Tech Preview 'Kutie' of Amarok 2

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Amarok's very own my-wolf-eats-bugs department reports the immediate availability of the first Technology Preview of Amarok 2!

This preview represents a snapshot of the current state of Amarok 2 development. After nearly a year of development, it is quite usable for some tasks at this stage. It does play music! The basic framework is there: collection, plasma, web services. Read all about it in the most recent issue of Amarok Insider. They will give us the basis to make Amarok 2.0 the most innovative release yet. There is much more work to be done before the release of 2.0, we invite you to help us get there.


There are many things that are broken, non existent or flat out ugly, and we are well aware of that. Some things also work rather well. The purpose of this release is to inspire folks to stand up and help us finish Amarok 2.0. We need developers and artists, as well as Rokymoters (our non coder support and promo crew). Please join us in our IRC channel #amarok on freenode or send us an e-mail at

And please, do not report bugs against Amarok 2, until we release an official alpha or beta version. There are many obvious bugs, often due to incomplete implementations. Do send your "svn diff" patches to fix any bugs and nurse this pup into one fierce wolf.


This is pre-alpha software!

To install this Technology Preview in Kubuntu follow these steps:
1. add deb gutsy main to your sources in /etc/apt/sources.list
2. run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install amarok2 amarok2-phonon



a plugin for wma support coming with the download itself would be really nice. i have lots of different file formats for video and music and no time to convert them all into one format. That kind of portablility would be really handy for folks like me.

DAAP support

Will there be better DAAP support in Amarok 2. I have never managed to set up DAAP (server and client) with Amarok 1.4.x. This is really a showstopper for me.

Another thing: Playing music files from another computer with samba does not work as well as it could. I have more than 100GB of music files and Amarok does not seem to understand that it should not try to organize files wich are not local. I know the wiki says something about how to solve this, but I want it to work out of the box.
These two weak points are the only ones where I think Rythmbox does a better job than Amarok.

So please fix it, because I don't want to use Rythmbox (for plenty of other reasons).

Amarok doesn't "organize"

Amarok doesn't "organize" any files without being explicitly told to.

For a DAAP server, it's easier to just use a daemon like mt-daapd.
The DAAP client in Amarok 2 is better integrated.

Feature request: Random songs

I'm not sure where to put this, so I'll just put my request here (please move it where it's appropriate, if necessary - I couldn't find a "suggestion box"):

I just bought an 8 gig Ipod Nano today, and I'm already frustrated with iTunes. I've read Amarok is better, but it seems that I'll have to wait for version 2.0 to use it on Windows. I guess I can put up with iTunes for a few months until then.

Here's my feature request (not sure if it's been implemented already, as I can't use Amarok yet.):

Having 33 gigs of songs and an 8 gig nano - means that I have to somehow choose a select few songs to fit on there.

That takes way to long. Could you implement a feature that will fill up my Ipod with random good songs?
- I would like for it to fill it with a percentage of "similar"songs. Not necessarily artist, or genre (I don't care about those) but similar beat, or style of music. (maybe like Pandora, but not as fancy)
- I would like to select a few styles and say like 1 gig of each style of music.
- I would like it to be fast and simple.
- I would like to rediscover music I didn't know I had. (or where the mp3 tag is all screwy)
- I would like to somehow keep the music I like, but replace the music I didn't like with new music.

- I would like to find out about podcasts and video podcasts, that are not only in Apple's approved list, but what's out there.
- I would like to use my Ipod on different computers (using Amarok) without having to deal with DRM (all my music is mp3's anyway) that forces me to wipe the Ipod every time I connect to a different computer.
- I would like to share my song list on all my networked computers without having to have each redundant copy on each computer, or having to know on which computer my songs I want to listen to happen to be on.
- I would like for Amarok to find cover art for my mp3's if possible and automatically add it to the file - the mp3 itself. It would be great if it could fix ID3 tag errors as well. (Sometimes the file has the right name, but the tag is blank, sometimes it's the other way around.)

- I would like really cool eye candy. (The screenshots look great, much better than iTunes)
- I like the idea of DRM free music. (Saw that you use magnatune -great. Can you include Amazon too?)
- I would like the program to be lean. (iTunes is a memory thief!!!)

