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Amarok 2.1 Beta 2 released

Amarok 2.1 Beta 1

The Amarok team is proud to release the second beta of Amarok 2.1. In the last month, the Amarok development squad has been focusing on bug fixing, usability improvements and optimizations to enhance your experience. Our recently held developer sprint in Berlin, Germany has allowed us to improve Amarok with feedback from usability studies as well as discuss the road map for Amarok once 2.1 is released.

We are also very excited to be bringing on wonderful new students to work with us with the Google Summer of Code, Season of KDE and Season of Usability programs, which will usher in a number of great features and improvements in the upcoming months. Although Amarok 2.1 is still in beta status, we encourage you to upgrade and provide feedback - the more we hear from you, the more improvements you'll get back!

Join us in Amarok'ing in a Free World!

Some of the changes since 2.1 Beta 1:


  • New Script method to get current track time in milliseconds. (BR 177073)


  • Pressing the return key in the playlist search activates the selected result. (BR 192126)
  • Pressing the escape key in the playlist search clears it's contents. (BR 192123)
  • Optimizations to the insertion and removal of large numbers of tracks from the playlist. Especially clearing a large playlist is now about 300 times faster.
  • Always scroll to newly inserted tracks in the Playlist.
  • When removing upcoming tracks from an active dynamic playlist, add a similar number of new ones to keep if from "drying up".
  • Some action cleanup in the playlist context menu.
  • When clearing the playlist, also reset the search/filter text.
  • Podcast titles are stripped of unnecessary whitespace. (BR 177403)


  • Fixed incorrect track counts in the collection.
  • Fixed duplicate scanning of playlists during collection scan
  • Fixed drag and drop to other applications. (BR 177415)
  • Fixed the filter widget in the Files browser. (BR 176139)
  • Fixed crash when using context menu after collection update. (BR 190056)
  • Fixed problem with Amarok showing wrong track length for streams. Patch by Michael Quinn . (BR 188512)
  • Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Set the value of the slider to the actual scale when loading a fuzzy Bias playlist, instead of 100% in every case
  • Don't fetch all coverless albums automatically when opening the Cover Manager. (BR 176170)
  • Podcast episodes are loaded correctly when restoring a playlist on startup. This means the local file will be played if downloaded. (BR 189328)
  • Next button in the main toolbar no longer has a clipped shadow. (BR 176031)
  • Fixed slider mouse events in RTL layouts. (BR 185465)
  • Detect iPhones as iPods. (BR 184744)
  • Clicking on "Stop after current track" disables the flag if it is already enabled.
  • Show a track marker when the "stop after current track" flag is set. (BR 185888)
  • Don't flash the OSD when opening the settings dialog. Patch thanks to Andreas Heider .
  • Podcast file formats are correctly displayed.
  • Don't crash when pressing Delete on empty playlist. (BR 189021)


I still get no cover artwork for VA albums, although *all* my MP3s have an embedded cover.jpg as well as a cover.jpg (the same file) in each album folder. Hopefully you guys can fix that before final release.

Otherwise, great job! Superb work guys!

When you guys update to Beta 2 it's best if You rename/remove/burn/kill the /kde4/share/apps/amarok folder. Otherwise you'll be greeted with a nice crash ;)

hey i just wanted to say to hell with all the nay sayers. Amarok 2 is THE best music player for linux and to me the UI is perfect. Agreed it might not be for everybody but people who think the layout is too cramped might be better in the dark ages with kscd or whatever. more features the better. great job guys. really i mean it.

Embedded cover support would be wonderful.

Especially if we could use the cover manager to embed covers into mp3s.

My bug has been fixed! Now I can drag my Amarok songs to my PSP!

Thanks. This is the issue I needed to be fixed first of all.

Trying it out at the moment (actually the SVN version) and I must say I think Amarok is back! Looking really good. Keep up the good work.

drag-n-dropping songs to "My Playlists"


I'm working on it. It's a blocking feature for 2.1 final. You can expect it in SVN this weekend.

Please always give the version *number*. Help > About Amarok says nothing about "beta", just 2.0.90, which I think is Amarok 2 beta (1).

It seems the "PPA" mentioned in the download instructions for Kubuntu at is not updated yet -- I think doesn't have anything newer than 2.0.90.

It's 2.0.96. I don't know if there are ubuntu-packages yet, but openSUSE has the new beta already in their repos :D

Yes, please update the packages! I really wanna try the new beta!

Yes, please, I also need the 2.0.96 deb packages to install it. When compiling I have always problems.

