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Amarok 2.3.2 Beta 1 "Sentinel" released

It’s summertime! Can we have your attention nonetheless? We need your testing skills! Yes, you, dear Amarok lovers, we have been working against all odds, heatwaves, rain and thunderstorms, lovely beaches and landscapes to prepare a new version just for you. Trying to fight the hardest bugs, but still adding a few nice new features, our developers have integrated these goodies:
On the database level, you can import labels from older versions and only data for tracks in the collection is imported. We added various filter possibilities for podcasts (by provider or folder group) and the Collection Browser (last played, added, track format or filesize) and also added or corrected a few shortcuts.

Please see the full ChangeLog below and test everything you can. Help us improve Amarok, report your findings and contribute to make Amarok even better!


Join us and rediscover your music!


  • Podcasts can now be filtered on provider and grouped in folders. (BR 219519)
  • Amarok 1.4 Database Importer: added support for importing labels. Thanks to Mat?j Laitl for the patch. (BR 218996)
  • Shortcuts: Added "Replay current track" shortcut. (BR 217081)
  • Edit filter dialog: added "added" and "last played" date filters.
  • File browser: added forward and back buttons for accessing navigate history.
  • Organize Dialog: added a way to save multiple file formats as presets. (BR 122672)
  • Filtering: added default presets to the drop down menu of the collection search widget.
  • Filtering: track format can now be used as filter keyword in the collection browser, e.g. "format:flac".
  • Filtering: track file size can now be used as filter keyword in the collection browser, e.g. "filesize:<12" for tracks under 12Mb; "filesize:25" for tracks that are between 25 and 26Mb.
  • Filtering: tracks that were added to the collection since/before a certain time can now be filtered using, e.g. "added:<1w".
  • Filtering: added ability to filter last played date in the collection browser, e.g. "played:<3d".


  • Let scripts access bpm property of tracks (read-only). (BR 245257)
  • Remote Meta+P global shortcut to avoid future problems with new keyboard drivers in notebooks. (BR 235204)
  • Fix size of Slim toolbar time labels. Thanks to Tijl Coosemans for the patch.
  • Amarok 1.4 Database Importer: only import tracks that actually belong in the collection. Thanks to Mat?j Laitl for the patch. (BR 218999)
  • Refresh the albums context applet when the collection is updated.
  • Don't allow the last visible playlist source in User Playlists to be hidden.
  • "Play Media" dialog now remembers the last used directory. (BR 231092)
  • Organize Dialog: tweaked the layout to fit better on smaller resolutions (BR 238000)
  • Filtering: added year suffix for date filters in the collection browser.
  • features that require user authentication are now disabled by default.
  • Ignore "DJ" prefix when sorting in collection browser. (BR 181955) Patch by Richard Longland <>.


  • Tweaked fuzzy numerical comparisons in the APG. (BR 242281)
  • Finally don't truncate the "Label:" label in TagDialog. (BR 235957)
  • Fix crash when right clicking on children of "No labels". NoLabel item is now a Data item. (BR 243825)
  • Fix regression in Dynamic Collections. For files that were scanned when Dynamic Collections wasn't working, you will need to rescan them to get them associated with the proper device.
  • Fix crash on exit with newer KDE versions. Patch by Martin Blumenstingl and Felix Geyer. (BR 245513)
  • Fixed playlist bottom toolbar getting to tall when using "Text only" button style. (BR 228390)
  • Fixed Amarok layout saving when minized to tray. (BR 244583)
  • Make "No other participants" in the events applet translatable. Patch by Jan Janssen. (BR 235311)
  • Fixed track number on DAAP shares. Patch by Silvio Frischknecht. (BR 235030)
  • Fixed filtering by rating in the playlist. (BR 240293)
  • The scripts categories are now translatable. (BR 240563)
  • Fixed Amarok 1.4 Database Importer not importing statistics and lyrics of tracks that are not yet in database. Thanks to Mat?j Laitl for the patch. (see comments on BR 218996)
  • Fixed always playing first track when adding tracks to empty playlist with random mode on. Patch by Anton Gritsay <> (BR 240452)
  • Directories that were once part of the collection but not anymore may not have been properly removed, leading to files outside the collection being scanned. (BR 243532)
  • Fixed "genre" and other playlist groupings not working. (BR 243344)
  • Removed track progress effect on TrayIcon as it caused several problems (also caused by a bogus implementation of the KSNI class) (BR 233506, BR 240463, BR 231539, BR 232578, BR 232312).
  • Fixed track name in main window title incorrectly changing when editing tag info for another track. Thanks to Anton Gritsay <> for the patch (BR 220521)
  • Splitted desktop so mime types can be allocated in a better way (BR 242292).
  • Fixed some tracks not being scanned when they had corrupted MusicBrainz IDs. Thanks to Mat?j Laitl <> for the patch. (BR 236227)
  • Fixed crash when navigating using "Places" in the file browser. (BR 240338)
  • Fixed error dialog popup if the stored directory is no longer accessible when using the file browser. (BR 234286)
  • Single clicking a file in the file browser now selects it instead of appending to the playlist by default in single-click mode. (BR 233171)
  • Fixed resizing and eliding issues with the file browser breadcrumbs. (BR 231366 comment #5)
  • Drop file icons in file browser breadcrumbs. (BR 231366)
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in file browser. (BR 240668) Patch thanks to Hannes Koller.
  • Fixed dropping files to playlist from Konqueror. (BR 235722)
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts of actions from scripts lost after restart. Thanks to Martin Blumenstingl <>. (BR 223165)
  • Fixed tracks not changing for "stop after this track" action. (BR 231209)
  • Cleaned up some tooltips/what's this strings in the Organize dialog to make it easier to read and, hopefully, understand. (BR 237857)
  • Fixed organize dialog's handling of the year tag. If there is no year then the %year token should be an empty string.(BR 237834)
  • The "Ignore 'The'" option in the organize files dialog is now case insensitive. (BR 237831)
  • Fixed odd header name when showing "places" in the file browser. (BR 238518)
  • Filenames with dots (.) and other special RegEx characters will now be parsed correctly when guessing tags from a filename. (BR 225743)
  • Align track details dialog's labels to the right as per KDE4's HIG. (BR 234555)
  • The service will now only open the wallet on startup if the user has enabled features that require authentication. (BR 230098)
  • Correctly load the list of labels in tag dialog. (BR 238737) Patch by Daniel Faust <>.
  • Cover manager: fixed crash if closed shortly after opening. (BR 235796)
  • Fixed service browser not updating its view if it's open on startup. (BR 231044)
  • Fixed clicking on browser categories not honoring mouse settings. (BR 226533)
  • Fixed usability issue with regards to context menu item order when right clicking in the playlist widget. (BR 198650)