If people ask me why I don't like iTunes it's because I like choice!! Back in the day I had a choice between Winamp, Sonique, and other media players. Now I have no choice if I want to use my Ipod. I hate that iTunes is a memory hog, and now I have to use it. I hate how the iTunes store is so "In your face".

When Amarok 2.0 is done, could you promote it better? Have a way for people to link Youtube tutorials? Show off "cool new stuff"? I might even try out Linux when it finally comes out. I've heard at my school Ipod support is not beginner friendly though.

Thanks for listening. From the info on the internet I gather, that Amarok might just be the next big thing in open source after Firefox! Really cool.


I'm not sure if you've heard of Rockbox, but it's an open-source firmware replacement for MP3 players. It works on most older iPods, up to 5.5 gen of the regulars, I'm not sure which nanos it works on. I use it on my 5.5 gen 80gig Video. It does shorten my battery life a bit, but not enough to really be an issue for me, and it hangs a bit at times, but overall it's vastly preferable to the default firmware, primarily because it basically turns the iPod into a flash drive, as far as transferring goes. You just plug it in and put files on it, no messy conversion needed. It handle mp3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and other things too obscure for me to remember off the top of my head. If your iPod is supported, I'd highly recommend giving it a shot. It's also fully and easily removable, as the install only involves changing one file, which can and should be kept backed up on the iPod.

He summarized up pretty well

He summarized up pretty well what we all want in Amarok. :)

Cool that some of these features are already implemented.

I support Firefox, and I

I support Firefox, and I will donate to Amarok as well. Please be patient for my next paycheck. (I'm on a student budget)
Sorry I'm not a programmer so I can't code. I'm awe of what open source can accomplish though.

Amarok @ Google Summer of Code?


I'm not quite sure where to post this, as this page hasn't been updated in over a month now. Is there no major news announcements in over a month, or am I looking at the wrong site?

Could you please be at Google Summer of Code this year?
(applications are due soon.)

I can't wait to see what great developments will come this year from Amarok at GSoC.

It's almost tearing me apart having to wait for Amarok 2.0 just a bit longer. (even harder for Amarok on Windows) Please don't rush it on my account though. I rather have it be done right! Especially if it's fast, featurerich, exiting, and gorgeous visual eye-candy style.

Major anouncements

While it is true that we have not made any major announcements for a while, it far from means that we are not hard at work making Amarok 2 ready. Also, we have quite a busy conference schedule this spring ( Fosdem last week, Cebit the next, and OpenExpo in Bern in 2 weeks ), so there is plenty of opportunity to catch up with the team, see a demo or read about out talks on the conference websites.

As far as Goggle SoC is concerned, we are actually quite ambitious this your and we are trying to get 4 or 5 project slots that we manage ourself, instead og having the greater KDE development community wote on which projects make sense for Amarok. We will be starting to add ideas to the KDE SoC wiki soon ( ), but this wiki is open for ideas from anyone.

We will make sure to release a stable and usable Amarok 2, but as for KDE 4.0, complete feature parity with the 1.4 series might not be there in the .0 version. On the other hand we have a lot of really great, completely new functionality that will make it very worthwhile to use Amarok 2 ( It is already by far my favorite music player, even though some very basic things are still missing )

We also have a few additional things up our sleeve that should hopefully be announced before too long. :-)


Cool. Thanks.

Can't wait to read about the Cebit coverage. I'm looking forward to replacing iTunes with Amarok 2 on all my systems, incl. Windows. :)

Keep up the great work!!!


I have seen the blogs, but I was looking for MAJOR announcements. :)

New updates please


Could you please post any new updates/newsletters/etc.?

This thread is over a month old. Everybody here is in anticipation of new features and other new exiting things happening in the world of Amarok.

Please post them.

Blogs!! :-)

This frontpage is only used for major announcements, for more on the inner workings of the project, you should read our blogs at

just wanna to say thanks to

just wanna to say thanks to you :))
Amarok is great.. I really love it!!
There are great features and it looks fine :D
I love Amarok!!
Windows Media Player is nothing in compare with Amarok!!

add a date to your announcements

How hard would it be to add a date to your announcements on your front page? Sure would cure one of my pet peeves.
thanks for your work! /jd

Fixed, thanks for pointing

Fixed, thanks for pointing that out. I don't know why the date disappeared.

People, what are you doing?

