, shipped by default, LibriVox service to not work at all.
  • Fixed corner case that could prevent scans from being completed, manifesting as a regression in 2.2.1. Huge thanks to Christian Kreibichfor his patience and time in helping to debug this.
  • Fixed removing multiple tracks from a saved playlist only removing the first track. (BR 218527)
  • Fixed cancel button not responding when loading thumbnails in the cover manager. (BR 204882)
  • Fixed crash when using the inline playlist editor to resize items containing auto sized elements not shown becuase of all space already being used. (BR 218167)
  • Fixed relative links in wikipedia work. (BR 218512)
  • Fixed multilevel playlist sorting by time since last played so it sorts numerically rather than alphabetically. (BR 214761)
  • Fixed crash with "Edit Track Details" dialog. (BR 217625)
  • Fixed a number of cases where markers such as "current track", "stop after this track" and others would get shown in both group header and the first track in the group. (BR 197842)
  • Fixed regression causing non default moodbar styles to not work.
  • service: Fixed track lengths not getting shown for most tracks. For existing installs, this requires a redownload of the Jamendo database. (BR 200531)
  • service: Fixed searches not working because of SQL errors.
  • service: Removed broken "Unknown" genre which would freeze Amarok if expanded. For existing installs, this requires a redownload of the Jamendo database. (BR 213165)
  • Playback of Audio CD track now correctly stops if track is the last in the playlist. (BR 216175)
  • Fixed crash if user clicks rating widget on the current track applet while no track is playing (which is possible since there is a slight delay before the applet switches "mode"). (BR 215471)
  • Made " Love" (and potentially other global actions available for all tracks) correctly show up in the Current Track applet.


Wooww, i'm very happy!
Maya Gold? Look at this:

She is pretty, but not quite my type ;)

PS: The whole thing was a coincidence, we really didn't know about it.

Only xine backend supports equalizer and only gstreamer backend supports moodbar... That sucks! Otherwise Amarok rocks, but seriously Phonon has sucked last two years and it still sucks and just cripples Amarok. Any idea when the VLC or MPlayer backends will emerge and make hopefully Phonon suck less?

That's not quite correct. Moodbar doesn't need GStreamer, it works just fine with xine.

What needs GStreamer is the Moodbar Generator, a separate tool that generates the mood files.

(PS: We are planning to port this generator tool to Phonon)

Widgets are still completely blocks UI. Example: widget for viewing photos blocks all interface until photos are loaded. I should await if I didn't like the track? I think these tasks should be performed in background.

Another problem with sound system. Why Amarok don't release the sound device when I click "stop" button?
$ lsof | grep snd
kmix 1966 heaven 12u CHR 116,10 0t0 4428 /dev/snd/controlC0
amarok 5601 heaven mem CHR 116,8 4385 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p
amarok 5601 heaven 59r CHR 116,2 0t0 3778 /dev/snd/timer
amarok 5601 heaven 66u CHR 116,8 0t0 4385 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p

Yep, have the same problem.

it does release the sound card when you press "Stop". This was a patch we made before the 2.2.2 release.

However, with some versions of xine and/or Phonon, this doesn't seem to work. I assume it's a bug in one of these components.

In my country Maya Gold is a name of a porn actress. In all forums there were a little laughing about this release :)

I had already explained this in an earlier comment: We also had to laugh about this, but it was a coincidence ;)

What happended to shuffle play? Why can't I set Amarok 2.2.2 to shuffle between tracks in my playlist?

What if I want to select between shuffle and repeat list or shuffle and do not repeat list?

you actually were never able to do that. the UI made it seem so, but the way the code worked behind the scenes actually didn't allow it. so now the UI reflects more clearly how amarok functions, and doesn't deceive you :P

Still - completely removing both functions seems like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. "Repeat" and "Shuffle" both seem very useful for me. Please, please, please re-add at least the shuffle mode - randomly sorting the playlist is not an adequate replacement.

I am agree with previous submitter.
Random sorting is not same as shuffle mode play.
Usually people listen in shuffle mode and sometimes they want listen next(another) song of same singer, but they cannot find any in random sorted list.

Please review usability.



+1. At least, make repeat full list default when shuffle is selected.

Good Point.where are we at that? The SHUFFLE function is the one I most sorely need. I keep going back to AMAROK 1.4, the King of all Amarok versions so far, because the new versions and Rhythmbox seem to play the same albums and same songs,all the time, even with my collection of >8000 songs. ???

the options for random and repeat has simply been moved to the playlist toolbar as many people thought it was too hard to access from the menu

Okay - I finally found the Shuffle. But it's far too hard to access from the playlist, it really should be in the main menu.

Usability always is a trade-off. And better believe me: We think long and hard before making such decisions, and actual professionals in usability help us.

It's not like we do these things after throwing dice, after having a bottle of rum, and the joint ;)

Great release! I really appreciate some of the little touches: You can now dequeue tracks, the add new plasmoids has been lumped into one button, and the cover finder has been fixed.
Some small requests: Allow to sort by date added to the collection (good for finding those new songs), search includes the track comments/labels, and bring back "display cover" to the top level menu of the right-click on a track. Thanks!

you can't sort by date added, but you can filter by it.

type "added:

haha, the less-than sign didn't get past the html filter.

i meant, type "added:LESSTHANXmXwXd"

that is, color, lessthan, and then any combo of month, week or day. so


Amarok in my PC (Athlon X2 5200+, 3GB RAM) takes 10 seconds to start in the first time. Is it normal? I have 6000 MP3s.

Startup time ranges from 2 to 3 seconds here (depending on warm or cold caches).

Two tips:

1) Disable all Amarok Scripts. Some of them can cause slowness.
2) Do this: "amarok --debug --nofork". It will print a lot of things, but search for "DELAY".

So, when I get the following:

amarok: END__: bool ScriptManager::slotRunScript(QString, bool) - DELAY Took (quite long) 5s
amarok: END__: void ScriptManager::slotConfigChanged(bool) - DELAY Took (quite long) 18s
amarok: END__: void ScriptManager::findScripts() - DELAY Took (quite long) 18s
amarok: END__: void ScriptManager::updaterFinished(QString) - DELAY Took (quite long) 18s
amarok: END__: void ScriptUpdater::phase2(KJob*) - DELAY Took (quite long) 18s

How do I know which of the scripts I use cause the delay? Do I have to turn off one after the other until the messages disappear?

"Do I have to turn off one after the other until the messages disappear?"

Yes, that's what I would recommend. I don't have a better idea right now. At some point we should probably build some detection system into Amarok, for these cases (like Firefox has).

everytime i start amarok, it hangs for almost a minute, just the gui, the engine would be working, if it is started to play some file, it does play, but gui is non-responsive, after some inspection in ksysguard (using kubuntu 9.10 here), i notice a dozen kio http connections...
my internet is not that good to handle all these, worse still, it would be off in many times, i have to wait till they timeout, now it became a habit, i select them all, and kill them, the moment they die, amarok jumps back to life :S

Clear your playlist. When Amarok starts up, it will try to load all entries in the playlist. With networked tracks, it has to do a network lookup for each entry, which takes time.

(It does lazy-loading, but still)

I use photos widget — and have the same problem.
I think, Amarok should run this in background and not all at once.

I hate it, that in amarok i can't use my windows network share (sorry for that, but i use a media center) like i want. Why is it not possible in amarok, to have a separate collection for each network share been shown only, when this networkshare is available? Different types of collections (local, network share, webdav ...) also would allow to use a notebook at different places with different music collections. Would be totally cool.

But I have some problem — he doesn't show the albums covers :)