The is the 2.1 Beta. Installing that gives me all of the new 2.1 stuff.

Seriously, where the fuck are the new packages ?!

Please ask your distribution for packages, we ship the source tarball, it's up to the distributions to provide the packages.

Okay next time I need the new Firefox version for Windows I'll call Microsoft! Thanks!

I found a ppa with a working package for jaunty!

deb jaunty main

Take a look at
If I ask a person who never saw Amarok 2.x before where is play list I am absolutely positive that it will be difficult to guess.
The overall UI layout is absolutely confusing and cot convenient.

I totally agree with you. Even if Amarok is a very good software with many features, I really don't like the UI, especially the fact that there are too many things displayed by default and that basic things such as the library and the current playlist are just lists lost among all the panels.

But it may depend on users. I like the "iTunes UI" (I'm just talking about the layout), with artists, albums and titles displayed on the top. The very simple Rhythmbox player and Banshee (but both using GTK) are like that as well. Songbird as well, but it's still very slow and lacks too many features.
For KDE, Juk lacks a lot of features as well... so I can't find the perfect music player for me.

when will it have moodbar support?
it was the main feature in amarok 1.x!

im missing the moodbar too..

Yeah! Amarok is finally getting there!
Being very critic al of the first incarnations of Amarok2, I nowadays see Amarok regaining its old strength without giving up the new innovations. Great!

Some things that still bother me:
- File Management: In former times you could add a file outside your main media "depot" to the playlist and move it to the correct filesystem position within your collection by choosing the right-click "file management" context menu. In the current playlist, this context menu is lost; it is, however, still there in the left-hand pane, unfortunately this only contains songs already in the collection.
- MP3 tags: Somehow, Amarok2 (also previous versions) does not handle ID3 tags well. I cannot reproduce it, but sometimes they are not written, or are written in a way that Amarok itself doesn't recognize the tags. I.e. you enter a artist tag, but Amarok fails to take it into the collection with this artist tag. Restarting amarok the artist tag of the song is empty and stuff like that.
- Musicbrainz: I am still missing this great feature for organising my music collection. There was talk of a replacement...


Add reflection effect below covers that will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ! :D

PS: I looOOooove Amarok !

The pissed, er, wet floor effect is extremely overused, utterlu useless and is associated with Apple. I certainly do not want it in Amarok.

For tagging music files try pinky-tagger.

Great application!

I'm still using Amarok 1.4.10, don't like 2.x UI and it' lacks some features that I use.

I didn't read in the change log about bugfixes about the collection scanning. In beta 1it didn't memorize the folders to watch; and it also misses some tracks when scanning.

Anyway, great job, guys

I had the same bug, but know it is fixed :)

Am I really going to have to keep blowing out my database and recreating it, manually migrating my statistics over with SQL, with every new version of Amarok?

I have 2+ years of play counts, ratings, and scores built up. Having to delete ~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok at every upgrade is not acceptable.

In case anyone is interested, here's how I migrate my stats after a database rebuild:,16966.0.html

It's going to get really tiresome if I have to keep doing that, though.

Still context view cannot be embedded in a tab of the sidebar. :( Is it so hard to implement this feature?
Amarok 2 looks pretty cool but it's usability is horrible.

You are right. It would be very nice if users had the choice between the 1.4 and the new interface. 1.4 had context view embedded in the sidebar and it was great! I know many many people who would are still using amaroK 1.4.x just because of this fact.
The new context view is not usable at all. Especially on smaller screens/resulotions. Even on my 15" laptop (1024x768) using amaroK 2 is no fun at all :(

@Devs: Thanks for the release, but please do something regarding contect view!

Wouldn't it be even neater if any of the tabs could be right-clicked and "opened as panel". Both the context view and the current play-list could be tabs but opened as panels by default.

It would make a lot of people happy, and if the code is well factored, doesn't seem it should be that hard to do.

I moved back to 1.4, not because of the interface layout, although it isn't perfect in 2.0, but because it was slow and ate memory which my more critical resource hogs needed as well. Also, the Collection tab is much worse in 2.0 than in 1.4. It kept forgetting which albums to show under Various Artists, kept losing my current position if I changed the filtering, and was somehow trickier to mouse around than the old one.

I feel that Amarok 2 repeated the mistake of KDE 4 of doing too much in a single jump. But, like KDE 4, it will recover. I even have hope that 2.1-b2 could be the one to bring me back. In fact, my download just completed :)

Not sure if this has come up in recent blog entries or release notes, but will labels (i.e. tags that go into the Amarok database, not the metadata of the files) will make a return anytime soon?