People, what are you doing? You made yet another iTunes-clone out of Amarok? Now, implementing that Coverflow stuff and changing the layout? Don't you think that Linux already had enough of Mac OS X and Vista stuff? KDE 4 will support Mac OS X's widgets, you use compiz-fusion which uses a number of effects from Vista and Mac OS X, and now - Amarok "borrowing" one of the Apple's feature. And these days most of the GNOME screenshots use AWN and other things from Mac OS X. Who on Earth would consider Linux to be a mature OS after that? I know that Linux has lots of features and possibilities that are unique, I understand that all the experienced users don't really care about those things - they can simply change and customize whatever they like. But I'm speaking about the image of the Linux, which comes from the distro's ads, which comes just as you install and run your first distro or run a LiveCD. It's about time Linux becomes an independent OS and not just a clone. At the moment Linux looks like a gipsy, stealing all the shiny things.

Compiz came out before Vista

Yes, Compiz came out waay before Vista.

People like Amarok BECAUSE it looks familiar, like iTunes (at least superficially). It has much greater functionality, and is faster. It is also skinnable as well. So if you want it to look like Winamp, go right ahead.

If you want to come out with an original skin, you're welcome as well. You'll probably notice though that it's much faster to improve onto the familiar, rather than come out with new things from scratch. Just my $0.2.

ummm... compiz was made from

ummm... compiz was made from scratch and was out long before vista. So, vista borrowed from compiz. Can't speak to the Mac issue since I don't do fruit (I'm on a no-carb diet).

Ok, take a deep breath now...

Please take a step back and take a deep breath.

Now, fire up Amarok 2 and iTunes and have a good, long, look... If anything, Amarok 2 looks a lot less than itTunes that Amarok 1.4.x does. Not that we really care though. This might com as a shock to you, but we are not trying to copy iTunes or WMP ( which some people are, interestingly enough, also claiming. How we can ripoff both at once is beyond me ), we are simply building the best damn music player that _we_ can imagine.

Now, the coverflow like stuff ( coverbling ) is a playground for building an openGl album art widget. I will concede that the initial layout of the albums looks a lot like something we have seen before, but this was done just to have a simple test target for getting the OpenGl stuff right. What will happen with coverbling is completely up in the air. I can pretty much guarantee that it will not be present i Amarok 2.0 and when ( and if ) it is added, it will look very little like cover flow or anything else for that matter.

If you don't like the direction we are taking Amarok 2, that is completely fair, and you are free to keep using Amarok 1.4.x for as long as you like, and this version will be maintained for a while to come. I am actually glad that we are doing something that is somewhat controversial, as that means that we have not fallen into the trap of just playing it safe and doing the same things over and over again.

Well, I am glad to hear

Well, I am glad to hear about the coverbling. Sorry if all that sounded rude, but my point was that Amarok is among that things that are on the top in Linux world and a lot of attention is drawn to it, which means that Amarok is also in charge for the image of Linux, I've mentioned before.
Neither I can imagine the similarity with WMP. It has a completely different layout since it is a multimedia player, not just a jukebox or an audio player. Probably that's because the new KDE 4.0 uses the colour scheme and window borders that remind of Vista. But in my mind Amarok 1.4.x was somewhat original in layout and all that things.

What is the picture of? What

What is the picture of?
What is the breed? ( If you know.)


14 day old Arctic Wolf.

If you follow the license link under the picture, it will take you to the flicker page where there is more info and a bunch of additional pictures.

Cute little doggy

And his name is Frost. Makes me wonder if the reference to "pre-alpha" is supposed to be some kind of pun, as to whether Frost will grow up into an alpha?

so cute

Frost, what a nice name. I like cute little Frost. : )


Will there be a hardy version too?
The hardy distro seems not to have amarok2, installing gutsy worked and it starts

... now I try to rediscover my musik :-)

collection.db GONE

ok, so great news folks. My collection.db has been wiped clean after I installed the new amarok. Good to know. Now that I know, and realize that all my 5-starred music is rendered with no stars I can relax and listen to it all, while trying to place stars on it again.

So anyway.... Moral of the story: don't get the new amarok 1.80, it's not worth it. It is so stripped down that it looks ugly, and besides it somehow, wipes your collection.db clean.

