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Amarok 2.7 "A Minor Tune" released!

Amarok 2.7 Screenie

A New Year, a new Amarok! The Amarok Team is proud to present the new Amarok 2.7, codenamed "A Minor Tune".

This version comes with the following brand new major features, developed during last year's Google Summer of Code:

While originally scheduled before the end of 2012, our code monkeys started to enjoy fixing bugs much more during the holiday period, so we gave them a few weeks more to let them shine. It turned out great:

  • The File Browser's behavior and appearance was greatly improved
  • Audio CD playback was resurrected (at least with recent phonon-gstreamer)

We haven't been lazy even before this, as this release also comes with an impressive amount of other bug fixes: a total of over 470 bugs were closed since the 2.6 release, of which exactly 100 are direct bug fixes (with a commit link). Over 15 feature requests were granted directly or indirectly as well.

We are also proud to ship a completely updated handbook, with updated screenshots and help pages for the new features. In this context our thanks goes to the Google Code-In students who helped in updating the handbook. Several Code-In students also helped to test Amarok extensively, both with the 2.7 beta1 release and the development version. The students also helped in moving two old wiki instances to a new server, verifying articles were currently relevant with working links. In total, 10 students worked on a total of 47 tasks for Amarok: great work indeed!


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Amarok 2.7 Beta Released: Testers Needed!

The Amarok Team is happy to present you the Amarok 2.7 Beta release. Please test as much as possible so that the final release, scheduled just before Christmas, can be as bug-free as possible.

This version comes with the following brand new major features:

Another thing to test is the partial rework of support and its configuration, which should fix several bugs. We also aim to have as many translations possible, so if you are a translator, please get in touch with your KDE localization team and offer your help! Good news is the readdition of the French translation.

A full changelog will be published with the final release.

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Donate to Roktober - and Own a Piece of Amarok History!

Over the past 10 years we've gathered a bunch of memorable items relating to Amarok. We're planning to auction some great Amarok memorabilia to the highest bidder starting Thursday the 18th of October. As part of our Roktober fundraising campaign, all proceeds (less shipping costs) will go to support the roadmap towards Amarok 3.

The Roktober auctions will close on the 28th; we'll do our best to send the items to the winners before Roktober is over. If your bid doesn't win: don't despair! You can still donate the amount of your losing bid to our Roktober fundraising campaign. And, if your donation is greater than $50 USD, we will send you a limited edition Black Amarok T-shirt (limited to the first 30 donors). You usually can't get one of these unless you see us at FOSDEM, so that's quite a treat.

The auction will be administered by Software Freedom Conservancy, Amarok's non-profit corporate home, and hosted by eBay Works in conjunction with MissionFish, a non-profit organization affiliated with eBay Works. MissionFish and eBay have certified Conservancy's non-profit status, so we can conduct the auction without incurring any transaction fees - which means that more of the money collected can go towards developing Amarok 3.

Read on to find out what amazing items we've got waiting for a generous donor!


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