First of all I know, it's hard to develop software and very easy to criticize. I'm assuming, however, that you'd like to know why you lost me as a dedicated Amarok user.

The move from 1.x to 2 rendered playlists unusable. They're so counter-intuitive, they even make my Blackberry interface look good!

On top of this, the playlists created with 1.x cannot be used in 2. Which, when you consider I was able to import them into Banshee (which is now my player of choice), is very poor.

I second this concern about playlists. I reverted to Amarok 1.4 because of the inability to access my playlists. Those playlists represent a significant time investment, and I won't switch to a player that makes them disappear.

As Liz Lemon says, that's a deal-breaker, ladies :)


When I run Amarok2 compiled from source supplied here or from the SVN, the media player won't create any files inside .kde/share/apps/amarok/mysqle.
This makes me unable to browse the Local Collection and it just says Counting instead of a file count.
Any idea why?

Might be that your MySQL package is unsuitable for use with Amarok. As we are using the embedded version, there are some specific requirements for it. You can find more information here:

But anyway, this isn't a good place to discuss this. For more in-depth help please ask in our forum, or on our mailing list.

And what about external MySQL, when it will be added to Amarok?

There's a good chance that we'll add external MySQL support in 2.2. Technically it's not very complex to add it, but we don't have a definite feature plan for 2.2 yet.

2.1 is almost finished and in feature freeze (and the ChangeLog is already epic, we've added tons of new features), so you'll have to wait a bit, but probably not too long :)

I also REALLY miss external MySQL support ! It makes life so much easier .....
Please add it in 2.2 ! It's the only reason I'm still on 1.4....

exactly the same here

does this version have shuffle playlist, seams to be missing from beta1
and i'm not talking about random play ie playlist > random

i really miss the possibility to sort my collection and playlist by rating and show the rating in playlist like i could in 1.4. i've rated my whole collection and i don't have any use of this in amarok 2, neither can i look for files in my collection which haven't been rated yet, so i can rate them, too. are you about to integrate this feature again ?

I like the way that Amarok 2 is being developed, its starting to become more usable now, however, its still got a really slow clunky feel to it, unlike 1.4 and the playlist still isn't usable, the new features make it easy to resemble something useful, and it does look nicer, but it is still difficult to configure the playlist to look right. I hope in 6 months all the quirks have been ironed out, wouldnt want to get stuck with an old distro just for Amarok

I have to admit that even though this release is way more usable than the version bundled in ubuntu jaunty, but none the less I decided to uninstall amarok 2 completely and to switch back to version 1.4
The Main Reason being the podcast management. I could never see whether items were downloaded, could not assign a local file to an episode and in general the handling was not up the standards I was used from amarok 1.
Don't get me wrong, I after seeing this release, I will switch over to amarok 2 at some point, but if I had seen the release in Jaunty, I would never look at it again. I am no developer, so I might not be an expert, but is it really wise to connect amarok so close to the KDE developement? Especially when KDE 4 is so intensly worked on and tested, any glitch would more or less automatically insert itself to amarok, isn't that double trouble?
Anyhow, I liked the amount of online services scripted, I hated the lack of an equalizer and by the way, why does amarok response so badly when I want to play real audio? If xine is the backend, why should amarok care? And I would like to see an option where you could create a stereo to mono mix, for the speaker on my nightstand. It is very difficult to listen to audiobooks, when some voice is only audible on one channel.
Keep up the good work!

Amarok für Mac still in 2.0 Beta and unofficial. There is no doubt, this is still a Linux-only app. Just admit it, folks. There's no use in raising false hopes. As a Mac user I'm stuck with iTunes. There is no alternative. I've tried. Unless You have some surprising news for me I'm going to unsubscribe from the feed sometime within the next week as this seems pretty useless to me.

I'm all for development of Amarok and am excited to see some of the new features and improvements since the last stable... but I really hate the new UI design and think it could do with an overhaul before it comes out of beta.

Three very important pieces of info are missing from this [and most Linux Software pages for that matter].
In this case they are:-

What is Amarok? [ I personally have no idea!]

What does it do? [ as above. ]

Why do I [really] need to install and use it?

The technical stuff is very impressive to anyone familiar with the above but totally lost on a newbie such as myself.

I had better point out that the above is not a cheap shot at anyone, just a constructive criticism/observation.

I think all your questions are answered in the header on the main page.