Why on earth would you be

Why on earth would you be using your same .kde directory for KDE3 and KDE4 stuff? Why on earth would you not make a backup of your files?

Seperate .kde directories

I for one have absolutely no idea how to get seperate .kde / .kde4 directories when building KDE 4 / Amarok 2 with kdesvn-build rather than using Kubuntu packages. If someone could enlighten my (I already asked the people in #kde in IRC) I'd be delighted.
Besides that, I'm sure that Amarok 2 will rock our socks off. Maybe in the near future I'll find some time to help out with a bit of hacking.

Never mind, figured it out

Never mind, figured it out myself, just had to set the KDEHOME variable before calling startkde (duh).

A modest suggestion

Perhaps this should be written into the README for the next preview just to keep newbies who crave the latest from corrupting their cookies so to speak. As always thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!


Could I install the package on Debian Sid?
Are the Depencies okay?

so KDE will run on windows,

so KDE will run on windows, mac and kde, how about porting it to gnome. That is one of the main reasons I haven't gone to gnome, can't stand the music player, Amarok is the only thing that ever keeps me on KDE.

Feel free to use Amarok

Feel free to use Amarok inside gnome though. Just click on the little foot icon->audio->amarok.

Gnome is not the same sort of thing...

Gnome isn't an operating system, it doesn't work that way. Amarok is built on KDE which is built on Qt; Qt is the framework that allows that cross platform goodness. Gnome is built on GTK and other libraries, as I said before, it doesn't work that way.

Coming to Windows?

Will amaroK 2 have an official Windows port? I hope so, because I'm really annoyed with having to use Windows Media at school... Keep up the good work, hope the wolf devours WMP eventually.

Yep, it's already running on

Yep, it's already running on Windows. Plus MacOS X and of course Unix. Check our blog for the latest news on the ports.

Love the red text

Haha! I love the big red text that says "DO NOT REPORT BUGS! THIS IS PRE-ALPHA SOFTWARE". That's sweet.

Aside from the fact that I can't get playing songs to work... (collection doesn't work, sound doesn't work) and it's kinda laggy, it looks great. You guys are doing an awesome job, and I will really enjoy Amarok 2 once it becomes bug-free enough to work on my computer. (For reference, I installed the Kubuntu packages and ran it in KDE4 environment.)

plz show us screenshots =)

plz show us screenshots =)

Here are some

I second that. Pls post

I second that. Pls post screenshots!!!

Great work on Amarok..

When this thing is done it is going to rawk!!!!


I'm waiting for the MacOsX version of Amarok!!! Have a good Work programmers!

This comes 1 day after I

This comes 1 day after I spend 2 days trying to get Amarok to build out of the SVN and finally succeed....

Ah well, now I know it's not how I was compiling that resulted in my inability to use the collection :(

Thanks for this! Now I'm gonna go play :)

very nice

we can see how amazing this is going to be, cant we:)

This is Beautiful

I love it

nothing more to say..
hope final release is not too far..

Thank you for making even a

Thank you for making even a pre-alpha version available for, well, playing. Good to see that amarok is even getting better and better. It already makes fun to play with it on kubuntu 7.10.

Despite using Linux at home I also would be very interested in Windows binaries: at work I'm stuck with Windows (centralized administration). However due to my work profile I'm allowed to install additional software, so GIMP, Inkscape, OpenOffice, and quite some other useful stuff has already found its way into my company laptop. Just converted a few colleagues to use Firefox instead of Internet Exploder. Amarok then would be a fine application to add to the collection of useful and basically required stuff.

Windows Build

Will There be A Windows Preview or will that be at a later time?

I found windows binaries!!!

They've already been thrown up on a server! Just get the latest KDE-windows installer beta from and find a server with Amarok on it!
It didn't work at first, complained about tag.dll; the original server I downloaded from downloaded the taglib-blah-###-3, but when I checked a different server, it used -4, I downloaded that and replaced the files. Now it's hanging at the splash screen, but at least it's something. Maybe it'll work for you though...

Update on windows binaries

I reinstalled everything, and it works, but not really. You can run amarok, but the collection scanner doesn't work and the audio doesn't work. Oh well, it's got those big red "this is pre-alpha" letters strewn across it.

Killing Me Softly

Hopefully never, but unfortunately it will probably happen about the time the windows library files from KDE4 stabilize.